Apr 5, 2016

Inauguration of a new space for the care of families and children at risk

It is an honor to inform you of the inauguration of a new space for family support. It is a safe and friendly place that allows us to provide educational-therapeutic support to mothers, parents and/or caregivers, as well as children and adolescents aged 8 to 17 who face various risk situations, such as dropping out of school, use or abuse of psychoactive substances, lack of attention and care, lack of cultural, sporting and recreational alternatives while living in violent environments.

The inauguration of this type of area allows Pro Ninos to have the settings to provide personalized attention to each family - according to their particular needs and characteristics - through group and individual sessions and supplement the periodic visits done in their homes.

The new space in the Family Care Program is comprised of four conference rooms that allow us to work simultaneously with members of the families; while in another room mothers take a reflective workshop and a Game Room where younger children have a safe place to play.

One of the strategies of the Family Care Program is precisely to use playing as a way for children to interact with each other and discover the world in an environment of trust, while facilitating bonding with their parents or caregivers. Playing also allows us to understand how family members relate to each other and recognize which behaviors or patterns of behavior need to be worked on.

In this space ProNinos also holds different workshops once a month with playful and reflective dynamics, where families are actively involved, relating to each other, sharing their experiences and forming a support network that encourages safe environments for children.

We are currently working with 50 young boys, girls and adolescents - as well as with 26 fathers, mothers and caregivers of 20 families, facilitating alternatives to enable them to exercise their rights, improve their living conditions and offer a better future for their children, one where living on the street would not be a risk or an option for them.


Jan 8, 2016

See the results we achieved in 2015!

Through the Family Care Program, we work with families of limited economic resources who have children (between 8 to 17 years old) at risk of living in the streets. All the family members are part of an educational-therapeutic process, which promotes their empowerment and helps them use their strengths to recognize and overcome their problems. 

These are the results of the Program thanks to your support.                                                                                                                                                                    

From January to December 2015:

34 families were part of the Program;

84 children (ages 3 to 18), as well as

59 men and women benefitted from the Program;

 We reached a total of 143 persons.


Specialized Attention

143 children and adults received specialized educational-therapeutic care.

7children (ages 8 to 17) received psychological and psychiatric care, and addiction treatment.

7 children (ages 8 to 17) were given scholarships to return to school.

We held 11 workshops on:

  •  Developing Life Skills
  •  Developing Nurturing Skills
  •  Violence Prevention

 Recreation and Social Interaction Events

We held recreation and social interaction events where all the members of these families were involved.

With your support we can continue to help create the conditions for more families to be able to exercise their rights and to help both parents and children to develop the skills to build a dignified life together.


Oct 5, 2015

Sandra and her family

The Foundation Pro Niños de la Calle, through its Family Care Program is currently working with 21 families who have children at risk of living on the streets, giving support to parents and caregivers in developing skills to solve their own problems, get closer to their children and offer them better living conditions. In this Program the Foundation also offers comprehensive care for children so they can handle those situations that put them at risk of living on the streets.

In this article, Pro Niños wants to share the story of Sandra and her family, as told by her. In order to protect her identity, all the names mentioned here are fictitious.


My name is Sandra and I am 34 years old. I enjoy cooking and as a matter of fact, I recently set up a food stand. I would also like to finish my studies, because I only completed primary school, but I want to improve myself and learn more.

I have three children; the oldest, Javier, is 10 years old. It has taken me a lot of work to handle his learning, because of what he has in his little head, in his neurons. It is hard for me to teach him, but I don’t give up, I keep insisting. My other child is Fernando, he is seven years old. He is affectionate and very attentive to his siblings. Ceci the youngest is three years old; she is always talking and talking. The three of them are very special to me.

I decided to approach Pro Niños, first because of my three brothers, the Foundation had supported two of them, who were living on the street and on drugs, but then later my brothers no longer wanted help from them; so the Foundation began working with my son Javier. I was afraid for him, because he always asks me why my brothers sleep on the street. When I reprimand Javier for something, he tells me that he no longer wants to live at home, that he’s going to live in the streets. I then try and explain to him that the street is not a place for anyone, although it is very difficult for me to find the right words for him to understand.

When I was young, it was very difficult to see that my brothers were living on the street because my father took them with him; I was the only one who got away from the situation because I went to live with my grandmother. When my father died, I tried to take care of my brothers, but I couldn’t. This is still painful for me, and I don’t want my child to get into the same situation.

Estelita, who is an educator at Pro Niños, works with me and my children to learn how to stay close and work as a family. I’ve learned to talk with my children and to understand how they feel.

With the support of Pro Niños we’ve had many changes. My son Javier has greatly improved at school thanks to the special attention that he has had from the psychologist and with the help of medication. The foundation also granted him a scholarship and with this he has become more self-sufficient.

 What I want now is to learn more and to know how I can get ahead and move forward with my family. Not everyone is born knowing how to be parents; you have to grow along with your children.


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