Sep 5, 2014


Jaminton is nine years old, we´ve been helping him since 2009. He is diagnosed with an expressive and receptive language disorder and bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss disorder. His family did not have the financial resources to pay his rehabilitation. His speech therapies are every monday, the therapist has reported that Jaminton is now understanding and using personal pronouns, learning new melodies, and repeating simple and compound sentences after hearing them.

Jaminton is a boy characterized by his gentleness and sensibility, his process has been very well supported from home, however it is important to work with his attitude towards failure or reprimands as these conditions are usually assumed with tears and detachment front of the class.

His teacher reports that  Jaminton is having an excellent performance despite it´s difficulties for dictation, currently inverts letters / e / - / d /, however  he understands simple commands and instructions of the worksheets. After the holiday is observed more communicative, with good articulation and more intelligible language. 

The project has strengthened his communication skills, has shown significant progress in his speaking and his communication with his family.

Potential long-term impact

• Understand short and long narratives of different topics that may be of his interest.

• Review of proper stimulation and exercises that are performed in therapies, to achieve his independence.


May 27, 2014

Great achievements

During this time the children beneficiaries of the project have achieved several accomplishments regarding the development of oral, listening, and literacy skills allowing them to open up into a world of communication possibilities.

The children have had significant achievements in school inclusion, mainly in the areas of communication and integration with their hearing peers. This is the case of Juan Manuel who shows great leadership in the classroom actively participating with peers and teachers, and achieving a high academic level, with very good performance in mathematics.

Jamilton has increased its oral vocabulary he is now saying words as "good morning", "good afternoon" and "thank you."

Meanwhile Alan David, Mariana and Brian have made significant progress in terms of socialization in their classroom, thanks the orality process, which managed to overcome their shyness and slowly getting closer with their peers. 


Dec 20, 2013

12children, 12 stories with happy endings

Through this project 12 children with hearing loss and cochlear implant, had comprehensive rehabilitation processes in which they developed cognitive, hearing , language , and oral communication skills processes that helped them in school and social inclusion.

Samuel is on of the 12 children  with Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss he is 2 years old.

 Samuel reached the following achievements during the year :

 * Manages to hold the attention during all the activity .

* The child can express different feelings (crying , smiling, signing, babbling , some words and expressions ) .

* Follow the rhythm of the songs with gaze , gestures , actions and laughter.

* Look at the face of the interlocutor

* Understands simple commands with visual support and natural actions .

* Discriminate his name from other children .

* Samuel used his hearing device in good condition during each session.

* Manages to maintain his attention as long as there is a silent and visual stimuli that doesnt interfere with the environment .

* Discriminate everyday expressions ( hello, goodbye , give me)

* Make use of monosyllables  to communicate simple words.

 Samuel´s family assiduously attended the program,  his mother has acquired strategies to stimulate and develop the following skills acquired by the child :

* She is aware that the cochlear implant is the channel through which her child receives the information given with oral language.

* She recognizes when the child has understood the message.

* She recognize that palying is a way to communicate with the child.

* She is teaching Samuel to imitate orofacial movements.

* She stimulates the production of vowel sounds .

Samuel is one of the stories with endings, thanks to you danation Samuel can herar and is starting to talk.

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