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Jan 2, 2018

Challenge and Change!!

Dear all,

Few days back we have visited one of the place in Jhagadia block, district Bharuch of Gujarat state. We have found many livelihood, socio-economic issues in that village. The village was able to get benefit from electricity from last four year, there is no transportation facilities, no source of livelihood, and not much connectivity from nearby town. It was really bad condition of the village. If we talk about the education, there is only class up to 5th. And till date there are only few people who have completed their 10th (SSC), this community does not give priority to education.

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

- Unknown

Yet the community people are not aware about the importance of education, they praise the teacher of the school whether they come to school, teach their children or not, whether the teacher come school by drinking alcohol or smoke cigarettes in-front of the children. The parents do not see that their children are studying or not, going to school or not.

Especially the girls are not deprived from the patriarchal society, they are not allowed to study after the primary education in the village. We have not seen any girls who have completed their 8th standard. In the young age they are forced to get married, they have no other choice to live their life at their own.

Gram Vikas Trust (GVT), has planned to work with this village, especially to empower the girls’ education. GVT has talked with few village leaders and try to find out the ways to work this village. Though it will going to little challenging as GVT has planned to change the mindset of the community. Let us help in making the community awareness and especially the girls’ education.

Dec 18, 2017

Passport for Future!

Dear Donors,

Greetings from Gram Vikas Trust (GVT),

I would like to update you for the project Give a Girl a Future, basically in this project GVT is trying to change the mindset of the community towards girls’ education. GVT is trying to set a strong mindset for the girls better future, so that they can stand at her own and do not have be dependent on someone else. The primary education is the base/pillar in each human being, if the girl/boy do not attend school regularly, or do not get the primary education he/she will not be able to groom in his/her future.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

-  Malcolm X

In the patriarchal society, girls sometime are less priority then boys. The parents of girl child show less interest in their daughters education, GVT have seen many parents do not wish their daughters to study further after primary schooling, or even do not send their daughters to school regularly. Because of these the girls do not show interest in studies, as their parents do not motivate them.

GVT has started counselling the parents to send their girl child to school regularly. The ground level staff regularly meets the parents with the support of local stakeholders. GVT has visualize that providing material support is good, but the main thing is to change the mindset of the community. Once we will be able to change their mindset, it will be easy for the parents understand the importance of education.

Though there are many parents, who are not able to send their children to school, because of material support to their children. They do not able to buy simple things because of their poor economic conditions, GVT is trying to bridge that gap with the motivational support.

GVT request you to support such families to educate the girls and to make their future bright.

Dec 14, 2017

Investing in Girls!

“When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.”

-  Melinda Gates

“The lonely roads and distance does not convince me to send my daughter to school, I was not happy when my daughter asked me to go for 6th standard studies in a nearby village but I agreed as my friend’s daughter was also accompanying her. Though my heart was not accepting this situation for security reason. So I used to give some household work on the school time so she has to remain at home, but madam has nicely talked me about the importance of education and the importance of regular attendance in school. Also I have benefited with a bicycle which have given me little strength as my daughter will not have to walk much and she will come back to home soon.” Says Karishma’s father (Name changed).

Gram Vikas trust have found a village which is far from the town (Jhagadia, Bharuch), Dholi is one of the interior villages of Bharuch district, and a nearby village Jamoli is also very interior, the village Jamoli is almost 5km away from Dholi village, there is not road or transportation facilities between Jamoli and Dholi. Jamoli has up to 5th standard school, and for further studies they have to walk almost 5km. Many children stop studying after 5th standard in Jamoli village and the children who joined 6th standard in Dholi are very much irregular in school, so they are not able to manage their studies.

With the help from government teacher we found this interior village and gave 10 bicycles to these needy girls.

The school principal shared that many NGOs name I have heard which are working in Bharuch district but somehow they are not focusing to such interior villages, but Gram Vikas Trust have found Jamoli and Dholi which has changed my perception towards NGO, also the madam has motivated the parents to send their children to school regularly.

Bicycle will not a big thing for a common man, but it is changing the mind sent of them for the girls’ education, and also giving them a sense of security for their girl child.

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