Jul 6, 2015

Thank you for your precious support

Dear Donors,

We are very pleased to inform you that thanks to your generous donations we have been able to collect enough funds to allow us to start our winterisation support in Badakhshan.

We will start the activities right after the summer in order to be well prepared and provide in time the affected families with means of heating to face the coming winter. These families have lost their homes and are still living in empty school buildings, unfinished buildings or just in tents.

Thanks to your precious contributions we could equip these populations to face the next winter season and reduce their vulnerability to extreme winter conditions in the mountains of Pamir.

We trust that families in need will be equipped with heaters and will be able to take full advantage of your generosity. 

In the mean time we are still collecting additional funds as this would allow us to increase our support.

In the coming months we will keep you informed on the distribution of Bukharis (traditional heating means in Afghanistan) in Badakhshan and we will give you a detailed description of the project's impact.

We thank you most sincerely for your support and we hope to maintain our partnership active.

Fanny Naville on behalf of the entire BDN Global team

Apr 13, 2015

First day of school - March 2015

The new schooling year in Afghanistan starts on 22 March, following the start of Afghanistan's second day of calendar year (2nd Hamal that coin sides with 21 March). On the first day of the schooling year all activities were focused on demonstrating gratification and the functions of the school teachers.

The gathering of the students on the day when they return after the winter vacations was accompanied by a sign language speech of the director – welcoming the returning students as well as new-comers.

All students came together as a big loving family. With hard work our team continue their support and encouragement to the school teachers, the students and their families. The philosophy of establishing and continuing these teaching efforts entail the ethics of gathering together the kids and youth who suffer not only from social, cultural and economic problems, but also from the isolation they face from the surrounding world.  Others can express their feelings by words – but these kids have no words except for the sign language they use to communicate.

Their smiley faces and joy visible from their eyes, say a lot about their happiness to be able to go out of their house which is not only for the purpose of learning communication means – but also is the only way they can have fun and enjoyment with other kids suffering from similar problems. Afghanistan yet does not have many facilities i.e. playgrounds, libraries accessible to young readers with interesting story books, movie places to enjoy cartoons and children’s' movies, where kids could pass time.

The environment of the school - recognising the needs of the deaf, blind and mentally disordered kids - brings together various methodological concepts that are used during the lessons and communications. 

Our plans for this year entail to continue supporting these kids with provision of basic educational material, classes to mobilise and train new teachers in sign language, specific trainings for 12-15 year olds on various income generating skills and many more.

We look forward to your further support to this school which would mean a lot to each kid involved in learning sign language and communication skills, through which they can have a better future. Please be sure that your gifts and support are used entirely towards the benefits for these kids.

With best regards,

Apr 10, 2015

We continue our efforts

Dear Donors,

First of all we would like to thank you very much for your generous donations.

We have been pursuing our efforts in order to support the landslide victims in Badakhshan. We have submitted this emergency appeal to other donors such as city councils in the Geneva area, where our headquarter is based, and that had already supported us for projects in that area of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately we have not yet collected enough fund to be able to launch the project activities. Indeed most of the donors required more time to process our request. In consequence we have not been able to implement the activities as planned. 

Therefore we plan to use the raised funds for the next winter. We will then keep you updated on the activities after the summer as we will be able to plan them with much more anticipation.

We have faith that the families in need in Badakhshan will be provided the means to fight next winter and will be able to fully benefit of your generosity. 

We are convinced that your generosity will help us achieve our goals in the future.

Meanwhile, we thank you for your loyality and hope to keep our partnership alive!

With sincere regards

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