May 22, 2017

Ismail's story


Dear Friend,

Thank you. We cannot say it more sincerely. Thank you very much for your response to our recent appeal for a street children’s school in Kabul.

Our school for street children is close to turning its half a year anniversary and we are proud to continue Kabul's street children reintegration process.

Below you will find Ismail's story. His story is about how willingness to learn new things had battled unfavourable circumstances and difficulties of Afghan reality.

Ismail, ages 12, is an Afghan boy from a poor family. He has 3 sisters, mum and dad, who is jobless and tries make money for the family selling vegetables and fruit on the street. The family is internally displaced. They moved to Kabul 4 years ago from Samangan province in the north of the country. The family was forced to pack their modest belongings and change the place of living due to a war conflict lasting in their home region. Ismail's parents were seeking better security for their young children as staying in Samangan was too dangerous and uncertain for them.

Since Ismail's father was not able to find a job in Kabul, he grabbed different gigs on the street. Ismail, as an only son, also felt a need to help his family. He has been working as a shoe shining boy on the Kabul's streets. His daily income ranges between 70 to 100 Afghanis ($1 to $1.40), with which he can buy some bread on the way back home.

As Ismail was unable to attend a public school due to the need to earn some money in order to support his family, he joined AfD's street school in January 2017. He was very happy to get a plate of hot food and learn some literacy and maths skills that are so important in everyday routine.

Suddenly, Ismail stopped attending his lessons. Nobody knew what had happened to him. Fortunately, recently he returned to the school and asked to re-enrol him. As it turned out, a car had hit him while passing a street, and his foot was injured. Ismail undergone a surgery to be able to stand again on his foot. The family spent around 30,000 Afghanis for his treatment and got in debts because of this reason. The Ismail's condition requires the second operation at the same cost in the nearest future.

Ismail lives in Gozargah in Kabul. Every day he crosses kilometres to get to his place of work. His biggest wish is to go to school on the daily basis because he enjoys studying. While attending the street school, Ismail has learnt how to read alphabet, spell his name and some do basic maths. Studying with other children gives him a hope that one day he will get a proper education and won't be working on the street again.

Dear Friend, when you support AfD's Street Children Back to School project, you help children like Ismail to get a chance for a better future.

Join us. Donate today. Help Ismail and other Kabul's street children turn their dreams into reality.

With gratitude,
AfD's team


Mar 14, 2017

Number of internally displaced families rises

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The throw of Afghans to other countries is a fact. Around the world, media touts the international migration crisis. Being afraid of war conflicts and unstable political situation people flee the home country in order to find a safe place for their families. In reality, not all of the families which found themselves in the dangerous situation can afford to move abroad. A lot of families are forced to look for shelter in their own country. Persecuted by militant groups or suffering from another plight, Afghans are forced to change the place of living within the country, multiplying the number of internally displaced people.

More and more Afghans abandon their home places. The process was accelerated during the last years mainly by reason of fightings around the northern city of Kunduz, the emergence of militant groups loyal to Islamic State, and the massive earthquake in Badakhshan province in 2014. Lots of families choose to settle in a camp for displaced people in the capital, Kabul. Usually, the winter is the most difficult period of time for them. Living in small shacks and tents, not all of them manage to survive. According to Amnesty International, the number of internally displaced Afghans is growing fast. In 2016 it tops 1,2 million. After fleeing their homes, displaced families face terrible living conditions in their own country. For these families every single day, especially during the cold period of time become a fight for their survival. Moreover, Kabul's summers can be extremely hot, and residents of the camp struggle with a dust and a difficulty of getting clean drinking water.

The Afghan government notices the problem and promises to help displaced compatriots. Unfortunately, due to corruption and poor government capacities, long-awaited political strategies and policies have not been implemented yet. Internally displaced people in Afghanistan continue to lack adequate shelter, food, water, healthcare and opportunities to pursue education and employment.

Team members of Action for Development want to make sure that those people under the tents in Kabul's suburbs are not abandoned by the international community. Thanks to your  donations through Global Giving platform, we managed to raise an amount of about 100 USD net during the last quarter 2016. The money reached AfD only by late January 2017. Since it was not possible to run the project with 100 USD in the beginning of the winter it was decided to collect more funds towards the project and give it a go by September 2017.

Our organization can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations from our donors and supporters. Without these donations, serving displaced families in Afghanistan would not be possible. Since our organization relies on the generosity of individuals and organisational donors, we ask you to consider a donation to our project so that we could raise a sum of at least 900 USD by September 2017 to provide sufficient fund for execution of the project. Greeting warm spring days we look to the future with a big hope that the next winter will be more pleasant time for the residents of the camps for internally displaced Afghans.

Thank you again for your kind support!

Best regards,
AfD's team


Mar 10, 2017

New school year, new challenges

Dear Friends and Supporters,

While the situation of Afghan children is still critical from many perspectives, disabled children frequently confront additional barriers as the social stigma and isolation from the community. Kabul's Rahyab School, where nearly 450 disabled children receive daily education, is preparing to start a new school year at the end of March. The school presents an academic opportunity for disabled Afghan children and allows them to develop the future employment skills.

Action for Development continues its focus on strengthening the primary children's rights to education and health, with special regard to disabled and disadvantaged young people. The organization admits that these rights are vital for the economic, social and cultural development of all societies. Thanks to generous donations of our donors, the organization plans to further support schools meals for the students during the next school year. Through the support for disabled children, we aim to provide an encouragement to their parents by keeping them happy about the progress their children make in learning communication and professional skills and giving them confidence in their children's future.

At the beginning of the school year, AfD has the ambition to take action in order to encourage Rahyab teachers and administration to integrate more physical activities into school's routine. This is actually already happening: Rahyab students enjoy playing football during breaks between classes. The organisation is looking for possibilities to improve their sports experience by engaging a professional coach, provisioning in equipment and organising a sports ground.

We look to the next school year with a great expectancy, that Rahyab's children will enjoy their classes and leisure time at school. AfD remains an active supporter of the school, which brings a hope. We believe that education is the only way to bring sustainable peace not only into the families of disabled children but also to the country.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Best regards,
AfD's team


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