Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens

by Solidarite Formation Mediation / Clichy La Garenne
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
Partnering to emancipate tomorrow's citizens
"Feel good as a family" activity
"Feel good as a family" activity

Playing is far from being a useless activity : it enables development of the child’s brain and boosts the learning process.

Children enjoy playing and it is a perfect practice for the future : they are given the chance to think, negotiate, listen, adapt to new rules and try again when things don’t go as they want.

They solve problems, think strategically, relate to others and learn how to learn.

They then develop essential skills that will last a lifetime.

More generally learning through play enhances the language development and emotional abilities.

At SFM Clichy, we are really convinced about this and decided in October 2021, following the peak of the Covid crises, to launch a new activity named “Feel good as a family” in order to gather families around board games. The objective was to complete our schooling support program by offering an original and fun time which involves parents and children. Board games were then the perfect choice!

Twice a month, 3 to 4 families at a time came to SFM to play and it was the opportunity to have a very good time. Overall, 15 families benefited from the activity.

Children who participated really enjoyed these moments : it gave them the opportunity to play with their parents, (re-)discover their capacity for fun and competition and have some quality family time. Some of them were also very proud to show their knowledge on different subjects.

We plan to continue with this much appreciated activity in the new school year, developing it. We have been very lucky to receive a donation of 30 board games from a private company in June and he hope to be able to reach more families for more “Feel good as a family” times !

Board games donation
Board games donation
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Last year, in the heart of the Covid pandemic, SFM decided to open a library: we felt it was important to give the children access to books and reading. For months now, public libraries were mostly closed to visits and book borrowing had become complicated…

It took a few weeks starting in September 2021 to organize the acquisition and cataloging of books. We appealed to our community who responded with generosity: we have several hundred books available for borrowing, in categories ranging from young children’s tales, to young adult literature, to mangas (a favorite) and non-fiction.

Official opening occurred in December 2021, and these first months of operation, have mostly been a success.

The library is opened for reading and borrowing on Saturday afternoons, to all the children and families of Clichy. You can sit inside or outside in our little garden and enjoy a quiet time with friends and/or family, or otherwise attend one of the proposed activities: story telling, story writing, manga workshop,… Furthermore, it is also open every evening of the school week to the children of our educational support program, for borrowing.

Aline who runs the project, is a book lover and enjoys sharing her riches! In this, she is assisted by Aziza a volunteer alumni from our educational support program. She felt she needed this opportunity of ‘giving back’ within our realm.

We find this library to be an exceptional addition to our programs: it allows us to encourage children to read, to take them to the next level of language and reading fluency, and broaden their vocabulary. But most of all, it is an opportunity to nourish their imagination and open their minds. It also allows families to engage in activities outside their homes with other parents.

See you in few months.

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This new year report is focused on the actions of SFM accompanying our trainees who need to find a job. Needless to say that in the Covid’s context, job’ situation is a crucial issue.
Hereunder you will find a summary of our 2021 actions. Attached you could read a testimony of Rakhye whom we have known for 10 years, and also an extract of the work of Axelle (social sciences doctorant) who interviewed 5 of our trainees faced with the job search. 

SFM has two mains levers to address the search for employment, the animation of collective workshops and individual tutoring.

1-Collective workshops (21 people in 2021)

The trainees of the workshops are brought by the institution of the PLIE, (Plan local pour l'insertion et l'emploi) Local plan for integration and employment

Trainees work on authentic documents aimed at developing their oral and written expressions, supplemented by actions outdoor proposed by SFM and its partners. It should be noted the linguistic fragility of the profiles of the trainees of the workshop which leads to spending time on learning the language associated with that of the socio-economic context.

The contributions concerned throughout the year were

ü  Social life and citizenship

-know each other (quality, flaws, interests, values) identify and communicate on a daily basis

-The world of work in France:

-Know the sectors of activity Discover the trades and their conditions. Understand the functioning of a business and labor law.

ü  Professional project & job search:

-Identify your skills, TRE: understand and know how to use a CV, a cover letter, Prepare for --job interviews,

-Digital initiation

-Language tools: grammar and professional vocabulary

2-Tutorials (88 interviews in 2021)

In addition to the tutorials given to people in the workshops who need it, SFM has developed tutorials for the requesting public from Clichy. The requests concerned :- writing or updating CVs and cover letters,- preparation for an interview for a position or training.- the search for a professional path- an online process- complete a reconversion file.

Although the people received were mostly women, practicing or wishing to move towards maintenance, collective catering, early childhood, personal and health services, 7 men participated to go to jobs in construction (handling and painting), transport (truck driver), pastry making, personal assistance and catering.

Given the ever-present health crisis, distance courses set up in 2020 continued to operate, promoting the use of many digital tools, a subject of discoveries for trainees.People thus discovered their own adaptability and the range of possibilities of these tools, such as the digital applications to which they must have access on a phone or tablet, text messages, the individual use of what's app and the class group on what'sapp. This last allows them to develop their autonomy by making sure to receive information from the trainer and to respond to it.

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The SFM team has resumed all its activities. We are now open on Saturdays.

A focus on parenting is presented hereby.


Is open since September 1st.

Training sessions

After a well-deserved vacation, the team devoted these first weeks of September to meeting the new French language trainees (the classes are already full but we have opened waiting lists) and the parents of children who are new candidates to the schooling support.

Two pedagogical processes will be used: distance and face-to-face.

Since the beginning of the school year, women and men will take part in these classes.

Access to rights

Available since September 1st, following the same sanitary constraints that those in July.

A seminar will be organized soon to bring together the people concerned by this topic (salaries and volunteers) and relaunch a team dynamic that has been shaken up by the long periods of confinement ! It will be a day of discussions and construction with the contribution of an external facilitator.

Parenting Accompanying parents and children in educational acts that allow for both emotional security and emancipation is at the heart of our proposals! (figures are from last school year)

Some examples of what we do

  • the refuge of emotions (12 parents and 20 children)The action is built around two steps:

- a journey of emotions to be discovered and experienced as a family. The goal is to allow a better understanding of the role of emotions in daily life and the construction of an individual.

The activities proposed aim at facilitating speech and showing, by simple and playful means, how to accompany a child's emotion in a way that respects the child and its autonomy. During these workshops, parents can learn how to manage the different emotions their child is going through. Each corner / mat is dedicated to an emotion (challenge box, anger bag, fear ladder, cuddle sling, etc.), which can be played with and which can be named. The animation accompanies the exchanges between adults and children and between families. Thus for anger, the children were able to draw a monster that represented their anger, build a volcano that allowed them to blow on the embers of anger...

- parents think about and build a refuge of emotions that would be installed in the SFM premises for the children, and that the parents could eventually recreate at home.

The parents proposed, for example, a sealed anger box in which the children, who have had a bad day, can leave a message that will remain secret, and an open problem-solving box that will allow the children to discuss what is bothering them and to build solutions together..

  • the Family well-being space

This action is based on two complementary axes: playful workshops and interviews under systemic observance

-The playful sessions (25 parents and 38 children)

Varied playful activities are proposed allowing the members of a family, as well as with other families, to experience exchanges relieved from the pressures of daily life. Ideas for family outings or educational practices are thus proposed that can be transferred to the home. These workshops also aim at developing / reinforcing positive family interactions. The themes can address different levels of solicitation, including the practice of board games as a family. The board game sessions have been very popular and we have noticed an increase in intra-family interactions around the game.

-The systemic interview workshop (13 parents and 14 children) allowing the deciphering of the structure and the functioning of the family

Parents and children are invited to share the questions that exist in the family. These exchanges aim at elaborating ways to move towards a growing educational and family harmony.

The families were supported in their sometimes difficult relationships with their children, tensions often due to the family functioning and/or the socio-economic context. It was therefore a question of regulating intra-family tensions in order to better understand one's child, the stakes in a sibling, jealousy, the impacts of marital life on children, etc. These interviews also made it possible to discuss the children's difficulties at school, to better understand the stumbling blocks and to better understand the children's needs.


The Forum des associations is an annual event, which takes place all over France, but is organized locally by the municipalities, to allow people to meet the" association of their dreams": a sport for them or their children, an association to volunteer or join a community of interest, etc.

SFM is always ready to meet new volunteers in order to share its activities with employees, to be in contact with civil society and young people who will bring new ideas and new processes. In Clichy, the forum was held on Sunday, September 5.

To date, we have 6 candidates willing to join SFM.

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During this quarter, the sanitary instructions were still in force, varying from region to region. In April national and more drastic measures were taken: the curfew was at 7 pm and we could not leave our house more than 10 km. Closure of all shops except food carried on. Then the Easter holidays, from April 10 to 24, were made common to everybody in France: no school and no leisure activity. Except for the 2 weeks of holidays, we favored remote work as much as possible and click and collect for restaurants and goods dealers. Appointments for administrative assistance continued at SFM, remote adult classes and workshops with elementary and middle school children and  continued.

A new workshop was tested: the talking circle. It was about putting into practice the transmission and dissemination of the speaking arts.The goal of this shared moment was for children to appropriate a space through their words. Oral language considered being the basis of learning.

The workshop, co-hosted by Ariel Thiébaut, storyteller and Tiffany Duprés, mediator at SFM, took place over two hours on Saturday March 20, 2021.

The proposal for this workshop was made to certain primary school children (from 7 to 11 years old), that we accompany in support to schooling. The profile of the participating children was heterogeneous, some very comfortable in speaking, others a little more inhibited. This choice was voluntary in order to build momentum within the group.

We asked the children to sit in a circle around an imaginary fire, respecting the distances imposed by the health situation. We introduced ourselves first, and then we gave the floor to the children. All stated their first name, class and age. Some children got to know each other through the workshops we share on Wednesday mornings. After the presentations, Ariel, who wore a transparent visor, took the floor to tell us a tale. Surprised and taken aback at first by Ariel's presence, the children were intrigued by the ease with which it is possible to tell a story.

Then we asked them to tell a story, a tale, a dream, a memory, a made-up story. Several hands were raised. Speaking was not compulsory, however. Most of them wanted to participate naturally. They were 8 and each time they spoke, they had the opportunity to remove their mask. But no child did.Listening was essential. When a child wanted to tell a story, he stayed in his place, looked around before exploring his memory and going for it.

Soujoud was the first to speak.Tiffany decided to participate; Having no tale in memory, she evoked a story told a thousand times during family meals. That of her grandfather, little one, who throws firecrackers in his grandmother's basket to scare her. He runs across the fields to escape her, and finds himself punished, tied by the suspenders to the shutter of the house. Feeling uninhibited by this story, the children delivered certain memories, and even tried to make up stories. Rimes told us the story of the three little pigs that everyone knows and whose morals appeal to everyone, Vinushika, the legend of a Hindu god.Everyone's words are listened to with kindness and attention by the rest of the group. Everyone takes hold of the story they have heard which brings out other memories.At the end of the session, all the children expressed their interest and enthusiasm for this workshop, and their wish to participate again. Sorry, no photos, neither records were taken, but it was the first session. 

Ariel's Testimonial

For the first session, you had to let the tongues loosen without restraining the word in order to be able to then refine and tighten naturally on the tales and the logical sequence of the narration in a very specific order. The notion of pleasure and volunteering being essential!

The session began with the viewing of In the land of the tale  (30mn) presenting Suzy Platiel's approach with talking circles. Even if this CNRS video is far from simple, it has the advantage of showing a passionate old lady who explains what pushed her to undertake this storytelling path and to intervene, since the 1980s, in French schools, to disseminate it as an educational tool to recreate the social bond. She insists that mastery of oral and body language is essential in children's development, before requiring them to read and write.

This video made it possible to arouse the questions of the children. Half an hour was devoted to answering them and then "practicing". In my presentation, I emphasized the fact that I loved to listen to as well as to tell stories. I considered them as much as gifts to receive as to give. 7 children of the 8 told some in passing at least 2 times. Vinishika, I believe, was particularly involved in the talking circle with a very strong Indian family heritage. She told stories and beliefs with great conviction.Tiffany, the host also got something up her sleeves by telling a family memory.

So the second hour went by very quickly and I only had 5 minutes to tell an easy-to-memorize “finger hike” for the children to take home with. Below an example of a story with fingers by Christine Righi  Histoires à gestes16. Haskawawa et Hiskiwiwi | Conter 

Suitable for children (nursery and kindergarten), finger stories help develop their sense of observation and interpretation. With these stories, the child learns to decode two languages: oral and gestural.

When the child begins to appropriate stories with his fingers, a whole universe of explorations opens up: psychomotricity, synchronization of speech and gesture, metaphorical use of the hands, sense of the story… put at the service of expression of a sensitivity and of the poetic part that each one carries in oneself.

Yes, SFM still there and open.

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