Jul 21, 2020

We had to Suspend due to covid-19

Status - Suspended
Objective - Awareness and sensitization workshop in fighting cancer among young women in Anambra state.
Activity dates - April to July 2020

Outputs Created: The main workshop was suspened due to the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic. We hope to continue as soon as it’s safe, and together we can kick out cancer and make the world a better place.

Key Milestone/ Deliverables: Sharing of IEC materials and continuously giving accurate information on cancer awareness. Healthy living is our biggest priority in the state and we need to give all we have because when you are misinformed you will end up causing more harm.


The state Team was able to meet to discuss on the program on how to achieve a more positive result because here in Anambra state teamwork is of essence. The state lead Mr Chisom was able to share the budget and the expected outcome of the project and we all gave in our contributions in order to make this achievable and colorful one as well.
The planning meeting was an avenue to develop our state work-plan and some action points was raised with deadline attached to it which include: Advocacy, possible mitigation activities, community involvement in the project etc.

Output: Partnership outreach was a very successful one because team work means a lot to us and everyone’s opinion is respected and it is something we value so much in the state. We also believe that nothing can be achieved without the proper planning on how to do it.

Production of IEC materials

The state team was able to produce some IEC materials which will be use for the event in order to send more messages to the participants on the benefits of the project that will be carried out as 1st of its kind in the state.
The IEC was reviewed by the doctors and the nurses to make their own contributions and their opinions before the final stage and they made some beautiful contributions and corrections to achieve greater heights in the project. Mr Chisom, the state Team Lead, made sure that team spirit is paramount in ensuring the success of the project in the state.

Output: We now have our Flyers, handbills, and our banner for the project

Challenge and Lessons learned / Solutions

We have tried as much to see a way to continue the awareness program, but the outbreak of COVID-19 has slowed this progress. Hopefully, we can move on with time, as all attention right now is on how to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

Jul 21, 2020

Teen Mental Health in the time of COVID-19

REPORT TITLE: Healthy Adolescent Development Project (HADP) Progress Report
DATE: April - June 2020.

OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSE: The purpose of the visit to ministry of education were:
1. To receive the letter of permission to introduce HADP to schools in Ibadan.
2. Have a meeting with the ministry representative on the next-steps of the program considering the close down of schools due to COVID 19 pandemic.
3. Development of new work plan upon partial reopening of schools for students in examination classes.

Healthy Adolescent Development Project (HADP) manager visited Oyo State Ministry of Education Science and Technology to receive the letter of permission to introduce the Healthy Adolescent Development Project to schools in Oyo State. The ministry approved the program and gave permission for the program to be introduced in the schools. However, the assistant director, family life and HIV education requested that we submit progress report in every phase of the project. He also stated that due to the pandemic that schools are partially re-opened for students in examination classes (SSS3 & JSS3 students).
During the meeting with the assistant director, family life and HIV education we also discussed having the training for the selected students once schools re-open fully. He mentioned that students in the examination class are quite engaged as they are trying to cover the syllables before the commencement of their exams by first week in August. He however accepted the request to organise workshop for those in examination classes across the selected schools.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: The following are the achievements so far;

1. Obtained permission from Oyo state ministry of education to execute Healthy adolescent development project across 4 schools in 3 local government areas in Ibadan, Oyo State.
2. Approval to organize workshop for students in examination classes while waiting for full reopening of schools to implement training program for selected students.

1. Visit schools to get approval from the principals
2. Organize online meeting with volunteers
3. Develop training materials for the workshop
4. Deliver the workshop

Jul 21, 2020

Project Currently on Hold Due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic ravaging the project environs in Kano state Nigeria, my project to bring Drug Awareness and teach Business Skills to 90 Kano Youth has been on hold since the end of March 2020.

Currently, I am working on modalities to carry out the project in batches of small groups based on the Kano State guidelines on not exceeding 20 persons gathering while maintaining social distancing.

I have been in talks with Paradigm Initiative - who is to partner with us by providing a venue and access to their students, to see the way forward. Our last meeting held on 18th July 2020 to enable us work on modalities towards youths selection for the project and number of days...Infact we have drafted a letter to be submitted to the Local government chairman in respect to make it 20 persons per set..

Though we resolved to make preparations after sallah break on the 30th and 31st of July which will enable us have a full house. We are still meeting on 25th July for more planning..

I will definitely give more details as they become available and I remain focused to make sure the project is executed successfully. Thank you.

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