Oct 22, 2020


Famine, poor water supply, cholera etc, have had no end in Uganda and many more other crises which have proven disastrous for the children. The children’s rights therefore remain the objects of pitiless assault and their existence and survival is at risk. According to “Researchgate” study on children and domestic water collection in Uganda, findings confirm that it is the role of children, their mothers or other female members of the household to collect water for domestic use.

The time spent, distances covered to fetch the water and transportation modes of water are potential hazards to the physical, emotional health of the children but not much has been done by the authorities to address this issue. In a bid to access water for domestic use, children have been denied their rights like a right to education, right to health, denied time to play since they spend most of the time collecting water. And eve they are done with water, they are too tired to play. Consumption of unsafe water also exposes children to diseases which also affects their health by making them sick and not being able to be active.

Through your support dear friends, Another Hope Children’s Ministries through the water life project, has been able to construct water tans for households/families and in return, the children in these households/families have been relieved from the burden of fetching the water especially during the rainy season. And because they have time on their hands they are able to get time back which the use to play and to get actively engaged in their Education.

If it was not for your support, children like this one below would npt have gotten such an opportunity to plan and study.

It is exhausting having the burden of fetching water three times a day. I stay with my grandmother and my other siblings in Gimbo village, Wakiso District and our family is one of the beneficiaries of the water life project. We were blessed with a water tank by Another Hope Children’s Ministries and it has weighed off the burden of fetching water from the well. Fetching water was on the list of activities we used to do every day and we needed to fetch water three times a day since we are nine people in the home, we needed much water to use. This denied us the chance to play as much as we do now when we have a tank. It reduced on the risks we used to face like being beaten at the well. I remember the days we used to come back from school and then go to the well, collect water and by the time we got home it was night and we could not even do our homework. I enjoy the time with other children in the home. The time we used to spend fetching water is grand time to us now and we spend it playing and doing our homework and reading our books. Thank you so much Another Hope Children’s Ministries for giving us back our time as children in the family.


It is so encouraging to listen to such stories that are brought about by you choosing to support the water life project. Your support is helping to bring up an adult that will not be deprived of his/her childhood and will be a better adult.  We will forever be grateful for this support.

We still need your support for this project and don’t hesitant clicking this link to support a family  by changing their lives through the water life project:   


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Oct 19, 2020

Sponsorship That brings Another Hope-October 2020

A GIFT OF THREE MEALS A DAY Over half of Uganda’s children were found to be deprived of four or more socially perceived necessities according to the Uganda National Household Survey 2016/17. Among the necessities is having three meals a day, being able to access health care among others. Many children living in the poorest areas don’t have access to three meals, especially in rural areas. Another Hope children's Ministries, we are privileged to have the children consume three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and supper) a day even in the hard times of COVId-19. There hasn’t been a single day the children went without a meal. ACHIEVEMENTS One of the children narrates. One of the resident children at Another Hope Children’s Ministries narrates how it is a privilege to have three meals a day and every day. Here she is narrating the story: I was brought to Another Hope Children’s Ministries on 13th/08/2020 after I was rescued from child labor where I was working as a house help for six months in Nansana. I was surviving on two meals and sometimes it wasn’t heavy enough to satisfy me. For this time, I had forgotten about morning tea/breakfast and all I would consume is cold water in the morning up to lunch time. From the time I was taken in by Another Hope Children’s Ministries, my life has been totally different and I am always over joyed by the breakfast meal. Good feeding plays a part in child development and it is a blessing we can feed the children because there are many children of my age and different ages on the streets and in refugee camps not knowing how they go through the day. Some end the day without anything to eat and yet there is no hope of feeding the following day hence forcing them into illegal acts. Thanks so much for helping us have the assurance of 3 meals a day. The care taker narrates. Looking after a family is not easy especially with limited income. Because of the daily demands, yet the income is less, many households don’t have a chance to consume three meals a day. Some take two while others take one depending on the type of food available and the number of dependents. It is a blessing from God to have children at Another Hope Children’s Ministries feeding on three meals a day every day and every year. This has helped keep the children’s hope a live because if food is available, then the children believe even their other needs are available or can be availed. My heart is at rest because I know food for the children I take care of is available. I thank our partners for the support towards the support for the children because it helps us to improve the quality of life for the vulnerable children.


Oct 5, 2020

skilling young women project report-October 2020

Some of the teenage mothers during the training

There are many negative effects associated with being a teenage mum, i.e dropping out of school, being sent away from their parents’ homes and community isolation which exposes them to risks of being dependents, their children lacking enough support and those who go into child marriages face the issue of domestic violence a lot.  If these teenage mums are skilled, they get the opportunity of getting into economic dependency which saves them from all those challenges they face once they become teenage mums.

Another Hope Children’s Ministries under the skilling young women project started training teenage mothers in their areas of interest which include: cookery, pastry and bakery (5), hair dressing and cosmetology (9), tailoring and fashion design (1). The training has taken place for three months and fifteen teenage mothers have been training very well in these skills. The training is aiming to empower them to be self-reliant, generate income, and reduce the child abandonment cases since the mothers have skills to generate income for survival in case the fathers refusing to fulfill their obligations.  


The fifteen teenage mothers trained for three months are in a position to implement the acquired skill and then earn out of it. Some of the teenage mothers have started making items which they sell and get money. We are so thankful to you our partners for helping to change the lives of these teenage mums and their children.



The beneficiary with her son happy about their changed life.

Beneficiary A is eighteen years old with a son whose father she doesn’t know and she has trained in cookery and bakery. The beneficiary is one child to her mother and father. She studied up to primary four and her mother couldn’t take her any further with studies due to lack of funds. She immediately got a job to work as a house helper. Here the head of the family sexually harassed her but because she never had where to stay she couldn’t tell anyone. She later came to Wakiso District at her sister’s residence and she is transformed by the love and care at AHCM through teenage mothers’ programs right from teenage mums Christmas party that AHCM organized for them. Through the period of training, many things concerning life have come across which have helped me change my mindset says beneficiary A. I thought all I needed is a man but now I know I can work for myself and my son. I make cakes and half cakes all these I sell and get some little money for personal use. ‘I am looking forward to raising capital for personal business and look after my son. On behalf of the teenage mothers, thank you so much for the training.


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