Feb 20, 2020

Series of new books Stars on the palms

Dear friends!

We are grateful for the support of our book printing project using the principles of universal design for blind children in Ukraine for several years.

It is important that there are people who support our initiative to make books accessible to all.

We want blind children in Ukraine to be able to read not just interesting, modern books on content. But we want these books to be beautifully and clearly designed. So that in these books drawings are accessible for blind children. We want blind teens to read important information for them about growing up, about relationships, love on their own.

It is important for us that blind students who study according to the inclusion system have the same textbooks that their classmates study, but adapted for them in braille with a dotted font.

During the reporting period, we initiated a new series of books by contemporary Ukrainian and foreign writers “Stars on the palms”.

The first in this series was the book by the wonderful Ukrainian writer Irina Matsko, “The Tale of Tales”. Irina Matsko - writer, publicist, publisher, illustrator of children's publications, compiler of anthology and prescriptions for preschoolers, author of short stories, life short stories, essays, children's tales.

The series of books was continued by a collection of fairy tales by Ukrainian and foreign writers “Winter brought snowflakes on the palms of your hands”. The book includes works by 9 authors about winter, winter holidays, fun adventures.

The adaptation and printing of books on sexual education for children, adolescents and parents has become very important in our work. The books “A frank conversation“ ABOUT IT ”(the first textbook on sexual education for children),“ Teenagers about the important are simple and accessible ”and“ The Big Book of Feelings ”were received with great interest by our readers. These are the first books on sexual development and upbringing adapted for blind children and printed in braille in Ukraine.

In addition, we printed booklets in braille "Show care and discretion", "Your life is your choice." In life, you constantly have to make a choice. How not to make a mistake? How to make the right decision? Today depends on decisions today. Blind adolescents will receive reliable information about healthy lifestyles and how to avoid bad habits from booklets.

For parents of blind children, we have published a Handbook on Sex Education, which describes the characteristics of the sexual development of blind children and gives recommendations on education and preparation for adulthood.

Thank you so much for your support!

Nov 22, 2019

Touch poetry

Dear friends!

We thank everyone who was with us and supported our project for printing books for blind children in Ukraine. It is very important for us that there are people who are ready to help us move forward.

During the reporting period, we published new books

The highlight of our work was the book of poems for children “Elderberry King” of the famous Ukrainian writer Lina Kostenko.

Lina Kostenko in Ukraine is called the queen of poetry, from the sleeve of which the golden words of poetry are streaming. Her poems tell blind children about nature, they are funny, rhythmic and vibrant.

When we read the book "Elder King" we wanted blind children to introduce the heroes of poetry. We printed an “Album for creativity based on the book“ Elderberry King ”. Children can draw and make appliqués by their own samples.

On November 13, the International Day of the Blind, there was a presentation, first published on paper, of a collection of Lina Kostenko's children's poems "The Elder King", printed in Braille.

The presentation of the book took place in the creative space of Chasopys. The meeting was attended by writers, social and cultural activists, specialists in universal design and Braille, television representatives, thought leaders and the most important guests - pupils of specialized boarding school for visually impaired children.

The children were the first to read the book. They were delighted, they prepared poems and songs, the presentation had an incredible and cozy atmosphere!

The presentation was opened by Space Host Alena Kalibaba, who is actively involved in the project

“Our projects are designed to develop children intellectually and culturally, we provide vocational guidance at Kyiv schools, record video lectures on our YouTube channel, and as part of our inclusive Future on Touch project, we help visually impaired children.

Also, we organize inclusive readings. Together with Valentin Butenko, we publish children's art books in Braille. Valentina informed us that there is a collection of Lina Kostenko's children's poems that has not been printed yet, the idea came up to make such a gift for blind children, who are very fond of Lina Kostenko's poems.

We are very pleased to be able to implement this idea and print the collection in Braille! And, although the book is now published in small numbers, our patrons and friends are supporting us and we are working to make our world an equal place for all. "

The opportunity to read poems by Lina Kostenko was given to Ukrainian actresses and participants of the Women's Quarter of Irina Soponaru and Martha Adamchuk. We are very grateful to the girls for a warm welcome! They so readly read the poems that they ignited a passion for creativity in young listeners. And on stage, the children began to recite Lina Kostenko's wonderful poems, and, finally, presented a Ukrainian folk song.

A special feature of the evening was the reading in the darkness of the main poem of the collection "The Elder King", two blind children, who with their smart sensitive fingers proved how skillfully they have the skills of reading Braille and that darkness does not stop them.

The evening ended with the words of the project's chief patron Alexandra Govorukha: “It is said that charity should be done quietly, but why can we shout on Facebook about bad airlines and service, and about the needs of the blind, and everyone who needs help? It is wrong. These useful and crucial projects need to be talked about and supported ”





Thank you all for your support!

Aug 26, 2019

In summer, blind children love to play and read

Dear friends!
Summer is a vacation time for our little readers!
And for the reporting period, we tried to make the vacations of blind children interesting and fun.
Our small team adapted and prepared new books for printing: A. Lindgren, “Peppy Long Stocking,” Agnia Barto, “Poems for the Little Ones,” “Mary Poppins” (in English), “The Cat in the Hat” (in English), Vsevolod Nestayko “Notes of the old clown”, “Zhart bird”, Sergey and Marina Dyachenko “The Adventures of Mariyka Mikhailova”.
We continue to focus on adapting games for blind children. We use parents to adapt games. By the beginning of the school year, blind children will receive the game “Vazhnitsa” adapted in accordance with the principles of universal design in a new, better quality.
Textbooks for grade 4 for students who study inclusively have been prepared and printed.
The German manual “Fabuli” has been adapted and printed.
Thank you so much for your support! Together we make the world of blind children filled with interesting events, games and books

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