Legal Help for Domestic Violence Victims
This project will help make mobile-friendly, making legal information and help available to domestic violence victims through their mobile devices.
Help for Families Impacted by Domestic Violence
Each year, Safe Horizon provides shelter to over 3,000 women and children who have left abusive homes. Many have escaped violence with just the clothes on their backs and whatever items they could grab as they fled. This project will provide essential housewares (cooking supplies, cleaning products, bedding, etc.) for 1,000 families in Safe Horizon's domestic violence shelters, giving the women and children we help the comfort and safety of home.
Shelter 100 Portlanders escaping domestic violence
For survivors of domestic violence and their children, the most dangerous part of seeking safety is immediately after they leave an abusive partner. Raphael House of Portland's emergency shelter and advocacy services are an essential and life-saving community resource for individuals and families escaping violence in Portland, Oregon.
Help Rescue 500 Battered Women And Their Children
This project enables our international toll free domestic violence crisis line, 866-USWOMEN, to operate 24/7 with accessibility from 175 countries to serve abused American women & children globally.
Danger-to-Safety Relocation for DV Survivors
This project will ensure at least 30 people fleeing a domestic violence relationship trans-nationally will receive danger-to-safety relocation and reintegration services.
Help Stop Military Family Violence
By providing an international toll-free crisis line, 833-SAFE-833, live chat and crisis email, we are able to serve victims of military family violence globally. Case managers and advocates provide safety planning, case management, danger to safety relocation, legal assistance, counseling, and assistance with basic needs. We provide a confidential, safe way for victims to communicate and to co-case manage with military advocates on the base overseas.
Help Keep Battered Mothers And Children Together
Battered American mothers flee home for their safety to the USA with their children. Their abusers file petitions trying to force the return of their children to the foreign country even when the children are just American. There is no defense for battered American mothers. We need to hire good attorneys for these victims so the children won't be returned to the abuser in the foreign country and be subjected to more abuse and be separated from their primary caretaker, their mother.
Save  Women & girls from Violence-India
Violence against women & girls are of gender relations that assumes men to be superior to women. It gives the subordinate status to women; gender violence is considered normal and enjoys social sanction. Physical aggression, such as blows of varying intensity, burns, attempted hanging, sexual abuse and rape, psychological violence through insults, humiliation, coercion, blackmail, economic or emotional threats, and control over speech and actions. In extreme, death is the result.
Help a Trafficking Survivor Heal From Her Trauma
This project provides professional trauma counseling to shelter-based victims of human trafficking, rape and domestic violence residing at a safe-shelter near the Thai-Cambodian border.
Ending violence on Tribe Women and girl
This project for 12000 tribe women and girls in Tamil Nadu is providing Training and Counseling on prevention and escaping from violence. Legal support/action and rehabilitation support for victim girl and women. Skill training to risk and victim girls and women for self business and earning is provided. Tribe girl and women are first / direct beneficiaries of the programme.
Prevent Trafficking in Women thru Entrepreneurship
HERA provides entrepreneurship training, professional mentoring and grants to women survivors of modern slavery, violence and exploitation to enable them to become economically independent. To date, HERA has trained and mentored 517 survivors and young women at risk of trafficking. HERA has awarded 208 grants to women-owned small businesses to create or maintain employment for over 500 women in regions with high rates of trafficking in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus'.
Shelters for Women in Iraq
In Iraq, MADRE helps women threatened by violence to escape to safety and begin rebuilding their lives. With allies and an escape route, survivors of violence move from seeing themselves only as victims of abuse. They come to know that they can create positive change. This project strengthens women's capacity to demand their rights to freedom from all forms of violence.
Radios: A Lifeline to Safety for Nicaraguan Women
In remote communities on the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, Indigenous women are in danger. They suffer from high rates of abuse at the hands of their partners. They need information on the services available to them, including safe housing. But often that information is out of reach-too far away, or written in a language they don't understand. That's why MADRE and our sister organization Wangki Tangni support women's right to a life free from violence through an innovative radio project.
Help women victims of Domestic Violence in India
Sambhali Trust is a grassroots organisation working across multiple projects to empower underprivileged women and girls in Rajasthan, India. The SOS project provides a toll-free helpline, for women in need of medical and legal aid, advice and counselling. We assist with a range of cases, mainly those requiring support following domestic abuse and help with funding critical medical treatment. This project is in desperate need of funding to offer help to women who have no other means of support.
Refuge for abused women in Malaysia
Women's Aid Organisation opened Malaysia's first Refuge in 1982. This project shelters over 120 abused women and their children and provide telephone counselling to over 2,000 women in crisis per year. We also shelter foreign women like domestic workers and aslyum seekers. Women are given a safe place to free themselves from the violence perpertrated by their husbands, partners or employers.1 in 10 women are affected by domestic violence, we are claiming the right to be protected.
Legal Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence in SA
Lawyers against Abuse (LvA) provides free legal services and psycho-social support to victims of sexual and domestic violence in one of South Africa's most disadvantaged communities. Diepsloot, an informal settlement north of Johannesburg, is home to over 500,000 people, yet LvA is the only organization of its kind working in the community. LvA also works closely with local police and courts to ensure victims of gender-based violence are treated with dignity and respect when seeking justice.
A Temporary Home for Vulnerable Girls in Argentina
Mensajeros de la Paz has a temporary home - located in Buenos Aire - for vulnerable girls from ages 6 to 12, who have been legally removed from their homes and families by social services in order to protect their rights as children, after have suffering from domestic violence, sexual abuse, forced labor or unsafe living conditions.
Save lives of family violence victims in Serbia
This project will provide free legal aid to the victims of family violence considering that researches show that legal aid to victims is the most influential support service in lowering the rate of domestic violence. Considering that our or organization has established network of lawyers in Serbia and has provided this kind of support this is proven to be effective. In addition, our organization will continue to to save lives by sheltering women and children that are escaping for severe violence
Support Abused Women in India
Many women in rural India suffer violence and harassment at the hands of their families. There is a dire need of shelter for abused women who otherwise receive no support. For the last 11 years, Seva Mandir has been running a refuge, the Short-Stay Home (SSH), for abused women in Udaipur. This home provides shelter to women in distress and their children, and also offers legal and financial counseling to empower these women and help them rebuild their lives.
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