Oct 14, 2020

School Kits Distribution

Our respected donors

It is far from the hectic city life, there are students who are studying at an unlikely to be called a school. It is AI Amin Kewitu Primary School that located in Nanga Bere village, Lembor, Manggarai West District, East Nusa Tenggara. 

The school was built in 2004, and has 74 students who are reaching their dreams at classroom that made by woven bamboo walls. The bamboo walls are not the proper one,  it has holes everywhere, which could be flowed by the wind every time. When it rains, the cold wind and the dripping rainfall barged in, force the teacher to stop the learning activities, while the students are drenched in sweat.

In other province called West Nusa Tenggara and located in Karampi village, Langgudu, Bima district, there is a school called Karampi Filial Soropeto Primary School has 30 students and it was built in 2012. The school location is very far from community lives, the best way to reach the school have to pass the sea by the fisherman’s boat the main reason is that the road distance to school is very far and the road's condition is very bad. 

The class rooms made by bamboos those slats lined up  and the roof made by the palm leaves. When rain falls, the soil become muddy and they have to stop the lesson-activities. All of students do not have proper school kits.

The fund that we have received from  donors, we have distributed on school kits programs for 104 students, the school kits contains are: school bag, books, pencils, pen and new uniform. One of teacher deeply thank to all donors who deliver the school kits for their students, and he hope that the school could get more attention, because the schools just made from bamboos. 

Finally, thank you so much for your generous donation that benefit directly to the students. 

Aug 31, 2020

Food for the needy on Covid-19

Dear our respected donors across the globe,

I hope this letter find you, your family are doing very well.

Across the globe still face the Covid-19 and everyone have the experience how is the situation around the neighbourhood have been occured since early 2020.

Since the pandemic Covid-19 face Indonesia in the early March, 2020, the numbers of new unemployment numbers are raising significantly and put the number of poverty and hunger are inreased dramatically. The humnatarian mission should continue to address the situation and it is part of the way to help the government. As of today, August 31st, 2020 there are 172K positive, recovered 124K, and deaths 7,343 people in Indonesia. It is belived that in Indonesia the number of positive  will keep raise up because the vaccine has not been invented yet. 

One of ACT Foundation program since the Covid-19 face in Indonesia is deliver the cooked meals to serve the community from hunger and poverty.  It was late May 2020, the implementation of cooked meals for the needy delivered in Cipinang -East Jakarta and Tomang, West Jakarta. The hot meals delivered to the people, who couldn’t afford their daily life, while most of them are irregular daily workers. This pandemic has worsened their life because they have got no income.

Indeed, thank you very much for your kindness and sincere support for Indonesian community. Your support have been amazing and hugely thanks from the beneficiaries. Please stay safe and healthy.

Warm regards,

Mohamad F. Amrullah

Jul 28, 2020

Water Well As Water Source During Long Drought

Dear our respected donors, 

The dry season has not ended in Lampung Province. The drought that lasts for months often results in water crisis that afflicts the residents of Pal Putih 2, Karang Anyar Village, Jati Agung Subdistrict, South Lampung Regency.

A large water storage that was painted orange and green streams water every day through the two taps provided. In order to save electricity, the Water Well is equipped with a 1,000-liter water storage, a water pump machine and a storage tank. Located in the middle of a rice field, the local residents can use the water for agricultural and animal husbandry needs, in addition to household use.

Sumiatun is one of the residents who benefited from the Water Well. Along with other residents, Sumiatun uses the water from the borehole well almost every day to for laundry and shower.

Sumiatun said that the residents were very happy for the Water Well in their neighborhood because the well is very useful, especially when the dry season arrives. Usually, they have to struggle to find clean water sources. Now, they only need to go to the well located less than half a kilometer from their neighborhood.

"The Water Well is very helpful. We would easily use the water for laundry and bathing. The water is clean. It can also be used for drinking water," as Sumiatun explained while busily washing her clothes near the Water Well. 

"Currently, the well is used by residents for several needs, including agricultural irrigation and personal hygiene. The local residents are responsible to take care of the well. Alhamdulillah, in the dry season, the well still has plenty of water and is very helpful for the locals. Hopefully, it will bring everlasting rewards for the endower.

Indeed, we kindly thank you very much for your generousity and sincere support for Indonesian community.

Warm regards,

Mohamad F. Amrullah

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