Stopping child abandonment in Uganda

by Kids Club Kampala
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Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda
Stopping child abandonment in Uganda

Welcome to your Spring update. It has now been over 2 years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and we began the year with a renewed optimism. However, as you may be aware, Kampala is now facing a new crisis, as in the last 2 years food prices have risen a staggering 400%. A meal that cost just 20p in 2020 now costs £1!

Read our '2 years of COVID-19' blog

Last month we launched our Feeding Futures appeal to combat this crisis and build a brighter future for families in Kampala. We have been truly blown away by the generosity of our supporters, who have so far helped us raise an incredible £7,244, enabling us to provide 16,960 meals to families in need!

We invite you to watch the video below which documents a day in the life of one of our Feeding Project volunteers. The video follows Obvious as she delivers much needed food parcels to families living in Naguru slum. Please do feel free to share this video and our Feeding Futures campaign with your friends and family, as the more people who hear about and support our campaign, the more families we can help in Uganda.

 Ewafe Project Update

Last year we brought you the exciting news that with thanks to a generous benefactor the Ewafe home was expanding. The renovations were completed in January 2022, with the additions including a new therapy room, a new dormitory, staff cottages, a solar-powered kitchen and 3-acres of land around the home to grow crops.

Read our 'Ewafe Home Expansion' blog

However, despite the exciting expansions, the repercussions of COVID-19 coupled with rampant inflation has meant that child abuse, neglect and abandonment have continued to rise in Kampala, and thus the Ewafe Home remains at full capacity. It is an unfortunate reality, but we want to thank you for your generous support which helps us to ensure that we can provide a safe space for abandoned children whilst we work to reintegrate them back into a loving home. This quarter has yet again been a busy one: 

  • Rescued and admitted 8 children into the home. 
  • Reintegrated 2 children back with their families. 
  • Cared for the 65 children currently staying at the home.

*Aisha's Story 

18 months ago, *Aisha and her four siblings were abandoned by their mother at a local police station within Kampala. It transpired that their father had recently sold the family home, leaving the children with their mother but with no accommodation or source of income. Their mother was unable to support the children on her own and so she spent weeks searching for her husband but was unable to locate him. She also tried to seek support of relatives but they were also unable to help due to the number of mouths that would have needed to be fed. In the end the family ended up living on the streets, where they begged for food or money in order to survive. 

In October 2020, Aisha and her siblings were referred to the Ewafe Home by the police. Since then the Ewafe staff have cared for the children, helping them to feel at home:

“I am grateful to you (Ewafe project) and to God that my siblings and I were all welcomed here and we are being taken good care of. I feel like I now have everything that I have ever prayed for.” - Aisha.

In the meantime our team of social workers have been working to trace the children's relatives. In March 2022 the team were able to make a breakthrough and located relatives in Luwero District. They were all relived to know that the children were safe and well after having not seem them such a long time. Their grandfather was especially thankful:

“I am willing to stay with my grandchildren for the rest of my life, thank you Kids Club Kampala, may God bless you.” - Aisha's grandfather

We will soon be conducting a follow up assessment with the relatives to ensure that the home environment is safe for Aisha and her siblings to be reintegrated. We hope to be able to provide a positive update later in the year.

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What a year we have had at Kids Club Kampala!

We can’t talk about 2021 without mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic. As things opened up around the world, we were hoping Uganda would be the same. But, in June, a strict lockdown was imposed on Uganda closing schools, markets, businesses and churches. 

Our greatest achievements in 2021 reflect the resilience of our communities, volunteers, our teams in Uganda and the UK as well as the passion and kindness of our supporters in the wake of continued lockdowns and restrictions in Uganda. 

Take a look at 21 of our phenomenal achievements in 2021! 

Here’s what the future of Kids Club Kampala has in store…
We will continue our work providing education by supporting over 100 children with free access to education. The £26,910 raised through the Big Give Christmas challenge will mean we can reach more children with essential education.
With the Ewafe home expanding, we will welcome more children. We will continue to rehabilitate and reunite children with loved ones but will also launch our Foster care programme in partnership with the Ministry. 
Demand for our skills programmes has been growing. We plan to extend our tailoring & knitting and carpentry intake in 2022 so more people will be equipped with life-changing skills. 
We will continue to safeguard and protect children and teens in the slum communities we work in. By working with the communities, we will form a good foundation for more people to notice and report safeguarding incidences.
We look forward to visiting you!
Here in the UK, we are looking forward to visiting more churches, schools and community groups. We are excited to offer fundraising challenges and volunteer opportunities so we can all work together for a brighter future in Kampala. 
Get in touch to organise a Kids Club Kampala speaker for your community group.
Thank you for another special year at Kids Club Kampala.
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Welcome to your Autumn update. After another 3 months of lockdown, things in Uganda have started to open up again after a steady decline in COVID-19 cases. Travel restrictions were eased and markets reopened in August, Universities and post-secondary education are set to resume in November. However, although things are beginning to feel more positive in Uganda, the long-term impact of COVID-19 on families is yet to be fully felt, so please do keep Kampala in your thoughts and prayers. 

We have continued to provide vital food packages to children in need

 Ewafe Project Update

The Ewafe Home is still trying to cope with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The home is currently at full capacity as cases of child abuse, neglect and abandonment have continued to rise in Kampala. It is an unfortunate reality, but we want to thank you for your generous support which helps us to ensure that we can provide a safe space for abandoned children whilst we work to reintegrate them back into a loving home. This quarter has yet again been a busy one: 

  • Rescued and admitted 8 children into the home. 

  • Reintegrated 6 children back with their families. 

  • Cared for the 55 children currently staying at the home.

*Nina's Story 

Whilst visiting Uganda’s busy capital, *Nina became separated from her mother. She tried to find her in the crowds but was unsuccessful. A good samaritan found Nina wandering the streets and took her to the local police station. 

In February Nina was referred to the Ewafe Home by the police. The Ewafe staff cared for Nina whilst her family were being traced by our team of social workers. Thankfully, in July the team were able to make a breakthrough and locate Nina’s mother in Luwero District. With support from the local community, Nina was finally reunited with her mother in September. After 7 months of separation, Nina’s mother met her with open arms.

‘Thank you Kids Club Kampala for taking care of my child. The joy that Paul and Silas got when they were released from prison in the Bible is the same joy I feel when my child came back home.’ - Nina’s mother.

An update on *Sabre's story

In the Summer update, we told you about *Sabre. Sabre was being abused by his father and ran away to a local police station in June. Sabre and his two siblings, Hamma* and Isla*, were admitted to the Ewafe Home where they received care and counselling to help them through an incredibly traumatic experience. 

We are now pleased to inform you that Sabre, Hamma and Isla are safe and living with their uncle in a nearby village. The siblings were reintegrated in September and have been enjoying their time in the countryside.

The Power of Nature
As part of our COP26 campaign, we will be exploring the impact of climate change on our communities in Kampala. But, we will also be celebrating the natural beauty of Uganda and the importance of protecting this for future generations. 

We are proud that the Ewafe Home is located in such a beautiful, natural environment. We believe that in this environment children will benefit both mentally and physically. Bringing nature into your life has been proven to 
reduce stress and anger, help people feel more relaxed, improve your confidence and self-esteem and encourage a more active lifestyle

The children that come through the Ewafe doors are often dealing with emotional and psychological trauma. With the help of our amazing staff, we are able to rehabilitate children and provide a safe space for them. An important part of this safe space are the beautiful natural surroundings at the Ewafe home, with plenty of room to run, play and be a child. 

Our COP26 campaign will be running from October 31st - November 12th. Make sure you are following @KidsClubKampala on social media to learn all about how Uganda is being impacted by climate change and what you can do to help.

The Ewafe playground. Plenty of space to run, play and be a child!

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Welcome to your Summer update. As you may be aware, a strict lockdown was imposed in Uganda on the 18th of June to combat the rise of COVID-19 cases. Families in Kampala's slum communities have been left without an income, with some unable to afford food and care for their children.  

We launched our Serving Communities in Crisis emergency appeal to be there for our communities during lockdown. So far we have supported 4,243 people with COVID-19 relief including food packages, education materials and family support.

On Wednesday the 21st of June our Founder and Executive Director, Sam Wambayo, joined us for a Lunch n Learn. You can watch the event here and listen as Sam explains how Kids Club Kampala are there for the community and how the Ewafe home is playing a vital role in helping children in crisis. 

Ewafe Project Update

Unfortunately, as a direct result of the lockdown, the number of children being abandoned, abused and neglected has risen drastically. This, combined with school closures, has meant the Ewafe home has been very busy! 

Despite the uncertainty of lockdown in Uganda, we have lots of good news to share from the Ewafe home. With thanks to your regular donation, this quarter we have:

  • Rescued and admitted 9 children into the home.

  • Reintegrated 5 children back with their families.

  • Cared for the 47 children currently staying at the home.

Home schooling at the Ewafe Project.

*Nancy's Story 

Nancy* was referred to the Ewafe home in March. She was living with her mother, stepfather and two stepbrothers when she went missing. Nancy was taken to the local police station after a stranger found her wandering the streets. 

We were able to find Nancy’s mother and they were reunited on the 6th of April.       

‘I had to harvest and sell maize to get the money needed to continue searching for my child. But, she was nowhere to be found and I had given up hope until the Ewafe project brought her back to me. May God grant the Ewafe home more blessings.’ 

- Nancy's mother


The Ewafe Project has New Wheels!
We are so excited to have a new car at the Ewafe home. The home is located in Busika, an hour from Kampala. The dirt roads that have to be taken to reach neighboring towns, villages and districts are dangerous and are often at risk of flooding. 

With the new sturdy 4x4 car the Kids Club Kampala team will be able to quickly and safely reach children in need. It will also speed up the travel time taken to search for and reunite families.
The Ewafe Project is Expanding!
We have been expanding the Ewafe home including building a new therapy room to support children's rehabilitation, a new kitchen to account for growing numbers and purchasing land so we can grow our own crops.

Would you like a little tour of the progress so far?    

First up we have our new therapy room. Building work started on the 22nd of June and we are happy to report that it is almost complete! 

The therapy room will be vital when supporting and rehabilitating the kids that come to the Ewafe home. 

Here's the therapy room now. It's almost ready to go!

Now we're in the kitchen. An increase in children being admitted to the Ewafe home means there's more mouths to feed. Our new kitchen is bigger and solar powered!


We also had the opportunity to acquire some land around the Ewafe home. With this new land we will be able to grow our own crops and move towards a more sustainable future.

*Sabre's story
It is an unfortunate reality that incidences of child abuse and neglect increase during lockdown. Many people become vulnerable to violence in their own homes. 

Sabre* was abused by his father and ran to the police for help. He was referred to the Ewafe home along with his two siblings, *Hamma and *Isla, on the 24th of June. The three children are now safe, living at the Ewafe home whilst the police search for their father in order to reprimand him.

Sabre was rescued on the 24th of June

During lockdown, we have seen cases of violence increase. Although Sabre and his siblings were lucky enough to reach the police, for many children in Kampala emergency support is inaccessible.
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 Ewafe Project Update

The Ewafe Project forms part of the 'Protecting' pillar of our Road to Recovery. This is a vital part of our plan and allows us to safeguard vulnerable children in Uganda and provide them a safe and loving home.  

This quarter we have achieved: 

  • 5 children, all girls, have been rescued and admitted to the Ewafe home during the quarter
  • A total of 45 children (29 boys and 16 girls) are being rehabilitated at the home through counselling
  • 5 children have been successfully resettled during the quarter
  • Installed electricity at the Ewafe office which will help to improve efficiency 
  • Expansion of staff team with the appointment of new assistant house mother 
11 year old *Balondemu has been reintegrated with his grandmother

 *Wansala and *Najjja's Story 

Brothers *Wansala (10) and *Najja (6) were living on the streets trying to find their parents when a Good Samaritan found them and handed them over to the police. The children were then placed at the Ewafe home in October last year.


Brothers *Wansala and *Najja at the Ewafe Project home

Wansala was able to relax into the Ewafe home quickly, helping with the little ones and participating in activities. However, due to his eye problem, Najja found it more difficult and isolated himself from the others. With the help of the Ewafe Project, Najja was able to receive life changing eye treatment and counselling which helped him get comfortable in his new environment. The remainder of his time in the home was spent enjoying activities with his friends and big brother. 

The first attempt made in tracing Wansala and Najja’s family was done in the Bombo District. This was successful due to the help of village elders, who were able to provide our social workers with vital information enabling us to find the brother’s relatives.

The brother's were reunited with their family in January 2021. Wansala and Najja’s grandfather expressed his gratitude for the Ewafe Project and his joy upon seeing his grandsons: “thank you so much for the great work you do for the children because we had lost hope.”

*Wansala and *Najja reunited with their family

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