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Oct 18, 2018

Opportunity in Action

Linda, a baker who sold a few loaves of bread each day from a basket atop her head in the streets of Accra, Ghana, struggled to provide for her family. Despite the challenges, she persevered. That’s when she learned about Opportunity and invested a loan to expand her operation. Little by little, she baked more bread and reached more customers. Today, her business has grown into a thriving factory that produces thousands of loaves of bread daily, netting a steady income that allows her to not only care for her own family, but for many others as well, through the creation of sustainable jobs. Her business, her family, and their lives have been transformed—and her transformation has sparked change for so many in her community. All through a simple opportunity. An opportunity provided by supporters like you.

As of June of this year, Opportunity International was actively serving 10.6M families across 23 developing countries, like Linda in Ghana. Because of supporters like you, more than 300,000 people across Africa are building sustainable livelihoods through Opportunity loans while nearly 1.3 million families are working their way out of poverty through secure ways to save. 

Thank you for supporting inspiring entrepreneurs like Linda!


Oct 17, 2018

Education Finance in Tanzania

Because of generous supporters like you, marginalized children have bright futures filled with ample opportunity and new hope! Your support of Opportunity’s EduFinance programs around the world will continue to drive inclusive quality education for years to come. Opportunity’s approach, which blends the sustainability of Education Finance with locally-driven Education Quality services, offers a permanent solution that can be replicated to give children access to a good education in almost any developing community around the world. With your support, Opportunity has:

  • Launched operations at a second Tanzanian partner called Letshego, expanding our outreach to an active portfolio of 231 School Improvement loans and 286 School Fee loans to positively impact nearly 60,000 children.
  • Launched Opportunity’s EduFinance Quality program in Tanzania to impact more than 20,000 kids.
  • Partnered with Teach a Man to Fish and Fundación Paraguaya to launch the School Enterprise Challenge and Business Clubs to prepare children for future careers.
  • Conducted and shared research that identified how education influences girls’ pathways out of poverty in the developing world.

Today, 85 Tanzanian schools have formed into 19 Education Quality clusters. Educators self-selected into small networks of socially-focused private schools where they shared best practices, collaborated on curriculum and built standards of excellence to improve outcomes for about 21,250 kids.

By supporting Opportunity's EduFinance programs, you are creating lasting impact for students in Tanzania, and around the world. Thank you!


Oct 17, 2018

AgFinance Assistance for Coffee and Grain Farmers in Uganda

With support from generous partners like you, we are developing a replicable, rural agricultural program in Uganda that utilizes robust data and strategic partnerships to enhance our service for smallholder farmers, especially coffee and grain farmers, that we can begin to implement in additional African countries where we serve rural families. Project achievements include: Supporting coffee, grain, and oilseed farmers by profiling their farms, opening savings accounts and providing loans to expand their operations. Today, 21,600 coffee and grain farmers have been digitally profiled which helps them gain critical knowledge of the size and requirements of their land. Additionally, 13,930 farmers have opened active savings accounts, more than doubling the established 2018 goal of 6,500, and 3,600 farmers have invested Opportunity AgFinance loans to expand or improve their operations, surpassing the target to reach 3,450 by 12/31/2018.

Improving productivity by training farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Cumulatively, 21,600 farmers have been trained in Good Agricultural Practices through the program; reaching 333% of the 12/31/2018 goal of 6,500.

Increasing Digital Financial Inclusion of Rural Families by conducting group trainings in digital financial services, and providing clients with training via voice message services. All 21,600 Ugandan farmers who have been profiled have also received training in the use of digital financial services.

Rolling out the new digitized platform. We have completed the customization of the new digitized agriculture finance platform which captures data about farmers, crop supply and demand, crop inventory levels and other information that is key for working with suppliers and buyers.

Empowering and training clients via Interactive Voice Response services. We conducted research among Uganda staff and farmers to customize trainings via voice messaging on cell phones. The scope of the research was to understand which client segments respond to which types of messages. For example, client responses were segmented by age, gender, or urban vs. rural, to identify which types of messages they preferred among those tested, including chatty/informal, serious/business, long or brief. The findings are guiding the content of voice messages, identifying client knowledge gaps, determining the content that resonates most with clients, and identifying the triggers that motivate clients into action. Based on findings, Interactive Voice Response messages have been translated into three local Ugandan languages and delivered to farmers via their cell phones.

Because of your support, Opportunity can better serve rural clients on their path out of extreme poverty. Thank you!


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