Dec 9, 2020

Maria is better thanks to You!

In January 2020, there was an explosion due to a gas leak from a tanker located in Villa El Salvador in Peru, just 11 survived. Unfortunately, they arrived at ANIQUEM in a critical mental and physical state as many of them lost direct relatives. 

One of the survivors is called María. She is an optimistic woman eager to overcome the past and move on with her life. María is also known for being a perseverant worker, she used to wake up every morning to her orange juice stand located on the corner of her house and dedicate all morning to sell juice to her neighbors. Unfortunately, due to the accident, she has been forced to paralyze her working activities. She has two daughters and three lovely nieces, one of her daughters is named María (after her), she is the one who lives with her mother and takes care of her with love and dedication. Since the accident, María remained hospitalized for three months due to the severe burns on 35% of her body, needing grafts and intense rehabilitation to recover the lost movements. 

Nine months have passed since the accident and María remembers the day it happened as it was yesterday.  She is confident that someday all that occurred will stay behind considering that new opportunities are waiting ahead for her. María still cannot walk to her fullest, however, she has started to slowly move and to climb stairs carefully. Moreover, we can see how she has started to relax and entertain herself by braiding her hair (like she loves to) and knitting scarves. We are certain that she is going to carry on successfully and soon she will be returning to her orange juice stand as she desires to. For that to take place we are aware that she still has a long way to go, except she will never be alone, she counts on the support of kind-hearted people.

María is one of the cases of the Villa Salvador explosion and the ANIQUEM team is really happy with the results, that is why we are forever grateful for your valuable contribution. 

Please take care and all the best.

With gratitude,

The whole ANIQUEM team

Sep 4, 2020

Our patients want to say Gracias - Thank you!

Dear Donor,

We hope that you are in very good health, which is the most important thing in this time of pandemic. Our work cannot stop because burn scars need to be constantly supervised.

We want to thank you for your support to finance the rehabilitation of 7 burned children in Peru. Our team, kids and all their families are thankful with you, for your generosity and support. Without your help we couldn’t have come this far.

This time we want to tell you that most of the patients have been completely rehabilitated. However, patients should be observed until the age 18 because they could present change in their behaviors typical of age. All of us can see their improvements in every check up; and see them running and jumping around our center hallways lights up our day. No more tears, they are truly happier. 

They will continue to come to ANIQUEM to be evaluated periodically and we want to tell you that your valuable support has helped them to receive physical and occupational therapies, pressure garments, delivery of creams, splints and emotional support for them and their families. They have a normal life, playing, studying and enjoying their childhood.

Today we don’t have enough words to tell you how happy we are. Your contribution has changed these little angels and moms live, thank you so much for all your support.

In addition, in January of this year, there was an explosion in the south of Lima where 39 people died and only 11 survived. They arrived at ANIQUEM in a terrible physical and mental condition and we are taking full care of them.

Read more in the link below, for five days straight (Sept. 14-18), GlobalGiving online donations up to $50 will be matched at 50%!!  Don´t miss this opportunity: This way we will be able to improve the life quality of this survivors substantially and give them a new future!

We send you our best wishes and we’re really blessed to count on you!!!

Please take care!

The whole team of ANIQUEM


Aug 6, 2020

See how your donation is helping to Anita

Anita loves her red hat
Anita loves her red hat

Dear Donors,

Thank you so much for your support to finance the rehabilitation of 7 burned children in Peru. One of the children you are supporting is Anita, who is going to tell her story herself (we translated it in English for you though):

Hello, my name is Ana and I am 7 years old. 4 years ago, I was playing in the kitchen and I wanted to see what was on top of the kitchen, so I opened the oven door and hot water fell on my chin and chest, it hurts a lot.  I went to the hospital and I was hospitalized for 2 months Then when I got out of the hospital they took me to Aniquem, there I received my therapies and I met other children who were also burned like me. Now I feel much better but I no longer go into the kitchen to play, I just play with my little brother in another room. When I grow up I would like to be like the doctors to help more children like me. 

Anita is a sweet girl, a bit naughty but very smart, her mother thinks that when she grows up she will be a great doctor and so will we. She now attends school like other children online and is very outgoing, but she is still scared , so she receives psychological therapies and is improving little by little, the work we have done has paid off and we are very proud to see Anita so happy and well.

Thank you again so much for helping Anita and many other children with severe burns in Peru! 

If you have any questions concerning our work or if you would like to visit our rehabilitation center to see our work yourself, just let us know!

We send you our best wishes and hope you have a great day! 

The whole team of ANIQUEM

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