Jan 13, 2020

Getting A Jump Start on the New Year!

Another school year has ended, and January 6, 2020 saw the beginning of the new school year!

Several of our students graduated from Secondary School and now will either look for work or continue their education at either a college or polytechnic school.

For those students who continue with their studies in Secondary School, several attended the weekly tutoring sessions taking place at the Olalo of Hope-Kenya Office several days a week throughout December.

It was a great time to receive one-on-one help with specific questions, subjects and issues they struggle with.  Individual attention helps with their studies and potentially raises their grades.  It was also a great time to interact with other Olalo students and local teachers from several Secondary Schools in the area.

We strive to have every sponsored student be successful with their education opportunities. The initiative of these students to come to tutoring sessions during their December break from school shows their resolve to make the most of their education and to be successful.

Thank You for participating in making education available to these kids.  Without your generous support, they wouldn’t continue with their studies past the 8th grade.  You are helping them make a better future for themselves, their families and the community.

Thank you!

Merry Broughal
Olalo of Hope-Kenya

Jan 13, 2020

Update on Felix...Chemo Almost Done!

It’s been several months since we have reported back to you with an update on Felix, the 19-year-old young man who had his leg amputated when it was found he had an aggressive bone cancer growing just below his knee.

Thanks to your generous support to Olalo’s Urgent Medical Fund, Felix is just finishing his sixth chemo session.

While he has made a great adjustment to using crutches to get around, the constant wearing and pressure of them under his arms is giving him soreness and pain, but he carries on!

The chemo treatment side effects have not been kind to Felix either, but he continues to travel hours away from home to receive them.

The journey to the hospital is a challenge.  Felix and his mum travel to and from the hospital in hot and overcrowded matatu’s….vans that travel from city to city; public transportation.  It’s a difficult trip in the best of circumstances, but when feeling miserable and weak from the chemo treatments, the travel is so much worse.

Felix has a strong resolve to make it through and live, so he continues to push himself to get to his treatments.

We are so thankful that through many CT scans and other tests, it appears the cancer was totally removed when he went through surgery, and now insuring it doesn't appear elsewhere with the life-saving chemo sessions.

We thank you, and Felix thanks you for your continued support to the Urgent Medical project that is helping so much with the costs on this road to his recovery.

We are hopeful our next report is one of announcing Felix is completely, totally cancer-free! 

Thank You for hanging with us as together we support his journey to recovery!

Merry Broughal
Olalo of Hope-Kenya

Oct 21, 2019

Deadly Mosquitos

Treating people for malaria is so commonplace these days throughout Kenya, we often tend to forget how deadly this diagnosis can be.

Thanks to you, supporters of Olalo of Hope’s urgent medical program, we have the funds available to cover the cost of testing for the disease as well as the antibiotics needed for treatment. The cost for this at local hospitals ranges from $20-$30.

People unable to get tested and treated because of a lack of funds, can experience serious consequences, including death. Testing and treatment are imperative!

The area in Kenya where Olalo of Hope serves is a high-risk area for malaria-carrying mosquitos. Thanks to you, our generous donors, many residents, from babies to older adults, have been tested and treated over the years.

In other areas throughout Kenya, there is a shortage of the medication needed to treat malaria.  The article included with this report talks of the death of a young student and fears of additional fatalities due to this shortage and an increase in mosquitos carrying this disease.

 The area in which we serve has not been affected by the lack of medication and we continue, with your support, to see testing and treatment done locally for those in need. 

Thank you for your gracious support. 
Thank you for saving lives!

Merry Broughal
Olalo of Hope-Kenya


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