Dec 17, 2018

Hope & Growth, our last trimester.

We feel very honour you were part of it all over this year, we recognize that even in the distance one can always be active part of a positive change in the world. It was defenitely a challenging year and that means we are growing.

This last three months weren’t the exception: actions for the prevention of sex abuse, actions for the right to education, visit to international book fair and the closing celebration with children and their families are some of the most outstanding events in the institution.

In October, we focused on developing tools and concepts in children for the prevention of sex abuse with the help of an specialized organization in the topic. It was very important since they live in a context in which they could be vulnerable to multiple situations. With the consent of the families, now they have more habilities to be protected.

Meanwhile in the same month, we oficially opened a group of teenagers with the beneficiaries that are part of our programs but just started higschool this year. This action represents that the content they are learning now is adapted to their current stage of life, and that they’ll be having a special boost for new education opportunities, such as scholarships in recognized universities.

Later on in november, we were invited to paticipate in the International Bookfair that takes place every year in our town. We decide to take the youngest groups to live an amazing learning experience. Fun workshops, theater plays, and a interactive reading section were some of the things they enjoyed, contribuiting to their right to education and play.

Finally, we closed the year with our traditional Closing Celebration with children and their families. This time we gave it a twist by presenting in a creative way some of the important topics they learned during 2018. With 240 children we can say it was a great way to close this period.

Thank you once more for being part of the amazing team that motivate and inspire us to be better. On behalf of all who are on this side of the organization, we wish you Happy Holidays and a great 2019!

See you next year.

Sep 19, 2018

Summer is for growth ...and for fun

Summer activities at the museum for children
Summer activities at the museum for children

¡Time has passed by flying this summer and we have so many things to share with you!

As the summer begun children started school vacation for the next one and a half months, while this was happening all the teachers were on training to learn and consolidate new teaching strategies. We always look to improve every class and session.

But there´s was one program that outstand this season, we are talking about “My Rights”, responsible of promote, procure and protect children’s rights to identity, education, protection, and play.

As you may heard before, this 2018 the fifth generation started its process in our programs, and so far they been doing it great, but there were still some children that were not attending to school and some others didn’t have their birth certificate. And as these are two essential rights, we needed to speed out the process to make it happen, a process that requires determination.

After some weeks of hard work we finally achieved that four children get their birth certificate and other four were subscribed in the school system, it would not have been possible with the great support and disposition of the families.

And if this weren’t enough, we are happy to share that three children of the graduated generations are now part of a scholarship program that will support their college studies.

But it wouldn’t be summer without fun activities, so before our children started school again, we took them to one of the biggest parks in the metropolitan area and to a Museum for kids, making the most of their vacation and having a great time building new learning experiences.

Finally, in order to contribute to their right to education one of our partners gave to every child a new backpack with school supplies. For some families is hard to afford the material they will need along the course and it can determine whether they send them to school or not, fortunately now it’ll be easier for the kids to continue with their elementary studies.

All this happened in one trimester and were glad you are being part of this story thanks to your contribution. Let’s keep bringing out the best in us to make this world a better place for everyone.

Summer activities at the museum for children
Summer activities at the museum for children
Summer activities at the park
Summer activities at the park
Jun 25, 2018

Celebrating childhood!

Children's day at Mayama
Children's day at Mayama

Childhood is one of the most important stages in a person´s life, this is the age in which we learn our vision of ourselves and the world, this is the age were the bases are being settled for our personal development, but most important this is the age were dreams are being born. That’s why this trimester, to remember that they are an important key to our society’s future, we celebrated Children´s day, starting with a party organized by pedagogy students in which they participated in fun games and activities, it was and environment full of joy. For some of them it was the first time celebrating this day.

Another way we celebrated, was through our project “Change agents 2030”, that consisted mainly that the teenagers' group had to create social projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals to impact the community, developing a sense of change agents with the help of a mentor. The objective of this activity was to empower them to act in favor of the neighborhood they live in, using simple and effective actions, applying the abilities they developed at Mayama. As a result we got 7 projects focus on environment, social development and peace.

For last but no less important, we culminated with very great news. As you might remember at the beginning of this year we welcomed a new generation of children in Mayama, some of them live in poverty and some others in extreme poverty, sometimes this means they don’t go to school because they are not even officially registered. So during these three months we gave ourselves the work to help the first family of this generation to register their children so they could have access to one of the most important human rights: Identity. Having access to this right opens the door to many others, such as education and health services.

Working with children can be challenging but is also the most satisfying job, seeing them grow, develop and discovering the world is a new opportunity to learn with them and to let our inner child be. This couldn’t be possible without your support, it has been an elemental key to build good memories in their lives; you are an important part of Mayama.

¡Let’s keep celebrating the beauty of childhood bringing out the best in us!

"Change agents 2030" Project with teenagers group
"Change agents 2030" Project with teenagers group
Child's right to have an identity
Child's right to have an identity
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