Dec 18, 2015

The schooling year ends

Water source in the corner of the school compound
Water source in the corner of the school compound

Dear Friends and Supporters,

With this note I am informing you about the change of the name for our organisation. Previously known as Bakhtar Development Network Global, we have changed to Action for Development. This change was supported by our board and members for better visibility and organisational development. I invite you to kindly “like” and “connect” to our facebook, and tweeter accounts, as well as our new website:


The year 2015 was a busy period for our school of disabled children in Kabul. The schooling year in Afghanistan – which was started in March - is ending, and thus the students of the school are busy with final exams.

The students have studied hard during the year in order to be able to be upgraded to the next level. Having the support and numerous donations from kind hearted friends as you, we were able to sustain provision of lunch for the school students throughout the year, on daily basis, as well as additional support with stationary and school supplies.

During this year we focused on strengthening our curriculum and training aspects for the students. During the year, three trainings were conducted for the teachers, with specific focus on psychological aspect of disabled children, and orienting them about pedagogical techniques of approaching a disabled child.

Our community volunteers have paved a way to further integrating the disabled children into the society. Recently, our students were encouraged to participate in social gatherings, and were given a right of being privileged while travelling within the city. They were provided – special – priority disability cards, with which they could be exempted from paying fees while using the city transport and governmental airlines.

Our future plans would include:

  1. Play Ground: Constructing a playground for the children will be one of the priorities during the school break. The necessary initial need assessment is conducted and we are working on assemble necessary elements and funds for the construction of the playground.
  2. Clean drinking water: The school is located in the area where underground water is salty and could not be used. Even the trees that we planted could not be sustained with the water which is fetched from underground in this location. The school is purchasing drinking water for the students use on weekly basis, using a tanker. Seeking opportunities to bring clean drinking water to the school is one of our priorities. Initial discussions are going on with some representatives interested in this issue in Geneva, and we hope that this project could be finalised and started to be utilisable by April 2016.
  3. Training to teachers: during the winter holidays we are planning to conduct special training to the teachers as well as managing team of the school, on the issues related to management, English language, computer skills. These aspects will help our school students to connect with the world through enabling them communicate through net and email using English language.

Ending our report at this note, we wish you, happy New Year 2016, and enjoyable holidays. Please keep us in mind and your thoughts, and support us to be able to further integrate and assist the disabled children in Afghanistan when the school will reopen in March 2016.

Kind regards, 

A disabled child writing numbers on the board
A disabled child writing numbers on the board
Celebration of disable day
Celebration of disable day
Parents expressing their appreciation
Parents expressing their appreciation


Oct 6, 2015

Landslide victims are ready to face next winter

Dear Donors,


We would like to inform you that we have now bought 20 Bukhari (traditional heating means in Afghanistan).

These heaters will be delivered to Badakhshan in the coming weeks. Our staff in Kaboul is currently organising the transport and delivery.

This mean that 40 families in need will be equipped with heaters and will be ready to face the next winter season and reduce their vulnerability to extreme winter conditions in the mountains of Pamir.

All these families will thus be able to take full advantage of your generosity. 

In the coming weeks we will inform you on the precise distribution of Bukharis in Badakhshan and we will give you a detailed description of the project's impact for the homeless population.

Meanwhile, we thank you for your generosity and hope to keep our partnership alive!

Fanny Naville on behalf of the entire team at Global BDN

Aug 11, 2015

Our students are Pioneers

Dear Supporter,

By end of month of May we received another amount of 466.54 USD, and we are thankful to you for this amazing gift.

To keep you informed about the progress on the ground, the school and the students are pioneers in the society that considers disabled children incapable and solely bringing shame to their families and communities. To date the school has provided education to more than 400 girls and boys with various complications. Until now 15 young men have gotten jobs. These children have broken the social stigma by showing that they are fully capable to become contributing members and an equal member of the society.

The education provided by the school is specifically designed to teach students Braille, sign language and other communication skills relevant in their daily lives. As the school is targeting deaf (speech-impaired children) and blind (visual –impaired children), it employs trained professionals with similar disabilities themselves to educate students. The core curriculum includes reading and writing as well as sign language to advance literacy and communication skills, and Braille language.

The school currently has 60 students between grades 9 to 11, 125 students in grades 5 to 8, 149 students in preliminary classes (between 1 to 4) and 39 students in preschool. In addition to these the school welcomes 27 students with brain trauma or neurological disasters – but still capable to sit, play, walk etc.

As the disabled people have been marginalized and ill-treated by the society due to socially constructed attitudes and values, the School for Disabled Children is a social transformation by itself. They communicate, play, have lunch and meet other children with similar or other types of disabilities in this school. They learn not only about the literacy and numeracy but many social behaviours and relationships that makes their daily lives easier and enjoyable. 

Community involvement

The school started as an informal community-based association for mutual support for disabled children, so the nature of the school is community-based. Local educators have become teachers some of whom are disabled themselves and thus transmit their life skills to the students.

Community volunteers provide financial, physical and material support for the school. For example, end of 2013, local contributors have donated land and materials for the school to construct its own school building (while the school was renting a building until 2013). In 2014 the students were able to have specially constructed for them, a building of two floors that has enough space to contain 20 rooms in both floors.

The amount supported by you during this period was donated for food items to school, as this comes as first priority to provide lunch for the kids who stay daylong in the school, and are coming from very poor families.

For the school management, the school’s Parent-Teacher Association, the school’s board members and the Ferdous Foundation, all local and community-based, are involved. Our further plans in this area will involve construction of a play ground for the students and a small green area. 

A deaf student expressing his happiness
A deaf student expressing his happiness
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