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Jun 19, 2018

Involving the men in the campaign

Teaching boundaries to Factory workers
Teaching boundaries to Factory workers

We are starting a new era in the Eve of the Factory project involving the men in the training.

At the Cook Door fast-food factory, we trained 30 factory men and 30 factory women with the anti-sexual abuse training.

It was amazing to see how men did not know anything about boundaries, yet when we played with them the boundaries games during the workshop, they had stronger boundaries than the women, shouting STOP at a further distance than women.

The women really appreciated the fact that men were involved.

"I will feel safer now, knowing that men went through the same training like us". said one factory girl worker.

Since this training is not common in Egypt, we are extending this training and tweaking it to become a training for the workplace in general and not only for factory workers.

We have approached two banks and are waiting for their reply to perform the training in their bank for employees.

Dr. Laila Risgallah Wahba, Founder, and President of Not Guilty, is in the process of rewriting the curriculum to fit a different audience but with the same topics.

Dr. Laila Risgallah Wahba is also launching her new book, What Happens After #MeToo on August 1 to reach a broader platform with anti-sexual abuse awareness.

Our vision is to reach at least 2 more factories and three banks by the end of the year.

The challenges we face is the stigma that if they agree to do the training it means that they have cases. Part of our message is forewarned is forearmed. The organizations do not need to have cases, but it is much better to have the training in place to set the culture of the workplace as a safe environment.

Men learning about anger and how to manage it
Men learning about anger and how to manage it


Apr 10, 2018

Little Steps make a Big Change

Teaching kids about boundaries at an early age
Teaching kids about boundaries at an early age

Mother's Day in Egypt is on March 21st. This year Not Guilty celebrated with a mother and child training about how to keep your children safe and how to teach them boundaries.
Each child drew his/ her mother and wrote a word for their mum. It was very emotional.
The mums and kids got to play bonding games.
There were 60 mums (and a few dads as well) and 80 kids.
At the end of that fun day, parents had a lot of comments: This is the first time I realize I can play with my kids and have fun; we usually sit while they play. Another father said I loved what they wrote about their mother: princess. One of the mothers proclaimed, thank you for reminding us that we can have fun with our kids.
This school year has been very stressful because of the political situation in Egypt: with the elections schools needed to finish their curriculum and exams one month early which put a lot of stress on the parents. Many were obliged to give private tutoring to help their children complete their schooling at such short notice.
Not Guilty will be performing sessions in nurseries and government orphanages. 
To make this possible, a little will go a long way. Plan on donating a $10 recurring donation. Recurring donations help us plan for training in slum areas where the need for anti-sexual abuse training is enormous. We plan to train 600 kids and 200 parents from May until the end of September.
Help us make your dream come true.


Mar 22, 2018

Men are crucial in our battle against sexual abuse

Boundaries are good
Boundaries are good

"I did not know how to put boundaries until today". These were words uttered by Samya who was one of the attendants of our training at the Cook Door factory. The Cook Door factory is a food factory with many sandwaich shops across Cairo.

This project is a partnership between Not Guilty and  Save the Children. There were 30 workers present. The training took place in February 2018.

 Since we decided to involve men in the safety in the workplace trainings, things have become so interesting. Teaching boundaries to men is actually an eye opener. Many men feel suffocated, one of them even screamed STOP IT RIGHT NOW, when he felt the group getting too close to him in one of the games.

Yet, Cook Door owners were wary about letting Not Guilty team train about harassment in the work place. They did not know what to expect since this training is quite new in Egypt.

So they decided to try us out once, then, if they like the training to go ahead and do the full five days.

SO, we decided to do the sessions on boundries. two sessions for men, and two for women.

It was amazing how men and women react differently: men were actually more annoyed when someone intruded into their private space delineated by a hoolah hoop. It is only then that they realized how annoying it is to women to have their boundaries broken.

"We never understood", commented Ahmed, one of the factory workers. "We always thought it was fun, adding some excitment to the dreary and long work days. But, I decided to stop now that I exeprienced that feeling of suffocation and annoyment".

One of the games we play during the workshop are the circles of boundaries, where they would put acquaintances in the outer circle, and get closer and closer till they reach the inner circle of the family and the spouse. Many had mixed up boundaries, putting people who should be in the outer circle in a circle closer to the family. They realsed that boundaries are good and they make healthy realtionships.

"Today, I learned I can put boundaries, even if the other party does not like it. My body belongs to me, and I get to decide what boundaries I need to have. I feel so empowered. Thank you Not Guilty".

Did Cook Door decide to take the rest of the training? Yes. Now, we are preparing for a training in August to the whole factory team.

We want to reach at least 15 factories in 2018.


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