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Jun 20, 2017

News from AGTR-La Casa de Panchita

Dear supporters,

This month, our institutional venue, "La Casa de Panchita", has obtained the operating license as an employment agency in domestic service from the municipality of Lince. Now we are applying for a permission to place a sign on our building, which will motivate more domestic workers to visit us.

Meanwhile, our workshops with women in domestic work are taking place as usual and we are collecting very interesting testimonies that we would like to share with you:

In the session with Sofia, on how to improve self-esteem, one of the participants told us: "I am ashamed to say that when I serve food in my house, I always serve my husband first...most times I do not eat meat, because there is none left. And as you say, if my daughter sees what I do, when she has her husband she'll do the same. That is what my mother did with my dad. I do not want to make the same mistake, so I will try to change for her. " (Anonymous).

In the session with Agatha, on how to negotiate with potential employers, Esmeralda told us: “I learned that I can smile and say that if I do not know how to do something, I can learn! And I must not accept to work without a written contract”.

In the session with Rosario on the importance of Social Security: "I asked my employer to insure me; I insisted and insisted, and she finally accepted. I understood what you explained us and from now on I will always pay my fee". (Lupe)

In the session with Lizbeth, for special questions: "I felt very good talking to you. I learned that it is important to finish my studies, and also to prepare myself professionally for my work in a house. " (Rosa)

These and other important changes are possible thanks to your solidarity and support. Thank you!

Best regards,

Blanca Figueroa

Jun 16, 2017

Great little adventures for our girls

Dear Supporters,

This year we want girls in child domestic labor who participate in Sunday sessions at La Casa de Panchita to have the opportunity to enjoy the cultural offer of Lima. We have taken them several Sundays - while the weather was still warm - to the Water Park, which has many fountains in which to play. We also took them to see a theater play for children. They had never been to the theater and some girls did not know what a theater was. They liked it very much and for them it was a very valuable experience!

At the end of the day we asked:

How did you feel at La Casa de Panchita?

  • "I felt happy and I laughed" (Mara, 10 years old)
  • "I loved the food and I could repeat" (Karla, 11 years old)

What did you learn today?

  • "I learned not to be ashamed and many new things. I also laughed a lot" (Ximena, 10 years).
  • "I learned about domestic child labor and, at the theater, that dreams can come true" (Anahí, age 13)
  • "I met some theater actors today and I really liked it because I had never been to the theater" (Alison, 14).
  • "I like my storybook [which she received as a gift]; I'm going to show it to my mom" (Cristina, 9 years old).

All this is possible thanks to your support. Thank you!

Best regards, 

Blanca Figueroa

Mar 29, 2017

Ready for a new school year after a great summer!

Dear Supporters,

Jugando Aprendo is very grateful for your donations, which allow us to continue one more year to change the lives of children and adolescents, work with their mothers, and keep training our promoters.

Summer activities are always fun, playful and educational at the same time. The program "LUDOVERANO" was carried out, with the participation of 20 girls, 10 boys and 10 adolescents. This is something that they enjoy very much, since in the area where they live there are no play areas. We organized cooking classes, where the children learned how to prepare rich and nutritious salads. However, the bakery class was the one they liked the most: they prepared quinoa pudding, banana ice cream and cupcakes. These classes also served to emphasize the importance of hygiene and teamwork.

Other activities that children and teenagers enjoyed were Peruvian traditional dance classes and handicraft workshops, where they made ceramics, puppets and personal agendas that they were able to take home to show them to their families.

Children and teenagers are very happy to start school. This year we will continue to provide school support sessions and provide books and materials to help with their learning process.

We want to tell you that Peru is going through a difficult situation, because of the landslides in the north of the country and in Lima. In our area, Nueva Rinconada, we experienced water supply issues. Due to scarcity and high costs, many families were left without water for several days. We hope that this situation will be resolved soon and in the meantime, we will face it together!

Thank you!

Best regards,

Eveli Leyva

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