Oct 25, 2017

The Holidays Are Coming!

Right now the kids are getting ready to finish their exams and start their fall break. This means that they will be at home a lot more and helping with the chores. It also means that the holidays are coming and that the scarcity of food will be even more upsetting for many of them.

Thanks to our food baskets, we have been able to provide households with enough food for an entire holiday meal and more. It has been a sense of relief for many families because gathering together for a feast is a major tradition of the holidays, and they are so happy to be able to participate.

Many of the guardians who own the households voluntarily adopt these sick and orphaned children out of the goodness of their hearts. They are typically struggling to survive for themselves and may not even know the kids, but they offer them a home. They explain their reasoning to be, “kwa umpendo wa mtoto.” It means for the love of a child.

We appreciate all your support and hope you continue to donate to our food baskets especially as the holidays arrive.


Oct 24, 2017

Nutrition Gives Hope

The children at the Makindu Children's Centre are happy kids with imaginations who are excited to grow. However, because of the harsh climate of Kenya, they have low energy due to malnourishment. Their wounds don't heal, and their immune systems are weak. These kids must spend their days looking for food for their families instead of going to school. They go to sleep hungry, and whatever they get they choose to share. They are the most kind and giving people. Thanks to the support we have received, we have been able to change so many of these kids lives. Hundreds of kids are now able to focus on their studies instead of wondering if their family is going to go to bed hungry. Kids are able to grow with strong bones and most of all with better health. We can’t control the climate in Kenya but we can keep helping these children grow and become stronger. These children have dreams of becoming police officers, scientists and lawyers. So many of their dreams are coming true because we have been able to give them the nutrition they need. On behalf of us at Makindu Children’s Program and the kids, asante sana.

Jul 27, 2017

Food for all, one family at a time.

Mutheu and Wambua
Mutheu and Wambua

Mutheu and Wambua and their siblings, cousins and grandmother all live in the same hut and receive food from Makindu Children's Program. The kids come to the Centre for daily meals. The grandmother tends her own garden plot on the Centre's grounds. Occasional complimentary food baskets of rice, beans and maize help make meals possible at home.

Daily meals at the Makindu Children's Centre continues to save lives and keep hundreds of kids in school. Those who are in lower primary school take lunch and play around, wash their clothes and go home later in the day. Those in upper primary school take lunch and then go back to school. Hundreds more children come to the centre on Saturdays to eat breakfast and lunch, wash laundry, bathe, play and participate in pyscho-social events. The neediest families, including Mutheu and Wambua's family, receive chickens or goats for rearing either at the Centre's farm or at their own homes.

Mutheu and Wambua's elderly grandmother cares for them and 4 other siblings and cousins, 3 of whom are infected with HIV. Her two children and their spouses all died of AIDS years ago, leaving the well-being and care of the grandchildren in her hands. Her only income comes from selling vegetables and fruits at the local market, which brings in a meager income at best. Makindu allows the grandmother to tend her own garden plot at the Centre, providing the family not only with crucial fresh produce, but also with supplemental income, albeit minimal since she uses most of it feeding her household.  

Without the meals and supplemental produce and grain available to them, this impoverished family would fall into malnutrition. The 3 HIV infected children would suffer with poor health, as proper nutrition is so very necessary to keep up the immune system and ward off fatal opportunistic diseases. The other 3 children would also suffer, likely falling behind in or failing to attend school due to hunger.

For these kids, and all the orphaned children we care for, Food First is the mantra to good nutrition and health, leading to better results in school. All it takes is one meal a day to get a child healthy, one meal a day to keep a child healthy. One meal a day for these kids costs a mere 50 cents.  Help us feed our 1,800 orphaned children today!

Garden plots and water storage
Garden plots and water storage
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