Jul 31, 2020


We continue working for our arms to reach and give rest to many in these times of deep need, due to the strong humanitarian crisis we are facing in the midst of a mandatory confinement, in which families cannot go out and procure their daily financial needs. 

These remain critical times in our country and, like never before, the social inequality gap has proven itself wider than thought in our community. However, as a foundation we understood that it is precisely in these times that have the very important role to fulfill to feed the hungry and help the one in need.

In the last 2 months we have delivered over 800 food baskets to families in need, comprised of both perishable and non-perishable goods. We partnered with people, organizations, food banks and other foundations, not only to support the children at the foundation and their families, but also families affected by the pandemic in neighborhoods adjacent to our churches, since they continue with doors closed, as per directives of the National Government of Colombia, but with an open heart to help those in need. We are deeply grateful for being able to help more people than we would have ever imagined.

Jul 31, 2020


Our purpose as Foundation in these times of pandemic is that none of our children are left disconnected from school and from us. This is why we lauched our “KEEP ON STUDYING” (“SEGUIMOS ESTUDIANDO”) campaign, because every child deserves a chance to keep on studying.

In these past few months, we’ve delivered 33 computers, 14 tablets and 20 smart phones. This has benefited 67 families. Furthermore, we are finalizing negociations with an internet provider to bring internet connection to 25 families of the foundation that have none.

All of this has allowed us to give continuity to the activities of the foundation by stages, such as gatherings with children and academic support, devotionals (times of reading and learning the Bible), where we recover vision and hope, gatherings with parents and support against child sexual abuse. As for our “Music for Peace” program, Yamaha has already delivered to us the material for the virtual implementation of the program. However, it is equally necessary first to insure that 100% of children of the foundation are equipped with computer and internet connection. We have already made great strides in this effort, but the campaign towards this goal continues.

For this second semester, we are planning how to press forth with a more intentional support, since neither schools nor the foundation will be able to reopen for the remaining of this year, as per directives of the National Government of Colombia.

It is time to reinvent ourselves, and we believe that with the support of each person that climbs on board, we can attain a more brilliant future, open, with opportunity and happy, one child at a time.

In these ways, the foundation and its allies continue contributing their grain of sand for peace.

Jul 31, 2020


In 2019, more than 22.000 minors suffered sexual abuse in our country. These number are in the rise due to this mandatory quarantine applicable in our country at this present moment.

As with any organization, we had our plan stretched out and ready to execute this year in this area, but the pandemic changed all that. This has led us to reinvent ourselves, so now, our workshops for children from ages 5 through 12 go virtual, with parent participation

We made videos and recreational activities, and in that, we have seen how our virtuals arms have helped protect and make aware more people than we would have ever imagined.

Up until the month of July, we have delivered 1381 kits to 1381 children in the city of Medellin. This number of children is composed, on the one hand, by the participation of 2 educational institutions, and on the other, by 2 workshops, open and free to all public, in which over 100 children and their parents took part. These workshops have limitted capability, since to each child who subscribes, we deliver a kit containing the story “Cuentos que no son cuentos”, material we go through in the workshop, color pencils, information about the foundation and a booklet with insights of hope. The delivery abides by all biosecurity protocols, as determined by the National Government of Colombia. “ more workshops open to public are already scheduled, and we hope to have 3 more.

We also began having workshops for parents, where we touch on topics such as prevention, ways to heal wounds, we share prevention tools, and the necessary activation routs in case of a situation of sexual abuse. We had 1 workshop so far, and 27 parents attended.

Our longing is to reach and train 4000 children against child sexual abuse, and over 5000 parents, to put a halt to this situation that so impoverishes our nation. We move on firmly committed to teach and protect our children. We know it is no easy task, but our children, the future of our country, need it with immediacy.

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