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Aug 2, 2019

progress Report of Give the gift of Education - sponsor an orophaned child

Search is happy with the host family
Search is happy with the host family

Dear supporters and readers,

Greetings once again. Here comes another short report on this project which you have been supporting or would like to support.

Cameroon as of now has a serious humanitarian crises brought about by the on going war.  Fighting and kiling has continued in our region where this project is based especially in Kumbo  where we are doing our best to help the orphaned children.

In the past, we have been doing a lot to help the oprhaned and vulnerable  children gain vocational education and through your wonderful support these children have been supported.  With the war in place we were able to to transfer some of these poor children to regions that are not affected by the war.  These were particularly the finaly year class and most of them have recorded brilian General certificate results. 

However were were not able to send all of them out because we needed to identify host families with a lot of  difficulties.  As such, most of them  are in  various villages but still under our supervision and care. We have to take out our library books for them  to be using while some are able to be attending home classs studies depending on the peace and stability in the villages where some of them are found.

The Problem of host families have also been our main difficulties since the war has driven many people from this area to become refrigees in neighboring countries and  some have become internally displaced people in other major towns in Cameroon.   Search one of them is happy to live with a host familly as you can see in this picture attached.

We are stock and at the moment, we have identified many more orphaned of all ages  who have become victimes of the current war. Most men have been killed and women  have become widows while some men have become widowers.  

This has really increase work on us a humanitarian organization in the aspect of helping the orphaned children gain quality education.

We are now faced with a challenge of admitting more orphaned children than ever before in our school  as back to school campaign is gaining grown.  This is a loud cry of concern  by both national and international bodies for effective schools to resume in September.   The government and the separaties are not giving chance for a conducieve study environment because fighting is still going on.

We are really appreciating those who have continued to support us and appeal that this is the time that we we need to step up our endeavours to help more chhildren.

We. pray that God should bless those of you out there who has supported this project and request that you help us and bost it in your face book or carry our some fundraising  activities to support this project.

Cameroon and the United nation is calling on  humanitarian assistance for the English speaking regions and our  need of giving a gift of education is more than giving food and cloths to the victims.

Thank you for yours support.  May God bless you.


Jun 10, 2019

Progress report of Empower Women

Women taking care of children in the bush
Women taking care of children in the bush

Dear Every one.


Women in this rural part of Cameroon have continued to experience very difficult moments because of the crises.  Women are the drivers of their families in terms of ensuring  that the family and especially children see food on the table.  Palm oil as already mentioned in this project is one of the essential ingridient that can be used in preparing various types of dishes. Withou this woemn will not be able to provide for their families.

Most of them are now in bushes and the few that are able to remain in the corners of the villagtes where the military cannot gain access to worry them have continued to benfit from this project.  It is rather regreatable that some of the beneficiaries lost their lives and  we are able to reach out to those who are in the bushes.

Some of them already fleed to nieghboring Nigerian while some have gone to  the French speaking towns where there is no war.

Women and children in need have coninued to be our concern.  It is regretable that this project has not gained much financial support but we appeal to each and everyone be you previous, current or future donor to help and promot this project for us.

May God bless you all.


May 30, 2019


look at children struggling to survive
look at children struggling to survive

Dear sympathizers,

I am reporting on this project regarding the deteriotating situation of the women in the North West and South west Regions of Cameroon caused by serious crises. The situation is becoming unbearing as people are being killed every day in this part of the country.  Women have been victimized in a  very bad way.

Many of them have become widowed by this situation because their husbands have been killed and some of them have gone to live in  bushes with their children. 

One of the  crucial situation is that  most of the houses have been burnt. These women and their children have become helpless.

However, we have beem making good visit to  their hidouts and are giving them the support of local food.  we would really be grateful if this project can be support to help those in desparate need for now.

May God bless those who would be able to support this project.

Help women to help their families
Help women to help their families
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