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Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education

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Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education
Empowering 1050 Girl Children through Education


Thank you very much for your  continuous support to our Mission since 2000.    EDUCATION… A WAY TO LEARN

Udhavum Ullangal’ s main focus of activity is Education. We believe that educating underprivileged children is the surest way to help them write a new future for themselves.

A way to learn initiative helps in transforming children’s life and we have a range of initiative to aid this transformation.  The   Poor   students have been extended the education grant to pursue theireducation by means of fees, uniform, note books, school bags etc.


Our Mentorship Program serves to reduce school dropouts by:

•          Helping students gain self- confidence and develop a positive attitude

•          Keeping students focused on their education and personal development

•          Keeping the focus of the students  in  education through constant mentoring

•          Imparting  value based education for the students

Udhavum Ullangal has joined hands with the Collectorate of Virudhunagar District to support theeducation of Child Labour and underprivileged children who are studying in National Child Labour Project (NCLP) schools and other regular schools since 2009. Now 106 Students are studying in various colleges in Virudhunagar District with our support.

This  GIFT OF EDUCATION, we fondly mention is being carried out for the past eighteen years benefiting 1000 Students every year throughout Tamil Nadu, total cost of the project reaching around Rs.70 lakhs.  

This year we are planning to celebrate Gift of Education on  

Sunday, 2nd June 2019 3.00 p.m. at  

TAG Auditorium, Sri RKM Hr. Sec. School, 

54, Burkit Road, 

T Nagar, Chennai 17.

Our NGO was started in the year 2000 with a Post Box Number has grown to the extend of touching the life of 5,00,000 people throughout Tamil Nadu. What we are today is because of your support and the dedication of our Volunteers.

Gift of Education - 19th Year Anniversary Celebrations

Udhavum Ullangal Public Charitable Trust

 Date & Time: 02 June 2019, Sunday; 3.30 PM

Venue: TAG Auditorium, Sri RKM School, 54 Burkit Road, T Nagar, Chennai.

 In the Presence of:

 Mr. Sivakumar Ekambaram, Global Delivery Lead, Accenture

Mr.Venkat Ramaswamy, Chief Investment Officer, Srinidhi Investment Group

Ms.Vijaya Prasanna K, Senior Director, Wipro

Ms.Uma Palaniappan, Head of Core Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

Mr.Saravanan A, Sales Planning & Analyst, Grace Davison Chemicals

Mr. Jonathan Britto, Project Manager, United Way Chennai


UUPCT Trustees.

 The Proceedings:

 Mr. Ramesh, Trustee welcomed the gathering of student beneficiaries with their parents/ guardian, UUPCT volunteers and well-wishers, Trustee. In his speech he mentioned that UUPCT had to face shortfall in the funds availability to support deserving students, nevertheless, funds did flow later. This year too, there is shortfall of funds against the target. Wanted to create a corpus for this purpose, to ensure that the deserving students receive support every year.

The guests were welcomed by offering bouquet. Student beneficiary Ms. Aruna Name Changed  arranged these bouquets.

 UUPCT founder and Managing Trustee, Mr. B.Sankar Mahadevan, narrated beautifully the activities of the Trust. Besides Education, Health especially cancer care is the other main goal of UUPCT.  The Trust through its “Nellai Cancer Care Centre” at Tirunelveli, is screening patients during since 20XX, in Tirunelveli district. At the rate of 6000 screening p.a., rate it might take decades to screen the 31 Lakhs population in the district. Therefore it is decided accelerate the process by increasing number of persons screened to 25, 000 p.a., with the support of Srinidhi Investment Group.

 Mr. Santhanam, Trustee coined an acronym “MRE”(Marks, Relationship, Energy)to explain the effectiveness of Mentorship Progromme in the life of the students of ‘Gift-of-Education’.

Two past beneficiaries of Gift of Education, shared their life-experience.

Ms.sudha  Name Changed, now working as Data Entry Operator with a national financial daily, recounted her poor childhood days narrated her story beautifully. UUPCT came into her life when she was only 8 year old and supported her education and also guided her through out to become self-reliant and confidant.

Ms.Savithri Name Changed, another beneficiary, admitted that when she came into UUPCT fold, was not very good at scoring marks in the school. She recalled how her mentor guided her to achieve her goals and went on to secure an employment in a leading private sector bank.

 Ms.Pavithra Name  Changed , another student beneficiary, presented hand-made paper-flowers, created by her, to all guests present on the stage. Students were called on stage and awarded for their special achievements in academic performance and 100% attendance. Later, Mr. Mr.Venkat Ramaswamy, Chief Investment Officer of Srinidhi Investment Group and Mr.Sivakumar Ekambaram, Global Delivery Lead at Accenture addressed the gathering.

 Mr. Venkat Ramaswamy said that he was very happy to see the “UUPCT family” and wished them to benefit from the ‘Gift-of-Education’.

 Mr. Sivakumar Ekambaram, said that our Gods have more hands and therefore UUPCT would definitely get the funds for Gift of Education. He narrated how he created an environment at home for his family to interact, by getting rid of TV. How TV, Whatapp, etc affect the communication among the members of a family. He advised the parents to take a serious note of this and “spend valuable time” with the children.

 Mr. Govindaswamy gave vote of thanks.

 The programme began with Tamil Thaai Vaazhthu and concluded with National Anthem.

 The guests and the beneficiary students had a photo session.

The school/college fee cheques were handed over to the parents/guardian.

Note books, school bags, uniforms were also distributed.

 Student beneficiaries viz. pavi Name Changed   and fathima  Name Changed compered the event.


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Our Mentorship students visited Queensland theme park on 6th Jan. Sunday as part of outing program.

                                            Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting 

    Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and outdoor         Image may contain: 16 people, people standing, sky and outdoor


                                                           Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor        Image may contain: one or more people and crowd    Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

                                  We have been conducting weekend classes at Thavathiru Nagamani Adigalar School for Children studying in 4th and 5th Standards. Yoga and drawing techniques taught to the Students on Feb 09th 2019.


    Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor       Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor 

  Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor   Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, shoes and outdoor

In the month of January 2019 , we have celebrated Pongal festival at Sivakasi with the students whom we have provided educational assistance.  Students have enthusiastically participated in the following games and Prizes where distributed to the winners.

1. Sack race
2. Karagam walk
3. Tug of war
4. Lemon and spoon
5. Pambaram
6. Slow cycling
7. Uri adithal/ Silambam.


Chennai Mentorship Program was held on Mar 03, 2019

Students have performed  the following

Yoga, Knowledge Sharing.

 one of the students has drawn a beautiful seenary.  One to one Mentorship was held and the Students were given tips for writting annual examination by the Mentors.

Students were provided lunch after the Mentorship Program.

     Yoga Session Mentorship Class    Knowledge Sharing by College Students                      Knowledge Sharing by College Students   Sharing by School Student    Rahul Name Changed Painting

One to one Mentoring   One to one Mentoring

   Providing Lunch   Group Photo

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Cancer awareness and screening Data
Cancer awareness and screening Data

Nellai Cancer Care Centre in coordination with TAFE organised capacity building of community based organizations for Cancer Prevention and Control in Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu viz., Train the Trainers approach on 15th & 16th November and 22nd & 23rd November 2018 at J Rehabilitation Center, TAFE Complex, Madurai.
46 people participated. The training was facilitated by Dr. E. Vidhubala, Mrs. Sangeetha, Mr. Ramkumar Sethupathy from Nellai Cancer Care Center, Oncologists Dr. Deepak, Dr. Krishna Kumar Rathnam Dr. Murugesh. Radiation Oncologist were the resource persons.

Screening camp for TAFE staff conducted at Madurai after the Training. 108 employees were screened and one person was identified for cancer.


Capacity building of Community Based Organizations for Cancer Prevention and Control in Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu - Training of Trainers Approach


Elevating general public awareness on the cancer problem and the strategies to control as well as advocating for suitable policies and programmes are primary elements in population-based cancer control. Comprehensive cancer control involves prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.The prevention and control programmes focus on eliminating cancer at its earliest stages through effective awarenessand advocacy campaigns. In rural parts of India, most people have no access to cancer screening, early diagnosis or treatment. Therefore, prevention campaigns are proposed to be the most cost-effective, long-term strategy for reducing the burden of cancer.

            In this context, as initiating comprehensive and intensive awareness campaigns in rural areas of Tamil Nadu for cancer prevention, screening and early detection, treatment, survivorship and end of life care is considered as the need of the hour, a training of trainers programme for community-based organizations was proposed and conducted.

Objectives of the Project

Based on the positive experiences and findings from various researches worldwide, the current project aimed to address the prevention and control of cancer with the following objective.

  1. Reaching the community through a comprehensive awareness campaign using the community-based organizations (NGOs/CBOs) using training of trainers’ approach;

Identification and selection of NGOs

An open invitation for participating in this project was made to all NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBO) in the selected districts. Based on the applications, a strict scrutiny on the track record, commitment and fund raisingcapacity and the ability to execute the project on their ownwas assessed. Based on these criteria, the NGOs/CBOswas selected for participation in the Training of Trainers (TOT) programme.

This project involvedtwo members working for health issues in the community from each selected district of Tamil Nadu. A total of 40 senior level leaders, i.e., two representatives from each NGO / CBOwas invited for a two-day training programme at J Rehabilitation Center, TAFE Campus, Madurai.

Training content:

The training module was developed by a team of experts incorporating the following.

  • cancer prevention strategies,
  • screening methods,
  • self-breast examination,
  • warning signs,
  • treatment strategies,
  • end of life or palliative care,
  • cancer myths,
  • cancer survivorship and
  • cancer care facilities available in the selected districts.

The course module (Appendix 1), and the programme schedule (Appemdix 2) is attached herewith.

TOT programme:

                A total of 36 community leaders were trained from 18 community based organizations in two batches, between 15th and 16th; and 22nd and 23rd of November, 2018.  Many of them have worked/working either in maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS programme and cancer controlprogramme at the community.The list of participants, organizations, and their respective districts is in Appendix 3.

The training was facilitated by Dr. E. Vidhubala, Mrs. Sangeetha, Mr. Ramkumar Sethupathy, Oncologists, Dr. Deepak, Dr. Krishna Kumar Rathnam and Dr. Murugesh.

The training was started with an ice breaking session by Ms. Sangeetha, she initiated the participant’s introduction session with an activity.

To begin with, the participants were divided into groups and were asked to list down the myths associated with cancer prevailing in their respective locality. One representative form each group was asked to come forward to present the myths identified through their group discussion. Thereafter, each myth was taken one by one and was asked about the understanding and belief of the participants about that myth. Finally, the factual information was clarified to them either through video and oral presentations. Similar methodology was adopted to train the participants on each component of cancer control. In addition, the skills required for a CBO leader in reaching out the community was discussed. During the workshop, cancer survivors Mrs. Dhanalakshmi and Ms. Janaki, shared their journey with cancer and their experiences while conquering the disease. They reiterated the importance of family and social support for the cancer conqueror, not only during cancer treatment but through their survivorship. 

            Oncologists from three disciplines such as surgical, radiation and medical oncology were invited and they shared their experience on the psycho social challenges of treating the cancer patients with special reference to southern districts. The availability of various cancer care facilities and the services offered were explained. The major focus of the discussion was about the financial challenges in treating the cancer patients. The participants had many queries related to the financial aspects of treatment which was acknowledged as a major challenge by the oncologists in cancer treatment. Therefore, they emphasized on the importance of prevention and early detection in cancer control as it is very cost effective and the role of CBOs in achieving the same. Also, the participants clarified their doubts related to cancer and its treatment with the Oncologists.

            One of the major issues identified during the discussion was, the role of alternative medicine in treating or curing cancer. As many myths associated with cancer treatment was spread through social media, a video message was taken from Dr. G.Sivaraman, a renowned siddha physician and played during the session. He explained the scope and limitations of alternative medicine in cancer control and not to believe or spread the false claims made in the social media.

            Mr. Ramkumar conducted a session on the importance of mental wellbeing for the CBOs and conducted a laughter therapy session for the participants. 


Myths and perceptions related to cancer in southern districts of Tamil Nadu:

It is understood that bringing the perspectives of the public and patients to stakeholders, including policy makers and health care managers, into cancer care discussions will add a critical new dimension to ongoing discussions about access to diagnoses, treatments and the future of cancer care. The public perception of cancer will always serve as a useful starting point to develop strategies to impart knowledge and awareness in future trainings. Therefore, to explore the myths and perceptions associated with cancer in southern districts of Tamil Nadu, the NGO leaders from 9 districts of Tamil Nadu who participated in the training were asked to list down the common myths and perceptions associated with cancer in their respective districts. In addition, the issues related to cancer control and treatment were also explored and summarized in Table 1.

IEC materials

The NGOs/CBOs were provided with soft copies of audio visual and print materials and the strategies for dissemination was designed and discussed. The participants were encouraged to conduct similar programes using the materials. Time to time guidance in organizing further cancer control programeswas ensured.

Knowledge before and after the training:

A baseline evaluation was conducted to understand the existing knowledge level of the participants on various aspects of cancer control. The post evaluation was conducted at the end of the training to assess the effect of training in enhancing their understanding about cancer.  

Key learning-

  1. Cancer care
  2. Cancer types
  3. Myths about cancer
  4. Treatment process
  5. Nutritional care
  6. Communication strategies
  7. Cultural media to be utilized.

Overall rating was high, training process and location were highly rated.

Training assessment 2

Objective: To assess the training process, learning impact, training outcomes of the two training sessions.

Overall training impact is 51.3% with better knowledge and support system.

Cancer care program to be intensified, participants motivated to engage in cancer care.

  1. Overall, the training was highly rated by all the participants.
  2. Training methodologies, process correlates with the increased knowledge and skills of participants.
  3. Training venue, materials, food and all were also rated high.


Screening camps by NCCC team

Nellain Cancer Care Center, a unit of Udhavum Ullangal Public Charitable Trust, exist in Tirunelveli since 2011 and have undertaken cancer care awareness and screening camps and reached out over 1,00,000 people through 1124 camps in the last 6 years.


On November 17th, 2018, a screening camp for the TAFE J. Rehabilitation Center at Alampatti had been conducted with our team. The details are given below:


  • Number of people attended awareness         60
  • Number of people attended screening          46
  • Married                                                           34
  • Un married                                                     12
  • Pap taken                                                        26
  • Via-positive                                                     2
  • Cervix refferal                                                  1
  • Breast refferal                                                  3
  • Pre-cancerous                                                1 -                         (Mrs.Azhaguboobathy)Name Changed LSIL
  • Tobacco users                                                Nil




The team consisting of 2 doctors, nurses and other staff conducted the screening camp as per the standard guidelines.The screening test and the methods used were, VIA and Pap smear for cervical screening and clinical breast examination for breast cancer. The team had felt the staff members who were screened were very co-operative and followed the procedure and tests.

 Again, on November 24th, 2018, a screening camp for the village people of Alampatti at the TAFE J. Rehabilitation center was conducted by the team. The details are given below:


  • Number of people attended awareness         80
  • Number of people attended screening          60
  • Married                                                           44
  • Un married                                                        8
  • Pap taken                                                        39
  • Via-positive                                                        1
  • Cervix referal                                                  Nil
  • Breast referal                                                  4
  • Pre-cancerous                                                Nil
  • Tobacco users                                                  8


S.No.  Name of the NGO                                                  Location

  1. RUSS Foundation                                                    Madurai
  2. Equitas Micro Finance                                             Nagercoil
  3. Shanthi Seva                                                           Dindugal
  4. AXIOM SSS                                                             Dindugal
  5. BEST Foundation                                                    Pudukottai
  6. AMAATA                                                                  Sivagangai
  7. YACT Trust                                                              Madurai
  8. WIN Center                                                             Ramnathapuram
  9. Cancer Survivors                                                    Madurai



List of participated NGOs on November 22-23, 2019

  1. Shriram Cancer Trust                                             Kanyakumari
  2. AHM Trust                                                              Theni
  3. Vivekananda Trust                                                  Tirunelveli
  4. CSR                                                                        Kanyakumari
  5. MSST                                                                      Tuticorin
  6. TEED Foundation                                                   Virudhunagar
  7. CRD                                                                        Ramanathapuram
  8. IRWO                                                                      Ramanathapuram
  9. NCCC                                                                     Tirunelveli






Cancer awareness camp  organized by YACT Trust
Cancer awareness camp organized by YACT Trust
TAFE  Training Program for Cancer awareness
TAFE Training Program for Cancer awareness

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Ms. Hari (Name Changed ) With Poor financial background whom we have provided educational support since 2007, has completed B.Sc (Maths) in 2018 and has secured job in Financial Express as a Data Analyst.


Mentorship program for November

Our monthly mentorship program started with yoga and meditation conducted by Mr. Prakash (Name Changed ). Wonderfull class painting art by Ms. Saroshree (Name Changed) Stundent of 8th Std presented to Chief guest.

Guest Mr. Dinesh, Chief Engineer (Marine)
Explained about the scope in his field and adventures faced during his Naval Journey.

Students participated in Thought sharing session. Mr. Kannan (Name changed) Own the prize in the Human Tree Competition at School Level.

Mr. Rahul ( Name Changed ) Conducted a Quiz Programme among the Mentor students.

A beautiful windmill project by Mentor Rajaganapathy’s student.

Now she as supported her family and attending  Udhavum Ullangal's Programme reguarly 

After ending of motivational speech of chief guest, Saroshree ( Name Changed) as assure to Join Navy in Future.

Mentorship photos
Mentorship photos
Mentorship photos
Mentorship photos
Mentorship photos
Mentorship photos
Mr Rahul
Mr Rahul
Mr. Kannan
Mr. Kannan
A beautiful windmill project
A beautiful windmill project
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One of our beneficiaries whom we have provided educational support since 2009 has completed B.E in Civil Engineering in 2018 and has secured job in a leading Construction Company Arun Excello @ Hyderabad.


Our students have excelled in the State Board Examinations conducted during March 2018.  9 students each have passed in the 10th & 12th Standard Examinations respectively scoring more than 75% marks. The highest mark scored by our student Mr.Sivram (Name changed) in 12th Standard is 1144 out of 1200 securing 95.3% & in the 10th Standard Ms. Sudha (Name changed) has scored 464 out of 500 securing 92.8%.

We have provided educational support to the under privileged children who are pursuing their studies in schools and colleges in Chennai & Sivakasi. Total number of beneficiaries for the educational support during the current academic year 2018 is 620. 


First Mentorship

Chennai mentorship program for the academic year 2018 - 19 started with Yoga, Meditation by Mr.Giridharan followed by Mr.Santhanam on the importance of education, utilize the support given by Udhavum Ullangal . Mr.Prakash explained the importance of Goal setting in life.One to one Mentor group formed for 2018 - 19. Swami Apavarganandha of Ramakrishna Mutt rendered a wonderful lecture on Swami Vivekanadha'a "Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached" Game by eNoah team on know your Mentee & Mentor. The program ended with Wishing Birthday Babies and lunch.

Sports event for Chennai Mentorship StudentsEvent : ORGN Govt Boys Hr Sec School @ RedhillsDate : 22/07/2018Sports day Event Supported by.. AON.Organised by Mr. Giridharan.Number of participants: 73Track events: 100 mts, 200 mts & 400 mtsField events: Shot put & Discus ThrowGames Conducted:Volleyball for Boys: boys were divided in to four teams and they played two stem finals and a final.Throwball for Girls: Girls were divided in to two teams and played the finals.


Second Mentorship

Our monthly mentorship program started with yoga and meditation conducted by Mr.Giridharan. Mr.Santhanam, Trustee explained the significance of 26th July Kargil Day when India successfully  took command of the high outposts which had been lost to Pakistani intruders in the year 1999.One to one mentorship started. Mr.Kumara Subramanian,an Ex servicemen presently Manager of Indian Bank narrated his experience in Air force as sergeant and motivated the students to join armed forces and serve the country.Prizes were distributed to the winners of sports meet conducted on 22nd July 2018.


Those who are celebrating Birth day in August were greeted.As part of CSR ,Airport Authority of India staff explained the importance of Menstrual hygiene to the students and their Mothers

First Mentorship Program
First Mentorship Program
Second Mentorship program
Second Mentorship program
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