Nov 12, 2018

Supporting Families


Team building and preparation:

During the last three months, Jafra team managed to bring and prepare all necessary materials and equipment’s for the team, hence they can reach and work in most affected areas.

 Thanks to the generous contribution by GlobalGiving and amazing individuals who have shown  big interest in helping and supporting.

 Jafra foundation in Greece has started the work by forming and training a special team consists of 15 volunteers. Most of them are young refugees who are eager and interested to work and help since the first day of the fire.

Moreover, the team was provided with all necessary materials and types of equipment for safety and productivity including masks, gloves, hamlets, safety shoes, cleaning materials, and fixing tools.


- Cleaned and fixed many houses: the team was able to travel to the fire areas and clean many houses, and fixing some basic damages. 

- Visited two fire sites and offered help for families living in the area

-  Conducted 5 training sessions and workshops: topics including (safety, how to use emergency materials, teamwork, first aid) 

-  Formed and equipped 15 volunteers with all required materials and equipment’s

-  Contacted and communicated with many local families and organizations

 Cleaning some public areas around the area

 Jafra emergency team has received a big welcome and thanks form local families and was very appreciated for its efforts and support.

 Jafra volunteers will continue their mission to help and support all families in need and will try to reach more areas and homes. This is our mission and we will continue our humanitarian work as long as we can.     





Sep 10, 2018

The Road Back to Yarmouk

Since Jafra Foundation launched its GlobalGiving project "Rebuilding Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk" three months ago, donations have paved the way for initiating programming in Yarmouk camp. Jafra staff and volunteers have stated their full dedication to rehabilitating the camp and facilitating the return of displaced Palestinians and Syrians. Given the offensive in Yarmouk caused wide-spread damage to the camp, one of the first priorities has been to conduct rubble and debris removal to reopen streets and connect neighborhoods once again.
Jafra Foundation has been liaising with local authorities and governing bodies to gain access to small sections of Yarmouk and earmarked streets within, to bring in heavy machinery to assist in clearing rubble caused by fallen buildings and other offensive-caused damage. This rubble removal in areas has allowed for families to gain safer access, locate their homes and assess the damage caused by the offensive. In addition, waste management has begun in some selected sectors of the camp, providing better sanitation for both remaining families and those who plan to return to the camp in the near future. Jafra volunteers on the ground report that families who have been permitted entry to see their homes are beginning to reimagine their lives in Yarmouk and a renewed sense of hope can be seen and felt following these small steps to rehabilitation made possible by generous GlobalGiving donations.
Additionally, Jafra Foundation is continuing to explore all channels available to advocate for the permanent return to Yarmouk for Palestinian families. Jafra Foundation’s Director, Wesam Sabaaneh, has written several articles, spoken directly to media outlets and has been working closely with other international humanitarian organizations to systematically outline steps for permanent return and rebuilding, and highlight Jafra's own capacity for reconstruction efforts required. On September 12th and 13th, Jafra Foundation welcomes new and recurring donations to our project during GlobalGiving Bonus Day, where further 'bonus' funds can be secured to continue our impactful work. We continue to thank our donors for their generous contributions and reassure individuals their donations are making a significant impact to the lives of those affected on the ground (despite the huge task ahead for everyone affected), helping to rebuild Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk camp. 
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