Aug 9, 2018

NOWPDP starts training in Hunza

Trainees learning jewelry making in Hunza
Trainees learning jewelry making in Hunza

NOWPDP starts work in Hunza

With our mission to empower persons with disabilities going steady, training for exciting new trades has been the highlight of 2018 and our beneficiaries are thrilled at the opportunities coming their way. Some of the trainings at mainstream vocational training centers have finished and our team is connecting our trainees to relevant jobs.


Artificial Jewelry Making

In order to empower women with disabilities, we started the training of artificial jewelry in Hunza. The training is still ongoing with these women being facilitated to become more independent by acquiring techniques of artificial jewelry making, which have a major scope owing to Hunza being a tourist destination.



The new batch started with a greater number of students owing to its predecessor batch getting decent job opportunities. The trainees are now doing their on job training with their freshly acquired plumbing skill-set. We wish them good luck. Decent jobs are now anticipated with the successful trajectory of this trade and the determination of our employment team, Yaqeeen, in searching for the right avenues.


ConsulNet Training

With technology gripping every facet of our life, it has become one of the most integral tool to innovate and progress. We are thrilled at the prospect of our candidates learning IT Skills being taught in this course.


Housekeeping and Laundry

Housekeeping and Laundry which comes under Hospitality Management has continually proved to be an intriguing trade that our candidates with hearing and speech impairment opt for. This trade requires less communication and more backend work which has proved to be easier for the candidates. This trade is being taught at the very famous Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi.

While the candidates just had their graduation ceremony and are brimming with potential and enthusiasm to secure jobs in this trade, we are thrilled to announce that another batch started in June in Lahore.


Auto Body and Paint

The former batch’s success paved way to the training of this new batch and the trainers are impressed and satisfied with these new trainees. This is a trade relevant to the job market and its growth brings with it more opportunities for our candidates as individuals specializing in such skills are always sought for.


Call Center Training:

This training has not only made the candidates adept at the skills of this particular trade but also enhanced their confidence as well as their computer skills which makes this a very well rounded training. With the training now completed, the batch of eager trainees have received their certificates and our employment team Yaqeeen are in the process of searching possible avenues for them to grow in.


MS Office

This training is for persons with hearing-speech, physical and mild intellectual impairment and thus caters to a more representative pool of persons with disabilities. The training also covers Ms Word, Ms PowerPoint and Ms Excel which will certainly help the trainees in both facets of education and employment. Two batches have completed their three months training and will soon receive their certification. We wish them the very best of luck and appreciate their enthusiasm and vigor in learning!


Basic Computer Gauging

This training was in dire need for persons with visual impairment to know how to maneuver a computer when required with the help of JAWS – speech reading software. This has been especially useful for trainees who are also students and are completing their studies. The trainees have now completed their training and will receive certification soon.


Karigari (Couture Embroidery) Training:

This is a training catering to persons with physical and hearing-speech impairment which was introduced owing to the growing demand in the market. Ranging from simple embroidered clothes to embellished couture work, this can help the trainees kick-start their own businesses, get employed somewhere or work freelance, as well. This training has also completed and we are certain that the skills learned here will go a long way for these candidates.


We are thankful to you for the endless support pouring in and want you know that you have played a large role in the success of this mission. NOWPDP intends to branch out even more in other trades –both soft skill and hard skill. We request you all to continue supporting our mission to make Pakistan a more inclusive country for persons with disabilities

Jahanzeb demonstrating his plumbing skills
Jahanzeb demonstrating his plumbing skills
The Microsoft Office batch prepares for class
The Microsoft Office batch prepares for class
May 24, 2018

Interventions for the little ones...

Our trainer Waqas with his trainees
Our trainer Waqas with his trainees

Dear Supporters!

Thank you for your continued encouragement in our endeavours!

We have successfully completed vocational training for 75 children with disabilities at different special schools, 45 children with intellectual impairment and 30 children with hearing-speech impairment. 

The 10 week long training for textile design for children with hearing-speech imapirment included doodling, designing on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and colour concepts. The training also had added elements of constructing mood boards and searching for design inspiration on the internet.

Interventions for children with intellectual impairment were also explored. Children with intellectual imapirment in special schools were introduced to drawing and colour play. This improves hand-eye coordinations and fine motor movements, teaches colour concepts and allows children with intellectual impairment to express themselves through art and design. Blockprinting was also introduced for children with intellectual impairment to improve their gross motor movements and introduce colour concepts. 

Furthering our interventions for children with intellectual impairment, we partnered with Wondertree, which provides games based on augmented reality. The games work on the motor movements, hand-eye coordination, attention, learning and social interaction. It also teaches children concepts of shapes, colours and alphabets as well. The games are based on augmented reality therefore also allowing the child to develop a sense of self and the surroundings. 

We are looking forward to building on more skills to be introduced in special schools, which can help children with disabilities in their personal development and to enter into the mainstream. 

Trainee with intellectual impairment busy drawing
Trainee with intellectual impairment busy drawing
Trainees trying their hand at block print
Trainees trying their hand at block print
Jan 22, 2018

New Promise with the New Year!

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your encouragement towards our goals!

After the setback we faced due to our training laptops being stolen, we were back on track to commence the training sessions from October. Two of our partner schools began the 10 week long training process, for children with hearing impairment. We were also proud to have enrolled 80% girls in our training batch this year. Both training sessions ended in December however certificates will be awarded in January due to the winter vacations.

Moving on, we also partnered with two new schools for children with intellectual impairment, where the focus of the training was to help students to exercise control and improve fine and gross motor movements. For this purpose, the textile design training remained focused on the drawing aspects of the training, and block printing training was also added. The selection for the training was made with the help of the school based on their mental ages and skills, to be selected for either of the training.

With the start of this year, we are looking forward to bring on board more schools to train children with hearing-speech impairment and children with intellectual impairment, in various skills for textile.

We are also inviting different industry professionals to provide feedback and motivate the students to build on their talents and pursue their dreams.

In our way forward, we are looking to expand the trainings offered to allow the schools and students to select from a larger group of skills, enhancing their talents and carving out a path for their future!

Words from our beneficiaries

“Our students do not get many avenues to learn new skills, however, this training provided them with a place to enhance their skills.” Teacher for students with intellectual impairment. 

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