Sep 4, 2019

The third term begins!

We would like to thank our donors for their extremely generous donations over the past few months. The donations received have helped make a massive difference and contribution towards improving the education of several young scholars in the area. These donations help us achieve our goal of purchasing learning materials such as exercise books, writing and colouring materials, this will give the students the chance to expand their knowledge effectively and give them the chance and ability to take class notes home with them on subjects such as Math, English, Geography and Conservation to name a few.

The received GlobalGiving funds will be used to pay fees, provide stationery and uniforms for 17 kids (10girls and 7 boys) across the three schools we are working with. The students will each receive a stationery supply of 16 writing books, 8 pens, a ruler, 1 sellotape, 3 rolls of khaki cover and 3 rolls of plastic cover to last the school term. The students will receive a complete set of school uniform a dress (girls), shirt and shorts (boys), a pair of school shoes, a backpack and 2 pairs of socks each. For some of our students, it will be their first time getting a full set of uniforms at once. All the supplies will be distributed on the 10th of September when schools open for term 3.

Since it is currently school holidays, we are not able to take any photographs but we can assure you, that the pictures will arrive soon after term 3 begins.

We would like to thank our donors immensely for their generous donations and we look forward to future engagements.

Thank you from the ALERT team.

Aug 30, 2019

The expansion continues.

ALERTs Human-wildlife conflict mitigation in Matetsi ward continued as usual. Some recent figures from the team show the following livestock losses to leopard, hyena and lion, (8 cattle, 8 goats, 2 donkeys, 2 dogs and 1 pig).

Some of our lit homesteads had lions visiting them but experienced no attacks at the cattle kraals. Only one of the lit homesteads had their pig killed by lions at night. This is possible because their pigsty does not have any lights and is further away from the lit kraal. The lions also avoided using the route which goes close to the kraal hence no images were obtained from our camera trap.  3 cattle and 8 goats which are part of the above records were lost during the night in Masikili village.

The loss occurred in the section of the village where no single homestead has lights installed on any of the kraals. In terms of diversity of predators’ woodlands village seemed to have suffered the most. The village members lost one cattle to a clan of hyenas at dawn when they were being taken back to the kraal. They also lost two dogs to a leopard. The remaining 4 cattle which were recorded occurred in the rangeland during the daytime when cattle were left to free-range and were caused by lions.

So we would like to thank our donors for their support and help, the money raised recently;y in the Little by Little campaign will help ALERT expand this project. We can now fully light up another homestead and that is thanks to you, so thank you we look forward to taking this project further with you alongsie us.

Aug 19, 2019

A struggle to get going.

Due to a lower than expected level of funding the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust has not been able to provide any supplies for this project.


We hope to improve the success of our fundraising efforts in order to help the elephant of Chizarira National Park, we hope you will help us along the way. We will be pushing this project on social media over the next few months, in an attempt to bring the campaign to the attention of new donors who want to help conserve the National Parks elephant.

ALERT is aiming to considerably increase the amount of funds raised for this project. As we see the conservation of the reedbuck in Chizarira National Park as a worthwhile project, ALERT has attempted to collar elephants at Chizarira already however the attempts were unsuccessful, but the project must go on.

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