Training and Support for Grassroots Organizations

by Village Earth


Village Earth seeks to transform the traditional aid system from one driven by donors and implemented by foreign NGO's to a system driven by the needs and desires of local people and implemented by their own organizations. We accomplish this by strengthening intermediate and grassroots organizations through networking, training, research and advocacy.
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we believe the traditional aid system is broken. It is overly reliant on large multinational nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) rather than building real, long-enduring organizational capacity on the ground. These NGOs often operate off of short-term grants, usually only 2-3 years at-best and are guided by priorities decided by overseas funders. Once the funding has dried-up, these NGOs pack-up and move to the next contract or crisis.


We believe the only way to transform systemic poverty-creating core-issues like environmental destruction, governmental corruption, and racial and ethnic discrimination is to recognize and strengthen local grassroots and intermediary organizations. These are organizations based where they intend to create an impact and staffed by people affected by the issues they seek to transform.

Long-Term Impact

We believe local organizations strengthen local resiliency in their ability to adapt to change over the long-term and respond to crises when it arises.


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