Sep 9, 2019

Help Sami and she can continue her rehabilitation

Samantha and her mother in the therapy
Samantha and her mother in the therapy

Samantha has a 1 year old and live in Colombia. Whe she born was diagnosticated with bifida spine and her family does not have the resources required for treatment, for thats reason she came to our Foundation. 

Bifida spine it is a congenital malformation that occurs when the baby's sipne does not normally form, sometimes the treatment requiered is a very expensive because is necessary many specialized consultancy services (nephrology, neurology, mainly) physical therapy and rehabilitation at the same time. 

Thanks to people like you, now Samantha receives the healt care. She attended class like Adequate motor  stimulation, in this process she shows great pleasure in all activities of the motor stimulation program suitable for children with Bifida Spine. 

Now, she can recognize body parts when they are named, perform exercises naming each body segment;Throw and receive balls of different sizes.

Shows pleasure in the movements, accompanied by music and musical instruments. Enjoy the company of his classmates and his companions.Makes wheelchair movements fluently and skillfully.

With every support many child like Samantha has been receive medical attention daily in our Foundatition. Lets work together for they and change another lifes. 


Warm Regards. 


Aug 8, 2019

Maria's life story

Thanks for all the support!
Thanks for all the support!

María has 8 years old, she enjoys painting in her spare time, sharing with her family and loving and caring for animals.  Also, she actually lives with her mother, grandmother and uncles in the municipality of Copacabana,(Colombia) she is diagnosed with cerebral edema due to birth trauma and expressive language disorder, mild mental retardation, she requires support with comprehensive rehabilitation and specialized consultations, the achievements of María  in the first half of the year have been:

In the reading and writing part the girl recognizes the vowels of her name and recognizes him with pictographic support, at the time of writing she does so with point tracking and is in the process of doing so without support. She answers simple questions of texts and short videos through the pictographic system and verbally.
Different activities are carried out to achieve the objectives in reading and writing such as, assemble the name letter by letter using pictograms to identify them, then they are written having a base, removing the visual support little by little, exercise is also used to connect points on the wall to assemble the name using strings to join it. For the recognition of the letters of the name, the fishbowl is used in order to fish the indicated letters, a game of grabbing or catching with the silhouette of a fomi hand different flowers that had letters and numbers glued. Vowel notebooks are worked on, in which pictograms were first, the vowel and then space for writing in order to make a cognitive process of vocal recognition, visually, in the whole word, on objects that represented it and Finally his writing.

The Patronato María Axiliadora
Foundation has the consent of his family for the publication of his photo and diagnostic information in Global Giving. Thank you for allowing Maria to continue her health rehabilitation process and improve her quality of life.

Jun 13, 2019

Angelica still need your support

Agelica's class and therapy
Agelica's class and therapy

Ángelica is attending the following clases: Building knowledge, tics and physical activity.


Angélica is a lovely girl who has experienced some   difficulties in her life, that's why she sometimes seems to be reluctant to show of affection from others and to receive support, too, Fortunanaley, at the Foundation she has gotten establishing relation with her classmates and teachers without any negative feeling.


Currently, she is in the literacy process which sometimes makes it to get confuse of some letters. However, she often writes short tales spontaneously. It is important to mention that her family is giving her support and guidance at her literacy process through putting story telling in action. She re-tell  those tales in a notice ableway.

On Systems and computers she is aware of how a computer is made up and its components. She have learned how to use some office pack software, toondoo, and those based on bifid spine, amongothers.  


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