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May 14, 2019

Engaging new council members

Earlier this spring, GFC hosted an event introducing our Youth Leadership Council to around 30 young individuals interested in getting involved and learning more.

Committed to raising the voices of young people around the world, we were happy to talk about the opportunities to expand the Council involving new amazing members representing new geographic remits and other diversities.

The Chair of Youth Leadership Council, Mete spoke about how the Youth Leadership Council was created and how its members envision the role of the Council as an advisory body informing GFC’s strategy and helping GFC adopt a more youth-centered approach. During the first half of the meeting young people, who joined the event in DC and online, had the chance to ask insightful questions to find out more about the Council and what it means to be involved.

"What I envision for the Youth Leadership Council is a network of young, inspiring people from across the world – who are making changes to the world on a daily basis. Youth coming together around this shared ambition of the goals and values set by Global Fund for Children," explained Mete.

The second half of the event invited participants to share their thoughts and ideas to the Council. One of the main suggestions, to have clearly defined criteria and recruitment process in place for potential members, was driven by an increased interest to join the Council.

Going forward with the process of engaging new partners, the Council members are leading internal conversations on officially defining the role and purpose of the Youth Leadership Council, as well as the criteria for the new members.

It is our hope that the call for applications to join the Council will be open in mid-June – please get in touch to know more if you are interested in joining.

We welcomed guests in person, and online
We welcomed guests in person, and online
Feb 13, 2019

GFC Host's Youth Leadership Council Webinar

Our webinar in action!
Our webinar in action!

On February 12th, GFC hosted a webinar introducing our founding members of the new youth leadership council. Antonina, Mete, Nasra and Sasha all shared their views on a range of subjects from the importance in investing in children and youth to the vital role funders like GFC make to their organisations.

Over 30 GFC supporters tuned in for the webinar and posted some brilliant questions for our four members. Ranging from balancing youth leadership whilst gaining wisdom and experience from older generations, to how the youth leadership council is going to work within GFC going forward to volunteering to join the council!

During the webinar, council member and activist Nasra spoke about how, no matter how many times young people are pushed back, they come back - bigger and stronger than ever. "As a young person, you have to find that inner strength - I think that's why we push all the time - we have to be strong in these kind of situations where people are always trying to silence you," she added.

Our audience engaged fully in the presentation and offered some words of wisdom throughout, which was gratefully received by us all here at GFC.

Reflecting on how the webinar went, Mete shared: "Yesterday's call reaffirmed why I joined the GFC youth leadership council, which was to connect with social innovators from across the globe, passionate about making changes to their own communities."

Sasha was also very happy after the call: "I was super pumped after the session yesterday because it gave me a chance to both remind myself why I decided to join the council, as well as learn a little bit more about my colleagues. I can't wait to start working with a bunch of extremely talented and experienced individuals. I feel like I'm learning so much for my own development, and the future."

We will be sharing a recording of the webinar in due course - please get in touch with GFC should you wish to get a copy. We would also love to hear from young people if you are interested in joining our council.  

Jan 8, 2019

Final report

Guatemala’s catastrophic eruption of the Volcan de Fuego in July of 2018 left an approximately 165 people dead and thousands of others homeless. The aftermath of this natural disaster affected more than 1.7 million people in three communities: El Rodeo, Acatenango, and Escuintla.

Today, hundreds of people in these three communities continue to lack basic goods and services, especially low-income and economically vulnerable households. In addition, many survivors suffer from psychological and emotional repercussions as a result from their own experiences and the loss of their loved ones.

As our supporters will know, in the wake of this tragedy, Global Giving sent funds to a civil society organization (CSO) in Guatemala that was actively working to not only provide basic goods, such as food, water, and shelter, but also psychosocial counseling for survivors. The Asociacion Generando Equidad, Liderazgo, y Oportunidades, commonly known as ASOGEN, had years of experience providing gender equity training in the community of El Rodeo, but sought to expand its services when calamity struck the lives of thousands and thousands of Guatemalans.

In the last few months, ASOGEN has opened a new facility that serves distinct functions and roles for the CSO. Thanks to kind contributions of Global Giving and the help of volunteers, ASOGEN uses this space to assemble baskets of food, medicine, and hygiene supplies. Once the baskets are ready, groups of ASOGEN staff and volunteers distribute them to the calamity-affected households.

In addition, ASOGEN utilizes this new facility to host grief counseling and life skills sessions aimed for survivors to not only cope with their grief, but also—and more importantly—to envision a better future and design a concrete plan to accomplish their goals. One adolescent girl, recently said, “I am so thankful and grateful for these sessions, which have helped think of other things than the tragedy I experienced.”

Another young boy said, “I did not know how traumatized I was by the incident. When the volcano exploded, I was working outside of my community and there was a period of time that I could not contact my family. For a moment, I really thought they had all passed away. When I was finally able to get home, I was overjoyed to learn they were all alive and safe. In the first grief session, I realized that one moment where I thought I had lost my family continues to be a source of anxiety and depression.”

Overall, ASOGEN has provided more than 170 male and female youth with seven psychosocial counselling sessions and hosted three community-wide workshops.

With additional funding in November 2018 from Global Giving, ASOGEN launched a project with the objective to provide seed capital, business classes, high school scholarships, and vocational courses to further enable participants to have a positive future following this disaster. A monitoring and evaluation plan was also designed to track participant’s success with the project.

ASOGEN are very grateful for the continued support and investment from Global Giving.

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