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Haiti is one of the most food-insecure countries in the world, in large part due to soil infertility and erosion that impede farming. SOIL is researching the use of compost that is generated through its ecological sanitation projects. This knowledge will enable farmers to improve the soil and raise crops that are healthier, can better sustain drought, and yield larger harvests.


Haiti was once one of the most agriculturally productive countries in the world, but decades of deforestation and poverty have eroded and depleted the soil. As a result, although the majority of Haitians farm, they can't produce enough food to feed their families. Currently, most soil amendments available in Haiti to address this problem are neither environmentally nor economically sustainable.


SOIL's agriculture research is creating a valuable knowledgebase to help Haitian farmers improve their livelihoods using methods that are environmentally friendly and financially sustainable. Compost improves the soil's health and productivity, and it is environmentally friendly and affordable.

Long-Term Impact

Approximately 6 million Haitians participate in some kind of farming. Increasing their rate of success will improve their own livelihoods and make food more affordable and available to all Haitians. In turn, this will lessen dependence on foreign food aid and help grow the Haitian economy.


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