Feb 2, 2018

A quick update about our anti-trafficking partner

Women at SKHM become entrepreneurs
Women at SKHM become entrepreneurs
Thank you again for your donation to Global Fund for Children’s anti-trafficking project! You’re directly helping trafficked survivors and their children in Kolkata and Kathmandu to get education, therapy, and other skill-building support, through our local partners South Kolkata Hamari Muskan(SKHM) and Center for Awareness Promotion(CAP).
SKHM is transforming the trafficked girl’s world from violence and exploitation into one of independence and entrepreneurship. SKHM girls and women go through rehabilitation and reintegration that is enhanced with life-skills training.

One of SKHM’s newest initiatives, called Muskan’s Mukhorochois, is a special food business venture that instills practical knowledge, plus, the indispensable benefit of self-confidence and belief in the woman’s own brighter future.

The women behind the kiosk in the first photo are selling their own samosas and chai tea through Muskan’s Mukhorochok.

In addition to helping women survivors, SKHM and CAP recognize that children of survivors have been severely traumatized, too, so they adapt events and activities that provide lighter moments for younger ones. It’s an opportunity to just be kids.

SKHM holds an annual “Exhibition for Tiny Tots” art show for children of SKHM moms, ages 3 to 6. The little artists are always thrilled to display (and show off!) their artworks. SKHM sent the photos below of their recent show.

Many thanks again for your generosity and for being with us to make sure all children, like those served by SKHM and CAP, are safe, strong, and valued.
We’ll keep you informed about progress of this project. And if you have any comments or questions, contact me at tmokrzycki@globalfundforchildren.org. 
Little artists show off their handiwork
Little artists show off their handiwork
Creativity and enjoyment at SKHM
Creativity and enjoyment at SKHM
Apr 26, 2016

A Year of Recovery for Nepal's Children

The Global Fund for Children
The Global Fund for Children

Dear Friends,

A year ago today, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. It killed thousands of people; destroyed homes, roads, and schools; and devastated entire communities.

That day marked the beginning of a long road to recovery. At The Global Fund for Children, we’re proud of our grassroots partners in Nepal—and our own community of supporters—who have been there every step of the way. Our local partners’ response was immediate.

In those first days and weeks after the earthquakes, they provided shelter, food, clean water, blankets, medication, and healthcare to children and families who were hurt or displaced. And thanks to dedicated donors like you, GFC stepped in swiftly with additional emergency support that bolstered their efforts.

As the year went on, these grassroots organizations persevered at what they do best: providing critical programs to vulnerable children, and adapting their services to meet the children’s needs.

Now, the focus is on recovery and ongoing support. Long-term plans will build on the past year’s successes—strengthening earthquake-affected communities and helping children to heal from trauma and thrive.

You can read more about GFC partners’ earthquake response in this report.

In just a few weeks, GFC will convene a strategic workshop in Kathmandu, bringing together 15 grassroots partners from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia that have experienced natural disasters or are located in high-risk areas. During this three-day conference, our grassroots partners will share their lessons learned from the recovery efforts, hear from experts in the field of disaster recovery, and begin the process of longer-term recovery planning. We’ll also provide resources to help them strengthen their operations, boost resource development, and increase their organizational capacity.

Whether helping to rebuild schools, supporting children who have lost their parents, or protecting children from traffickers, these local organizations have shown remarkable strength and resilience in the past year. And with your continued help, we will stand with our partners in the years to come, to ensure that Nepal’s next generation is safe and thriving.

As always, thank you for your support.

Warm regards,

Susan Goodell -- CEO, The Global Fund for Children


Dec 17, 2015

Goal Reached-- Thank you for your support!

Grassroots partner leads stress relief exercise
Grassroots partner leads stress relief exercise

The Global Fund for Children would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the project "Disaster Relief for Nepal's Vulnerable Children." We are proud to announce that thanks to your support, we have now reached our goal of $6,000! Below is a glimpse into what our grassroots partners have been working on since our last report, as well as information on how they will be helping their communities moving forward:

The Global Fund for Children was founded on a commitment to support local solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing children by partnering with grassroots organizations around the world. As pillars of their communities, our grassroots partners in Nepal have stepped up to help their neighbors recover in the aftermath of April’s earthquakes. Over the past several months, they have readily adapted to their communities’ changing and growing needs by expanding their current programs and coordinating additional support. Now that many of the initial relief efforts have come to a close, our partners are helping their communities rebuild and overcome the long-term challenges brought on by the earthquakes. 

The earthquakes caused severe structural damage to schools across the region, and many of the children that our Nepalese grassroots partners serve have had inadequate access to educational services since April. To keep their students safe, many damaged schools have been forced to conduct classes elsewhere, meeting in low-resource, temporary learning centers that are often crowded and noisy. In order to address this problem, our grassroots partner Partnership for Sustainable Development (PSD) Nepal has begun supporting the reconstruction of six rural schools that were damaged by the earthquakes. In the coming months, PSD Nepal hopes to begin construction on another four schools that the organization has identified as being in need of its services. 

Additionally, our grassroots partners continue to address the health and safety issues of the children they serve through a number of different workshops. Our partner Gentle Heart Foundation has begun offering health and hygiene awareness classes to help earthquake survivors maintain cleanliness with limited resources. In the coming months, Gentle Heart Foundation plans to compile and distribute kits for people in the Chitwan district in order to provide them with basic health and hygiene supplies. PSD Nepal is currently offering workshops to children to help them understand how their bodies respond to stress, and to provide them with coping skills to deal with the emotional trauma they have experienced. 

In the coming year, The Global Fund for Children will invite its Nepalese and other South Asian grassroots partners to participate in a regional GFC Knowledge Exchange—a multi-day workshop during which GFC grassroots partners gather to learn from their peers and from experts in community and international development.  This Knowledge Exchange will focus on the issues of rehabilitation and social reintegration of vulnerable children. Grassroots partners will share lessons learned from their recovery efforts, learn from experts in the field of disaster recovery, and begin the process of long-term planning to help create more resilient communities.

Grassroots partner conducting therapy session
Grassroots partner conducting therapy session
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