Mentoring 16 orphan and needy girls in Kenya

by PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress
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Girls in disadvantaged rural backgrounds are surrounded by more people who model paths that lead to dropping out of school (early pregnancies, getting married) than people who provide positive role models through staying in school, delaying marriage and going on to college or trade school. We will select needy girls with high potential to take part in an internship program where life skills, computer skills, business skills will be taught along side leadership and female advocacy skills.


Unlike boys, girls leaving high school are faced with challenges in determining what to do with their lives. Culture allows boys to mingle with people of all walks of life, including female and male professionals, church leaders, and others who offer career and social advice. Unfortunately for girls, culture demands that 'a good girl' has to stay at home doing chores, so cannot learn skills to help her become self sufficient and thus delay marriage and avoid HIV infection.


We will train girls and introduce an enterprising culture, so that with the limited resources around them, they can pull out of the cycle of poverty. With the entrepreneurial education provided by this program, these girls can be able to economically stand on their own and become a role model to other girls as well as help girls in their communities.

Long-Term Impact

The girls trained through this mentorship will not only learn skills that will help prepare them for college or train them to support themselves, but will also be instilled with a mentality and practice of giving back to help girls in their own communities.

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This project has provided additional documentation in a Microsoft Word file (projdoc.doc).

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