Sep 16, 2019


children are the victims of drug abuse
children are the victims of drug abuse

As with many other countries, drugs are a big problem here in the Philippines and it affects the whole family of those involved in taking or dealing drugs. It destroys marriages and children are left neglected or even abandoned as their parents are more concerned with their addiction to illicit drugs.

Despite the blunt and at times deadly attempts by the government to stamp out the drug trade, it remains a major problem in all areas of the country; from small towns to major urban cities. 

Angel House has seen at first hand the tragic effects on families that have been involved with drugs and several of our children have parents that are in jail on drug related charges. The legal system moves slowly and it may take a year before their case even comes to trial, very few have the money needed to post bail. We provide the love, care and protection that their children desperately need at this difficult time; they are the innocent victims of this terrible vice.

Your donations through Global Giving enables Angel House to provide a safe haven for these young children affected by drugs and the resources to send them to school and hopefully rebuild their shattered lives.


Mar 25, 2019


The Foundling
The Foundling

She is just so little, her tiny face pure innocence.

Her big brown eyes search my face suspiciously.

And for just a moment, her eyes hold mine.

I dare not blink, for fear of losing this moment.

Carefully, gently, I touch her hand.

I can protect you, I whisper.

I can love you.

And the silence deafens us both.

Her fingers gently curl around mine.

And we sit like statues.

Our breathing synchronizes and I feel her relax

Ever so slightly.

Will you come with me? I whisper.

Eye contact, again and a nod of her head,

How brave you are little one,

To trust me.

She is what we call a ‘Foundling’.

These are children who are simply found.

On a street corner, outside a church, in the market, wandering…

with no identity.

Some have run away from an abusive home,

Some of them get lost in the swirling chaos of the streets.

Some are left intentionally for someone else to claim them.

Some are orphaned and find themselves all alone with no-where to go.

No one really knows their age. No one knows their birthday.

Sometimes, they don’t even know their own name.
They have no rights. No birth certificates, no homes, no family, no one to hold them, no one to protect them, no one to love them.

And no one to advocate for them.

We have given a name to many of these children; a name they can call their own.

We have loved them until a family has come forward willing to adopt them and be their family.

We are passionate about the ‘foundling’.

Because we believe that God sees them.

God knows who they are, where they came from and what their future will be.

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