Jul 15, 2020

Integrated Community Shelters for Flood Survivors 2

Dear Our respected donors,

I hope this email finds you, your family are doing very well. 

On behalf of ACT Foundation, I kindly thank you very much for your sincere help for unfortunate families especially floods survivals in Indonesia. Your help is amazing and incredible for the community and directly benefit for the needy.

I am reaching you out today, to deliver the updates from the ground team who always keep the humanitarian mission deliver to the needy in the Covid-19 circumstances. To distribute program activities on the pandemic Covid-19 circumstances face some delays on the ground and it is completely different  program distribution compare before the Covid-19 spread to the globe.      

The flooding across Jakarta Banten Indonesia that occurred early 2020 left floods survivals who lost their houses. To support their life to live in after the natural disasters  ACT Foundation have been built Integrated Community Shelter in Cekdam Village, Lebak, Indonesia. The Integrated Community shelter consists of 52 shelter units, 16 toiltes, 2 water well units and 1 prayer room.

Before implemention program, ACT Foundation coordinated with the local government (village). The village government suggested that construction be carried out on a plot of land near the reservoir in Cekdam village. The land is village-owned land which would initially be used for tourist sites. The distance of Kampung Somang village to the river just about 10 meters, so when a flash flood occurred, most of the houses were swept away. After the flood, some people lived in evacuation place that is uncomfatable to live in.

In early March 2020, the ACT team began conducting land clearing for the construction of the Integrated Community Shelter. There were around 30 workers/craftsmen involved in the construction of the project. After the shelters were accomplished, the floods survivals could stay in shelters that are more comfortable without worrying about being hit by flooding again. 

Ms. Yulia, she is from Somang Village, Sukarame Village, Sajira District, Lebak, Banten. Her house was hit by a flash flood on January 26, 2020, and was lost leaving ceramics stuck to the ground. When the flood happened Ms. Yulia was pregnant for 8 months. After her house was gone, Ms. Yulia and her family built a simple hut near the goat pen. In the morning until the evening, she was active there, in the afternoon after her son returned from reciting the Koran, she went to the refugee tent to rest in a shelter with the brothers.

One month later Ms. Yulia gave birth, her baby was born safe and healthy. After the shelter construction was completed, Ms. Yulia and her family got 1 unit of shelter to live in. She is very grateful that she can now live in a shelter and does not need to move from one location to another. No worry about the health of her newborn baby.

Finally, thank you very much for your generousity and please stay safe and healthy.

Warm regards,

Mohamad F. Amrullah


Jul 15, 2020

Food Aid for Flood Survivals

Dear our respected donors across the globe,

I am reaching you out again to deliver the updates from the ground team who delivered the humanitarian aid for floods survivors.

The implementation was carried out in 3 locations of refugee flood victims in Lebak, Banten on May 31, 2020. Previously the team prepared a food package on May 29, 2020 at the warehouse center ACT in Sawangan, Depok. The team departed from Jakarta for Lebak on May 30, 2020 afternoon and arrived in Lebak in the evening. The team immediately coordinated with local community leaders to discuss the technical implementation tomorrow.

In the morning May 31st, the team moved to the evacuation site in Seupang Village, Pejagan, Sajira District, Lebak Regency. The amount of assistance provided was 70 food packages. The assistance was distributed to 70 refugee families living in the refugee camps.

After the implementation was finished, the team moved to Sukarame Village, Sajira District, Lebak Regency. At this location there are around 60 families living in the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS), ICS is an integrated building in the form of shelters, toilets and others were built by GlobalGiving donors, and the team distributed 60 food packages to 60 families. Then, around 1 pm, after the implementation at the location was finished, the team moved to Sajira Village, Sajira District, Lebak Regency, Banten. At the location, the team distributed 129 food packages to 129 affected families. The total of 260 food packages hopefully can help them to meet their daily needs for at least one month.

Eni (51) and her husband have been almost 5 months as displaced family since the flash floods in January occurred. Currently, she occupies the ICS  in Setu Cibojan, Sukarame Village, Kec. Sajira Kab. Lebak Banten. She doesn't have a job anymore, only her husband works as a farm laborer occasionally. 

Harun (85) and his family have been living at refugee camp since the floods that hit Sajira District, Kab. Lebak Banten last January. Amid the disaster and his old age, Harun did not have much strength left to work. So to fulfill their daily needs, they only rely on the help of their children, the majority of whom work as farm laborers and bamboo cutting laborers. He expressed his gratitude for the food package assistance from GlobalGiving donors.  This assistance really helped his family and dozens of families who were also homeless and were still displaced in refugee camps.

Indeed, thank you very much for your help and continues support that really helpful for Indonesian people. 

Warm regards,

Mohamad F. Amrullah

Jul 14, 2020

COVID-19 Aid Distribution Phase 4

Dear our respected donors across the globe,

Once again I am reaching you out in a row to kindly inform you that our ground team have been reported that the Covid-19 aid distribution have been distributed in North-Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

Our trip was started from Makassar on Monday May 25th 2020, the capital city of South Sulawesi. Our trip was taken by road cross and takes approximately 1900 KMs or at least 3-4 (three to four) days to get the destination. During the social distancing and Large Scale Social Restriction system, ACT’s team must preparing some official documents that shows the Non-reactive Rapid Test Result and The Healthness Circumstance Result. Besides that, ACT team must have their ID Card and supporting attribute about organization. There are more than 24 (twenty four) regencies and there are more than 10 (ten) COVID-19 checkpoints that spread in each of border regions, start from Palopo City, until we get the destination area on May 27th 2020 at 9 PM

On May 27th 2020, our team arranged a forum group discussion with the headman of the Binuanga village and local volunteers. We discussed about our purpose, and also how to provide all the basic needs that we will distribute to all the victims of the floods that was spread in 4 (four) different villages. Officially there are 7 (seven) affected villages, but only 4 (four) that get the most effect, not only in materials sector but also in economic sector, even in this pandemic of COVID-19. These 4(four) villages are Binuanga, Biontong Satu, Tanjung Laboa and Saleo Village.

In Binuanga Villages there are 4 (four) sub-villages, Sub Villages #1 consist of 26 Families or 127 people, Sub Villages #2 consist of 20 families or 98 people, Sub-villages #3 consist of 18 families or 86 people, and Sub-villages #4 consist of 28 families or 155 people, amount of all 92 families or 466 people.

On May 28th 2020, we started our main activities with providing the basic needs such as 2220 Kgs of rice, 444 litres of cooking oil, 222 Kgs of sugar, 444 cans of canned fish, 222 packs of tea that was provided by local vendor. After packaging we started to distributed in two villages, Binuanga and Biontong Satu Village. The next day we distributed the food packages appeals in next two villages, Tanjung Laboa and Saleo Village.

On May 30th 2020, we started our trip to go back to our home, and arrived on June 2nd 2020 at 3 AM. In our trip we have to face the COVID-19 Checkpoints again, but we do not get the obstacles like before, because we could show our documentation that proved we have already done our implementation of humanity program in North Bolaang Mangondow Regency.

The flash floods that happened in North Bolaang Mangondow has taken away the joy and happiness of the villagers, the sadness has not finished yet, they must faced the pandemic of COVID-19. But they do not have another choice, they have to struggle in this situation. When ACT’s team arrived in these villages, all the villagers very happy and they said “we still have brothers and sisters that remember us”

These 222 Food Packages at least could help them to struggle in this situation. They hope we will do the next project in their villages shuch as empowering program in order to help their continuity.

Mrs. Yanti  is one of the villagers who lives in Binuanga Villages of North Bolaang Mangondow Regency. Her house is one of the most affected, her kitchen was swept away by the flash flood. She told us about Her husband that used to work in Manado, the Capital City in North Sulawesi as a driver in a company, when his work finished, he spent his time to be an online driver. After the disaster in their village, he must go home and looked after his family that was affected by the flash floods. While their life was not properly yet, the Pandemic of COVID-19 came to Indonesia, that pushed him to stay at home, and his company ask him to retired in case of economic reason. Besides that, Large Scale Social Restriction system pushed him cannot go anywhere. So he didn’t have another choice that he must stay in his villages and looked for a part time job to provide his family needs. So Mrs Yanti and his husband work in their neighbour’s farm to struggle.

The project has been distributed in time. Thanks to the great collaboration of all parties on the ground,  especially to the village government who was very cooperative in the project. One last thing to our generous donors across the globe. Your help is amazing and incredible for Indonesian community.

Warm regards,

Mohamad F. Amrullah


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