Sep 3, 2019


Report of CSA

Duration-1 April to 30 August 2019            


Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse is serious social evil in our society which affects children life negatively and for long term. ‘Sahyog care for you’ has been worked on this issuefrom long time in Delhi and other states. Through our session, we aim to make individuals aware about Child Sexual Abuse and provide them with tricks and methods to save one-self from being abused. Our sessions about this topic is extremely detailed and at the same time open which allows the children to freely share their thoughts and emotions. Most of the times, these children come up to us after the session to tell us about themselves as a victim. We try to provide them with utmost care and support.  We provide them sources, Sahyog Helpline Number, Child line Number, to inform about any such activity and help themselves.



                                              Data of CSA Session


No of Schools



No. of Children



No. of teachers



Individual Counseling



Group Counseling



Family counseling





Aug 20, 2019

Women literacy center

Sahyog care for you is working for the education of underprivileged women in the society. The organization is inspire to work for the education of women living in slums. ‘Sahyog’ aims to educate these women so that they can earn a livelihood and live a dignified life; therefore Sahyog introduced the program “Saksharta through Digitalization” in the slum areas of Alwar in Rajasthan. The main objective of this program is to provide elementary education and an opportunity to learn computers to these underprivileged women. The project offers training sessions for adult females, catering about 30 participants in each batch. During the six month program women come for classes six days a week for a duration of one and a half hour. During the classes we follow curriculum prepared by State Resource Centre (SRC) which is up to class 3rd level. After completing this six month curriculum women are able to read and write, read newspaper, fill daily routine forms like Bank deposit and withdrawal forms, railway reservation forms.

The impact opf this programe:

  • The girls/women would be enough confident to face challenges of life.
  • They would be able to sale product for their livelihood as they are self dependant.
  • They would come to know about their rights.
  • They are now awared about Sanitation & Hygiene and Menstrual Hygiene
  • They would be aware on general issues and self–confidence and ability to think critically and fostering decision-making skills in the beneficiaries.
  • They would be literate and can be able to fill various formats which are useful in day to day life i.e. bank    withdrawal slip, railway reservation form , Survey Forms etc.
  • They would be economic independent.
  • They would be unionized
Jun 3, 2019


Prevention & Preparedness on Child Sexual Abuse

At a glance

‘Sahyog’ which means cooperation, aims at working in cooperation with its stakeholders to bring about a positive change in the lives of the marginalised sections of society. It is registered as a voluntary NGO, working for uplifting the conditions underprivileged sections since 2002.  Sahyog was started with its ultimate aim of bringing smiles and happiness in the lives of the unfortunates. 

Sahyog is proactively addressing the issue of Child Sexual Abuse and working towards its abolition. It considers child protection as the prevention of or responding to the incidence of abuse, exploitation, violence and neglect of children. Sahyog’s main focus is to impart education on this issue, which aims at spreading awareness as its top priority. To achieve this, Sahyog conducts various training sessions for parents and teachers to enlighten them on the issue.

Child Sexual Abuse includes sexual activity with a minor. When a perpetrator engages with a child this way, they are committing a crime that can have lasting effects on the victim for years.


Sahyog’s journey in the past 6 year was filled with enlightenment, emancipation and heaps of learning opportunities. The CSA Awareness Program reaches out to children of the age group of 7-14 years. Sahyog is aiming to create a positive change in the lives of these children. The program focuses on educating students on how to prevent, recognize and respond responsibly to child sexual abuse. Sahyog follows an awareness based approach, wherein, its motive is to spread awareness and enlighten the various stakeholders involved, be it educating children, their parents, teachers and the like. This approach has been successful in empowering children and communities, helping them to stay active and aware leading to citizenship behaviour.


To inhibit our nation from Child Sexual Abuse


To prevent our nation’s children from the sexual abuse and raise the awareness by empowering and educating individuals, families, societies and, to collaborate with organisations to develop and prove strategies that prevent child sexual abuse.


Sahyog’s present intervention and services are based on the 4 independent strategies that goal towards providing a holistic intervention structure with regard to child sexual abuse.



Strategic Map for Sahyog



S. No.

Sub Strategy




Public & Policy Advocacy

Visibility at PAN India level




Ongoing public advocacy / education

  • Media programming
  • Community level discussion
  • Inclusion with the education system so that children are being sensitized.
  • Use designated periods e.g. Child Abuse Prevention Week; Child Rights week;





Identify a "Champion" - Prominent Public Figure to be a spokesperson against CSA.



Legislation that discourages abuse, protects children and penalizes perpetrators

Strong penalties and sanctions in legislation including tougher implementation.

  • Review of the current legislation related to children and families
  • Mandatory reporting, including parents
  • Protection Orders for the victim




Effective Administration of Justice

  • Specially trained and assigned officers in the Police Force
  • Expeditious handling of child sexual abuse cases
  • Family Court or child sensitive court proceedings
  • Video-taped evidence from child
  • Child friendly settings
  • Sex Offenders Register



Social Service Supports to victims and perpetrators

  • Clearly identified focal point for dealing with cases
  • Hot Line and other confidential sources for reporting
  • Protocol to guide interaction between all key players
  • Rehabilitative services for victims and perpetrators
  • Peer support networks
  • Foster Care services




Prevention & Intervention Services

Personal Safety Education in Schools, Institutions, and shelters homes, community workshops.




Awareness and basic skill building sessions with diverse stakeholders.




Counseling and Psychotherapeutic Services


Training & Capacity Building


School staff and students should be encouraged to take trainings.




Counseling sessions for Parents to attend sessions on Child Sexual Abuse.





Public sensitization on the provisions of the Protocol and the implications for members of the public



Research and Development


Conduct baseline research on the issue.





Development of IECs to take sessions with different stakeholders.


  • We will train the social workers with basic counselling skills and hone their skill set to help sexually abused children in order to create strong network of counsellors.
  • For effective implementation of programs focusing on prevention as well as healing, it is eminent that the organization develops its capacities as a resource and training centre.
  • The advocacy efforts will be further consolidated to promote the integration of Personal Safety Education program with school curriculum and educational system.


Sexual abuse by young people is harmful and needs active intervention if it is to stop quickly. Child protection authorities are concerned with current risk of harm to children. Keeping children safe and free from harm is what we believe in and for that we want to work for the prevention and preparedness of child sexual abuse. Every child deserves a happy childhood and we try to provide it by educating our children to fight against sexual abuse.

CSA Report 2018-2019


Sahyog Care for You

Total number of students for the preparedness session .

Students 31738

Teachers 1029

Parents 1092

Community 1027


Principal Training Sessions

 Nursery Teachers NDMC 140

North Zone Principals 105

SDMC Principals 121


TOTAL - 366


CSA Cases - 26

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