Sep 22, 2020


Crocheting skills
Crocheting skills

The Kenya Government statistics indicate that many girls who were in school before the pandemic may not come back when the schools will be opened likely early next year 2021.

Over a period of three months in lockdown due to COVID-19, 152,000 Kenyan teenage girls became pregnant — a 40% increase in the country's monthly average. These numbers, from early July, are some of the earliest pieces of evidence linking the COVID-19 pandemic to unintended pregnancies. Some of the girls have also opted for early marriage in the hope of surviving during this pandemic now that they were not sure they will ever go back to school. The reason of these desperate and unfortunate move is a fact that when a human being cannot satisfy the basic needs of food and clothing they can do anything for survival.
During this reporting period we received approximately a total US$1,400 for the last four months from the GlobalGiving. This is an average of US$ 350 (35,000/=) per month. This amount could not be enough even to buy some food for the targetted households of our 100 girls even for a month. 
Sheepcare Community Centre together with some well-wishers have however, continued to assist the very desperate families with food, train in lifeskills, provide sanitary towels and help in the fighting COVID-19 pandemic by supplying free water to the community to over 600 households. This has been possible because of our good water yielding boreholes. Water provision has enabled the poor to have water to drink, wash clothes and use for domestic purposes. We are also very grateful to our local networks who value Sheepcare works. They have occasionally come to give our girls sanitary towels and motivational talks on how they can survive the pandemic and come back to school.
Our staff of 60 members who were also sent home due to lockdown have suffered without any payment and our hope is that they too will not give up but come back when the schools are opened, so as to continue giving hope to our school going children including our girls.
It is our sincere hope that the schools will be opened. It is when this is done, will we know how many of our girls are affected. We sincerely make appeal to our supporters and well wishers that we continue to work closely and ask many to commit to contributing towards our girl fund monthly to make sure we keep these girls in schools when the schools will be opned next year. Some of them who have not yet given up will have hope and don't follow the way of their colleagues who have opted for early marriage. This is possible if they are told that they will be assisted to continue their schooling.
Outcome of Crocheting Training
Outcome of Crocheting Training
Girls Studying - keeping hope
Girls Studying - keeping hope
Food assistance
Food assistance
Well-wishers sanitary supply
Well-wishers sanitary supply
Training girls on Keeping pure
Training girls on Keeping pure
Jun 29, 2020


The recent Kenyan Government statistics that almost 200,000 girls had gotten pregnant was the saddest story I have heard arising from the effect of COVID-19 lockdown despite other stories that domestic violence have increased and there has been many unexplained deaths in the families. It is obvious that hopelessness is creeping up in people's lives and majority are in need of dire help.

This is particularly true in the slums where life is about hand to mouth. People get their daily bread from doing hawking business to walking every morning to industries looking for casual jobs. That is not possible now duew to lockdown, our community members are in such desperate situation and no wonder such depressing reports!

It is with this in mind that for the last three months of the reporting period, our concern has been how to get involved to help alleviate this problem. We have provided food items to the community members particularly targetting parents and guardians who are now with our pupils and students. Since all schools were closed it is not possible for our feeding program in school to continue. We have also through the help of other partrner organizations provided our girls with sanitary towels in the hope that they will not be lured into sex as an exchange of such needs and food.

During the reporting period we have achieved the following;

  1. Provided food items to 500 households worth US$1,500.
  2. Gave washing soap to 1000 households worth US$1,200.
  3. Provided masks worth US$500 to 1000 people.
  4. Created a vertical kitchen gardens within our compound and right now carrying out training so that the slum dwellers may replicate the same gardens in their compounds to ensure they have enough vegetables
  5. Gave free water to 1000 households for drinking and domestic use for the last two months during this reporting period from our borehole.
  6. Provided counselling services and training to our pupils particularly girls to caution them against those who would take advantage of them.

All these have been possible through our GlobalGiving donors, well-wishers, local supporters and also through partnership with other organizations without which we would not have achieved much.


  1. On the GlobalGiving FEED THE CHILD account, it has been almost impossible to get our supporters to give anything. The majority of those supporters are looking to us for provision.
  2. We have not succeeded in getting consistent donors who would give every month whether there is GlobalGiving campaign or not.
  3. We have not been involved even in the campaign initiated by the GlobalGiving because our donor base has been mostly those who are so affected.

Way Forward

Our desire is to continue mobilizing many donors to join us for these noble purposes of ensuring a future to the poor children and other members of our community. We are even more determined knowing that sometimes calamities beyond our control are bound to happen. We will appeal to our donors to be consistent by giving monthly donations.

We appeal to our donors to continue supporting us and share the same with their friends to enlarge our donor base. In this reporting period we received from GlobalGiving a total of only US$ 891 which include funds from the girlfund cohort where we are among the the eight (8) winners. This alone would not have made us achieve all that we achieved during this reporting period.  With more of your support we will achieve much and help save lives of such vulnerable girls and children whom without our help will be wasted and sadly a bright future totally destroyed. You and we together will achieve much! Welcome.

May 26, 2020


When we received the first disbursement on project "Help 100 girls to complete school", it was long after all our institutions of learning had been shut down due to COVID-19 pandemic. Because schools were nolonger in operation all the pupils were forced to go back and stay with their guardians and parents, we were forced to change the plan on how best we can still serve our girls.

Though they were nolonger coming to school but the acute need of getting food supply became more urgent than anything else. It forced us to help the guardians and parents mostly of the girls who were to be the beneficiaries of the fund to help them survive so that when this pandemic is over we may still have them alive to attend school without finding them already opted for early marriages or being abused in order to survive.

We therefore used the money and also from other well wishers to ensure our girls are able to get food to eat and help in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic by working closely with their families. Such unforeseen circumstances makes it very difficult on how best to use the resources that are meant for particular purposes.

We managed to give food items to 100 families (most of whom stay with our girls) and supply the water for hand washing and domestic use to 600 households within our community. We also gave bar soaps to help in hand washing and cleanliness and also masks  to 1000 people on first come first served basis. The hundred (100) families where most of our girls stay also benefitted from the water and bar soap provision.

Since we have borehole we have continued to be at the centre of fighting the Corona pandemic by availing water not only to the parents of our pupils but to the entire community. Help from well-wishers like our GlobalGiving donors have made a giantic problem a little bit lighter. We continue to covet your donations and our continued partnership.

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