End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa

by John Retreat Foundation Internation USA Inc (JRFIUSA-INC)
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End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa
End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Cameroon, Africa

Greetings to our sponsors and supporters;

The purpose of this project is to train members of our health team to provide education awareness, medicine and health care and prevention measures to the population impacted with HIV/AIDS in 28 villages in NW Region of Cameroon, Africa in all 28 villages or five zones.  Each zone has a health coordinator who serves on the leadership or SNT team and is responsible for communicating with members and potential members in each zone in collaboration with the Zone Director. 

The lack of knowledge and contraceptives caused a high rise in  in HIV/AIDS in the 28 villages in the NW/SW Regions of Cameroon.  Due to the on-going crisis in the NW Region, we have not been successful in using mobile units to educate our people in the 28 villages and neighbouring communities. People are still being killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  A couple of weeks ago, a church member was killed and the pastor was wounded at a PCC site.  However, we have been able to increase communication in all five zones through the use of zoom, conference calls, mandatory weekly meeting as well as face-to-face meetings. 

As HIV/AIDS  and Covid - 19 have been a Major concern in our five zones that we serve, JRCCA NGO have been sensitising our indigenous people who have been suffering from this deadly disease that has killed many in their ignorance. JRCCA health and sanitation committee have continued to follow-up with awareness on the symptoms, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS in the five zones that we serve.

Following this education and awareness given to the people by JRCCA health committee many have been responding to abstinence and treatment.  Concerning HIV/AIDS in Zone 4, the head of the JRCCA health committee  has reported that the number of affected people from the disease is gradually reducing in this Zone. Presently the number of infected people can be estimated to be 30 persons who are currently following up treatment in Mbengwi district hospital. From the previous years till present date at the level of the Health Centers in this zone, JRCCA health committee have been directing pregnant women to get treatment, lactating mothers to prevent the spread of the disease from mother to child and infected persons follow up treatment at the Health district hospital.

Concerning zone two and three, it is reported that the disease has increased from 50% to 60%. The committee in this zone is working hard in creating more awareness and educating the indigenous people on symptoms, prevention, abstinence and treatment who are in the bushes because of the crisis going on seriously in their zone.

Concerning zone five in WEH Wum our JRCCA health committee leader reported that the   committee leaders have been carrying on continuous follow-up with the indigenous people in creating more awareness and educating the population of the indigenous people in WEH on the preventive measures, symptoms, and treatment of HIV/ADIS.

The number of infected in this area is decreasing. The statistics have been, Adults from 12 years to 60=59 infected and 9 reduced. Youths from 14-25 =18 infected three reduced. Some of those infected are internally displaced families in Yaounde have been referred to the district hospital Effulan Yaounde by our JRCCA health committee leader for continuous treatment and follow-up by Madam Glory our JRCCA health committee leader here in Yaounde.

We are unable to give the report from zone one because of the crisis and network connection. The report will be coming later as soon as our health committee leader gets network and able to communicate.  Lack of connectivity is one of the major problems that our committee have to overcome to get to the people.  Our NGO is working on providing network communication to all zones which will assist in providing services to all from the bottom to the top.

 On Wednesday 25 August 2021 during our weekly leadership training meeting chairman of JRFIUSA conducted a mini interview amongst representatives from all the five zones to find out the education and awareness levels and the current situation of the Killer disease HIV/AIDS in more than 28 villages and the 5 zones that we serve. Zone 1 representative like zone 5 reported that the HIV/AIDS awareness education project is required for our community. Zone 5 Director equally reported that this killer disease has long been considered as a Taboo not to talk about in our communities,hoseholds and many relatives and friends died out of ignorance.

Today we still don’t have a cure and this remain a big concern among our women, youths, and men in our communities in Cameroon. This was the general agreement amongst the team leaders to sustain the program to extend helping create sustainable education on other diseases like Covid-19, malaria, Hernia,  Typhoid, cholera, waterborn diseases and other tropical diseases affecting many in our communities and households in our villages. Our Education and awareness program continues.. Onward and upward .All best to you and thank you for your continued support!

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Greeting To Our Sponsors and Supporters:

We would like to thank all of you for the continuous support that has been provided to our organization that will help us educate our people to end or reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS in our 28 Villages in the NW English speaking region in Cameroon, Africa.  We are still reporting that the NW region of Cameroon continue to be in civil crisis and is not safe for performing humanitarian work to the peoples at this time.

The sad news is that on March 10, 2021 the Elder, patriarch and Founder of our organization Pa John transistioned from Tyrone, Georgia to be with our Heavenly Father.  Although this was a sad occasion, the people from our 28 Villages had an opportunity to come out and say good-bye.  As arrangements were being made to transport his remains back to Kwojeoh Tuseh near TEHNAAM in Zang Tabi TAAH Meta Mbengwi Momo Division in the NW region of Cameroon for his last resting place, our JRCCA NGO continued to Educate our communities on HIV/AIDs, by defining the meaning of HIV/AIDs which is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

HIV is a virus and AIDs is when all the anti bodies are affected. After educating them, we adviced and refer them to near by clinics in our four zones to go for screening. We have informaion about the point of contact at the Mbengwi health unit provided by our Executive Director at " JRCCA American Corner in Mbengwi Momo Division NWR" in Cameroon. 

As of now, because of the crisis going on, we promise to meet with them in the nearest future to see their various status meanwhile, those that were already identified we encouraged them to continue with their treatment.

Here we will like to point out and say on the 19th of April 2021 when our founder Pa John's corps finally arrived in Cameroon at the NSIMALENE  airport in Yaounde, we collaborated with the Cameroon Government, Governor of Centre Region,in Yaounde who approved authorization to bring the remains through Yaounde Airport to the Mayor and the DO  in Mbengwi who authorized the remains to stay in the Mbengwi Mortuary for about a week and we're  teaching people on  hygiene and cleaniness which included HIV prevention. On 24 April we organized leadership meeting to plan for the celebration in Yaounde attendance from 5 zones ,more than 30 participants with representatives from United States of America;Prince, Linda and Giddy from the USA.  Our health department was also present at MECUDA Cultural House where our founder's corps was laid at state for about 3 hours for the, viewing, speakers upon speakers revelations about PA John's life and Celebration of his life the kickstarted for all the local community members in the Yaounde; Capital of Cameroon to pay their last respect to our patriach Pa John.

The President of JRCCA did  a powerful presentation, on our sustainable education, training and teaching on our programs activities to include food security, honey bee hives, women empowerment, livestock farming, hygyien,health and sanitation, Social distancing following DOs of Mbengwi's directions, about more than 100 persons and we continued to collaborate with the local government in Mbengwi where the DO and the Mayor of Mbengwi and council members also joined us by issuing a written authorization for the burial of the founder in his home town at Kwojeoh Zang-Tabi  following conditions you can see in the attachment where by we continued to give advise at the burial on absteinance, used of Condoms so that our people can live a happy life. 

At the burial, we share information from the DO proir to the event on 29 April and adviced all to followed the restrictions and prevention of the Cameroon Government issued by the Divisional Officer on social distancing, wearing of mask and limited number of persons at the Mbengwi mutuary and at the burial ground. There was safety and everything went on well at the burial compound .

An incident happened out of the compound where two women were fighting where one lady suspected the other to have had a deal with her husband and the President of JRCCA who is a member of our health committee was invited to come and resolve it. President went and counsel the two women on HIV /AIDs and prevention.  From the time that Pa John's remains entered into the country our health team was on stand by due to the fact there were large  crowds to eat, drink, greet and socialize for the return of a patriarch, native son of the soil.  We are looking forward to providing our health services to the many visitors who will visit the Pa John Legacy and Memorial site to honor his legacy and humanitarian work in the NW Region.  We are grateful and thankful for your continued support of this organization.

Sincere Appreciation




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Happy (2021) New Year to all our sponsors and contributors.  We are humble and grateful for the encouragement and support during 2020 as we continued to make some progress in providing services to our displaced families who continue to be impacted by the Civil unrest in the English speaking region of Cameroon and the spread of both HIV/AIDS and CO-19. 

Despite these main three challenges, our field workers continue to educate those in our Meta communities about what HiV/AIDS is all about;  HIV/AIDS has no cure but can be prevented through sustainable education, sensitization and awareness in our 28 villages.  HIV/AIDS is the main deathly sexually transmitted infection and reports from the field indicates that the infection is on the rise due to several factors despite efforts to continuously make the displaced families aware during the Civil unrest for the past four years which has added significantly to the challenge for the mobile health team project.  Despite having to deal with HIV/AIDS, the team is also dealing with the impact of CO-19 and the Civil War.  Men, women and children are still being killed as a result of the Civil unrest.

Our field workers are to be commended as they were able to get behind the scenes in the field and provide some much needed food supplies to our displaced families through our feed the needy program during the celebration of our USA Thanksgiving Holidays and they were able to follow up with "Toys For Tots" during the Christmas Holidays.  The families were very receptive to the humanitarian visits by our mobile field workers.  We have divided the Region into Five Zones with an appointed Zone Director in each Zone who reports to an Executive Zone Director who in turns reports directly to the President in order to be able to better coordinate serives that we provide for the 28 villages. 

In the meantime, we can report that our sister organization in the USA has obtained some much needed medical equipment and supplies to be shipped in a forty feet container to our Meta area around the end of April and May 2021 which will benefit the health centers that will be providing services.  We are grateful for our USA supporters and contributors who are making available the necessary funds to cover the cost and expense of shipping such a large container with humanitarian supplies for our displaced families.  Our field workers have requested a van or truck that will allow them to move throughout the five zones and provide services to our displaced family members that will help to control or reduce the infectious HIV/AIDS outbreak as well as the CO-19. 

Because of the challenges mentioned in the report above, we have been unable to complete the renovation of the office building that was provided for our use due to the lack of being able to purchase the needed material that is needed to make the repairs.  We have volunteers who are willing to pitch in and help make the repairs in order for us to make the space available for much needed services to our 28 villages.  We are committed to providing a lifelong sustainable opportunity to all people in the English speaking region in the NW area of Cameroon despite the many challenges that we are having to deal with at this time.  Again, thanks to our supporters and contributors for all that you do to make a better world in Cameroon.


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Although we are still operating our organization from a remote site in Cameroon, our JRCCA NGO continues to struggle to maintain and create sustainable awareness and education sensitization classes  on HIV/AIDs  despite our current situation of being displaced  due to the Civil War by offering weekly training classes and looking for local resources.  To the best of our knowledge HIV  started to spread along the historic trade of the Congo Basin in the 1920s. As we continue to Educate our communities on the negative impact of HIV/AIDS while in our new environment we have been able to stay in touch with many of our families and friends by use of technology such as phones and the internet and our old traditional word of mouth and offer them hope for a better day in the future. 

The good news is that our NGO has been donated a building in which we will be able to provide our HIV/AIDS services to the people who are still left in the area.  We are currently in the process of making repairs and cleaning the building.  Our greatest need remains to provide medical and personal supplies including food such as rice, beans and salt.

This deadly disease has been a subject of scientific research and debate since the virus was identified in the 1920s. Up till today there has been  no cure discovered and is coupling with Coronavirus has made our mission more complicated and more challenges especially with us in Cameroon where we are been attacked by many other diseases like Malaria and typhoid etc..

Also keep in mind that the English speaking people in the NW/SW Regions have been dealing with the horrific affects of the Civil War that has caused disruptions to our life styles and has caused many families to leave the area for survival reasons.  Those who have remained in the area are in desperate need of medical and personal supplies including food.

It is noted that we have the first cases of this deathly disease (HIV/AIDs in Cameroon in 1985 and ten years later, in 1995 an official total number of 2766 have been notified with a cumulative number of 8.14.In Cameroon in 2018 it was reported that they are 540,000 cases of infected persons. The number of new HIV infection among uninfected population over one year among the people of all ages was 1.02%.The percentage of people living with HIV among adults ( 15-49years) was 3.6%. We continue to Educate those in our Meta communities’ what HIV is all about; has no cure but can be prevented through sustainable education, sensitization and awareness in our villages and cities.

Main reason why our NGO is committed to the mission and vision of prevention of this killer diseases as we have loss love ones because of this disease. HIV is Human immune Deficiency Virus attacks only human persons, and can be acquired by blood transfusion, Semen, Vagina and recta, breast milk.

Here we are struggling to Educate and inform our local communities on Symptoms of HIV/AIDs which include; despite been displaced.. in our training and seminars we teach the youths , adults ,parents and communities on how to prevent and identify symptoms when occur. examples

< Fever< Chills < Swollen Lymph node< General Aches and pains< Skin Rash < Head Ache< Sore Throat<

Nausea < Upset Stomach< Diarrhoea < Fatigue < Vomiting. We make our communities to known that

there is not yet a cure for HIV/AIDs however people can prevent them selfs by choice of less risky

sexual behavior, use condom every time they have sex. Avoiding of many partners. Always good to

conduct tests and if found positive, they should follow Medical advice .They are also Educated on how tointeract with people who are HIV/AIDs positive and give them Maximum support.

As stated above the good news is that JRCCA NGO has received  a building from the Lord Mayor of Mbengwi City Council that we are working on renovating and equipping  with offices that will enable our NGO  to continue its mission and vision , operate our projects, to provide humanitarian services to more  than 28 villages in META and neigboring; who are displaced due to the prolong civil war were women, men, youths ,families have loss Jobs, businesses, lack basic education,  lack small entrepreneurial skills as theywill be returning into their lands after the Civil war and required basic human  urgent  needs such as Capital to start new business, buy food , water,pay rents,  shelter and medical needs. Our Team will need Mobile Van to execute its strategic Sustainable Education Awareness Sensitization on how to prevent HIV/AIDS plan in the next 120 days to enable them go out in villages and cities and continue to organize a mobile health team who will be trained.  We have to always be thinking about our safety as the Civil War is still ongoing in some areas.  Hopefully,


  • The mobile health team will move from community to community , village to village, tribe to tribe, city to city to give educative talk on HIV/AIDS to the population through in social groups like njangi in Tuseh, Zang Tabi, Toneku,  Meta,  Mbengwi, Yaounde, etc
  • They will give food, water, other basic needs 
  • They will organize voluntary free testing for HIV in the community
  • They will give wellness Prenal Products,  
  • Educate pregnant woman who are positive immediate on treatment to prevent the transmission to the child 
  • Give good care and treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS
  • They  will need contraceptives to distribute to the population to help in the prevention
  • Helping people living with HIV/AIDS financially to meet up with their annual medical test of viral load and CD4.

Items Needed for Sustainable Education and sensitization Awareness

Items cost per person per day in  $ and CFA

cost per person for 60days

1. Perdiam. For Supervisors (2)

($60 each) 30000x2 = $180

2.perdiam for interviewers( 25)

($20 each)10000 x25 = $120

3.perdiam for data collector


perdiam for data analytic manager (2)

($40) 20000x2 =$80

perdiam for the driver

($24)1200x2 =$48

Transportation. Fuel for supervisors

($40) 20000

Equipment. Vehicle


Ralms of papers


food and water(30)

($6) 3000

Lodging for the supervisors and data manager(3)


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Breaking New

Subject Security Alert: U S Embassy Yaounde Cameroon, Africa (May 19, 2020)

US Embassy Yaounde, Cameroon reminds U. S. Citizens that terrorist groups have previously increased the number of attacks towards the end of the Ramadan period.  Possible targets include government facilities, places frequented by foreigners, and other locations such as places of worship, schools or healthcare facilities which attract large numbers of people.

Actions to Take:

Review your personal security plans.

Stay alert in public places, including schools, hospitals, government facilities, places of worship, tourist attractions, and transportation hubs.

Avoid crowded locations and monitor local media for updates.

Remain aware of your surroundings and keep a low profile.

Always carry proof of your legal presence in Cameroon such as a US passport with a valid Cameroonian visa or a residency card.   Since Cameroon does not recognize dual citizenship, US Citizens of Cameroonian descent should never attempt to use a Cameroonian passport or identifiation card.

It is with deep regret that we have to report to our supporters that we have not been able to develop, educate and train our volunteers to implement our mobile unit to sensitize our population  in the 28 villages that we serve due to the ongoing military conflict with terrorist groups. 

We were not able to send medical supplies, personal care wellness items and food to our displaced families who have scattered to other parts of Cameroon or crossed the borders to other countries on the run from the impact of the war.  For us the Security Alert has been in place for serval months and has forced us to stay in place.  We have been required to follow government guidelines and shelter in place.

However, we can report that we have purchased 100 mask with a goal of purchasing and distributing 1000 mask to displaced family members who are in the cities and to front line health care workers.  As the Embassy in Yaounde reported concern for US Citizens, we as Cameroonians have to be aware of the same threats by terrorist groups and the Covid-19 attack which has invaded our country of Cameroon, Africa.

Despite the obvious threats and challenges from terrorist groups and Covid-19, we are committed to continue our efforts and goals to provide sustainable health an wellness education to our villages in the NW/SW Region in Cameroon, Africa.

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