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Sep 19, 2017

Surprise visit at La Casa de Panchita!

Dear Supporters:

A few weeks ago, we received an email from Maite, a Spanish volunteer who was with us for more than a year, supporting our activities with girls and women in domestic work, teaching English to domestic workers and some Peruvian volunteers and many others.

Maite wrote us in her mail that she would make a donation for this project in memory of her parents. She feels that they would have liked the idea of supporting our work, because their life was an example of solidarity with people in situation of vulnerability.

Last Sunday, Maite arrived from Spain, on a surprise visit to La Casa de Panchita, rejoicing us all. She also found a little surprise for her: a commemorative plaque next to our training room saying: “Sala Teresa and José María”, her parent’s names.

We really value the fact that since we met Maite, she encouraged us to continue working hard to support girls and adults in domestic work and she keeps helping us find ways to improve. We like that the memory of her loved ones is now part of this new venue. We would like to thank Maite and all of you for your support. Together, little by little, we can keep improving the situation of girls and women working in domestic service and end their exploitation and discrimination.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Blanca Figueroa

Sep 13, 2017

Great news from old friends of La Casa de Panchita

Dear Supporters:

We are very happy because we received the visit of four domestic workers whose situation has improved thanks to the training they received at La Casa de Panchita, before finding a job through our employment agency. Thanks to your support:

  • Alicia, who was 21 years old in 2012, received training and obtained her first job, with a salary of PEN 1,000 (USD 310) and social benefits. She remained there until 2015, when she had a baby. By then, she was earning PEN 1,650 (USD 510) per month.
  • Ubaldina, from Cusco, got her first job in 2011 and has kept that position until last September, earning PEN 1,300 (USD 400) per month. She has returned to La Casa de Panchita because she wishes to switch from “live in” domestic work to “live out”, to be able to spend more time with her family. She received all her social benefits and a good letter of recommendation.
  • Leydi, at age 27, trained with us and got a job in 2011. She started earning PEN 750 (USD 230), the minimum wage at the time. Today she is still employed and her salary has increased up to PEN 1,400 (USD 430).
  • Aurea first came to La Casa de Panchita when she was 49. After training, she started taking care of an elderly lady, until she passed away this year. Aurea started earning PEN 900 (USD 280) and ended up earning PEN 1,300 (USD 400) monthly.

Alicia, Ubaldina, Leydi and Aurea are just a sample of the approximately 400 women who are trained annually to empower themselves, improve their work skills and learn how to negotiate more dignified conditions in domestic work. The fact that they returned to La Casa de Panchita after so many years shows the importance of our work, which is only possible thanks to your solidarity.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Blanca Figueroa

Jul 5, 2017

News from Jugando Aprendo

Dear donors,

We have very good news! We have been able to continue to attend up to 30 children for school support.

The first school trimester just ended in Peru and our children got very good grades. It is very rewarding to see the achievements of each boy and girl and their mothers are also very grateful.

Sonaly told us that: "This year I will take first place in school! Last year took second place and this year had promised my mom out the first place".

Luís told us: "I feel so happy to come to the Ludoteca to do my homework. I would be home alone all day otherwise. My mum works all day, and my dad too. Here the promoters teach me with love and kindness ".

We had a debate with mothers about "Gender-based violence against women: the emergence of a public issue in Latin America”. It was organized by researchers of the PUCP (one of the bets universities in Peru). It was very interesting. The participants could listen to guest speakers and give their opinion about this issue.

Promoters continuereceiving counseling from a psychologist to provide a quality service to children attending our center. It is very useful for them, both for their professional and personal life.

We are happy to continue to changing lives thanks to your support!

Best regards,

Eveli Leyva

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