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Jun 5, 2013

News from La Casa de Panchita

Dear GlobalGiving Supporters:

Wednesday June 12th is a very special day! Thanks to your support GlobalGiving has upgraded our status to Superstar! This means that on June 12th GlobalGiving will match all donations to our project by 50%! Please consider participating in this special event and make the most of your support!

June 12th is also the International Day Against Child Labor. Thanks to your help we have achieved a lot, but there is still a long way to go! So many children in Peru are trapped by domestic work and need your support to get the chance to build a brighter future!

Our work with young domestic workers continues and we keep inspiring young girls through our Sunday activities. They are always very exited to come to La Casa de Panchita to improve their skills through handicrafts workshops, learn more about their rights and receive help with their homework.

Your commitment has been so great that it has encouraged us to want to do more for children in child domestic work! We take advantage of the great opportunity GlobalGiving is offering to launch a new project to help children trapped in domestic labor get their childhood back and get the chance to build a brighter future. Learn more about this initiative:

Please consider supporting this effort. All day Wednesday June 12th, starting at 9am EST (This time in your time zone). GlobalGiving will match all donations by 50%, up to $1,000 per donor. Every little bit helps. This is a great opportunity to make your donation grow and support our children!

Thank you for your continued support to our cause!

With gratitude,

Blanca Figueroa

May 20, 2013

News from La Casa de Panchita

Dear Global Giving supporters:

The girls are back to school! With the excitement of a new school year has also came the enthusiasm to enjoy one of our recent activities in their schools.

The lack of libraries at our girls´ schools made us implement classroom libraries since last year. Story books were given to these libraries so that children could enjoy reading “for fun” and could increase their reading skills. Up to this time, one year later, we are already able to share with you how reading changed the life of one of our girls. She is Beatriz, and this is her story:

Beatriz is the youngest child in her family. She is 15, but she is still in 6th grade in elementary school (in Peru, children ages 10-11 are enrolled in 6th grade). She is behind in school mainly because she started working in domestic work when she was very young and also because she had some learning difficulties.

Last year was the first time she was able to borrow a story book ever. She borrowed it from one of our libraries. Since then, she has been able to read six books by herself. Because she had to work, do homework and help her mom with the household tasks, her spare time was limited to late in the evenings. Her dad was a bit worried about her lack of sleep and did this agreement with her: He would spend some time listening to her read aloud, and she would enjoy some time with her dad when he would read for her when she was already in bed.

Beatriz is a different girl nowadays. She has strengthened the relationship with her dad and feels more confident about herself. She not only reads better, but she talks more with her family, friends and teachers.

Thanks for supporting Beatriz and all our girls!

Blanca Figueroa

P.S. We invite you to learn more about the situation of children working in domestic work in Peru and five other countries in the world by reading Home Truths. This book is written by Anti-slavery International. To read it online, follow this link:

Dec 11, 2012

News from La Casa de Panchita

Dear GlobalGiving Supporters:

Another year is almost done at La Casa de Panchita, and with it ends our project “Girls in domestic work: Health = Empowerment in Peru”. Although a bit sad it’s over, we’re happy to be able to say its goals have been accomplished.

Anali Baltazar, a former child domestic worker working as a mentor for the project, has reached out to 28 adolescents in domestic work and educated them in issues related to sexual and reproductive health. She counseled the girls at school, going over key topics in three sessions with each one, helping them to avoid problems and be more confident about their health choices. Anali says, “The girls always came to me with many questions, they all wanted to learn… I felt they didn’t have even one person they could talk to about these things, and I’m glad I got the chance to be the one to listen to them.”

In addition to our progress with the girls, we also want to highlight our work helping Anali become a successful mentor. One of our staff trained her through the entire project, tracking her needs and achievements. Anali´s supervisor says about her: “She has grown so much since the beginning of the project. She’s always eager to ask questions and learn, because she said the girls always come up with new issues and she wants to be prepared for everything. At the school, the principal and teachers know and respect her; she is definitely a role model for the youngest.”

We hope you’re glad to read this final report. We are (and always be) grateful for your contributions to us in this project and wish you a very happy new year.

Blanca Figueroa

Project leader

p.s. This project will be leaving the Global Giving website after the distribution of this report. If you would like to keep supporting our work, please consider donating to our other, ongoing project at Global Giving:

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