Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions

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Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Asante Sana!
Asante Sana!

Mozambique Mine Action Achievements  


This year was filled with milestones for our Mozambique Mine Action Program. Thanks to the intrepid work of the team, which now boasts 44 accredited Mine Detection Rats, a grand total of 748,488 square meters of land was cleared in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. While clearing that land, 787 mines were found and destroyed, along with 220 items of unexploded ordnance and 2,683 small arms and ammunition. 

The payoff of this dedication is great: APOPO plans to finish demining of the Gaza Province, which is the most heavily mined province in Mozambique, by early next year – a full two years ahead of the 2014 deadline!
The Mozambique Mine Action Program also saw a changeover in management this year. We bid farewell to three-year Program Manager Andrew Sully as he moved to Southeast Asia to pick up the reins of our Thailand Mine Action Program, and welcomed new Program Manager, Tess Tewelde, who came to APOPO from the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).
So what’s next for our resolute team? Once clearance of the Gaza Province is completed in early 2012, the team has been tasked to clear two southern districts of the nearby Manica Province, bringing Mozambique another step closer to being mine-free at last.

APOPO-PRO Progress in Thailand 

Our Thailand Mine Action Program headed into the field for the first time in 2011. Equipped with 25 staff and a partnership with the Thai NGO Peace Road Organization (PRO), the team launched a combined Technical and Non-Technical Survey of all Suspected Hazardous Areas in the province of Trat in June.  

APOPO-PRO’s tactic of Land Release Methodology is proving essential in accelerating the daunting task of demining the Thai-Cambodian border. Since the start of the survey, the team has been able to confirm that 25% of surveyed land can indeed be re-classified as Confirmed Hazardous Areas, while 75% of the land can be classified as either Canceled Land or Area with Restriction. During the course of the surveys, the Thailand Mine Action Program has found and destroyed 393 landmines and 859 items of unexploded ordnance.  

These early results already prove that APOPO-PRO’s aid will be instrumental in bringing an end to Thailand’s deadly landmine problem. In 2012, the team plans to continue their survey in the province of Chantaburi. The longer-term vision is to utilize a team of trained Mine Detection Rats to speed up clearance efforts in the region and further the reach of our program’s impact. 

Significant funding is required to sustain this vital undertaking, and APOPO is appealing to anyone who might be able to support this effort to connect with us directly at to further discuss the possibility of collaboration.


TB Detection: Saving Lives, Crossing Borders 
Our Tuberculosis (TB) Detection Program, based at our headquarters in Morogoro, Tanzania, served as a second-line screen for more than 10,000 patients who had already been tested for TB via microscopy. Thirty-two trained TB-Detection HeroRATs screened more than 20,000 sputum samples provided by these patients, and detected over 300 new cases of Tuberculosis that had been previously missed in hospitals.  
While the detection rats were sniffing and saving lives, their human colleagues were hard at work increasing the capacity and recognition of the program. Our 2010 results were published this year in the Pan-African Medical Journal, and our TB Detection Center started working with the newly developed automated line cage to enhance the HeroRAT training process 
New hospital partnerships were also established, with APOPO’s technicians now gathering patient samples from a total of 11 DOTS Centers. In addition, as part of our ongoing research and development, studies are being conducted to directly compare the rats’ evaluations of samples with the results of fluorescent microscopy (FMs) and the state-of-the-art Cepheid GeneXpert.
The hard work and remarkable results produced by our TB Detection Program in Tanzania has resulted in a huge victory for HeroRATs as a diagnostic method. In October, the Flemish government approved a grant of 590,000 Euros for APOPO to replicate our TB detection successes in Mozambique, another high-burden TB country. The first phase of the project is already underway, and APOPO will spend early 2012 establishing an operational TB capacity in Maputo, Mozambique.


APOPO HQ: Training, Research & Development 
This year, our HeroRAT Headquarters in Morogoro, Tanzania, continued transforming ordinary African giant pouched rats into extraordinary mine-detecting and TB-sniffing heroes. As of the end of 2011, we currently have 223 rats in various stages of landmine detection training and accreditation. In June, 20 graduRATs of our HeroRAT training course flew to the minefields of Mozambique to fulfill their destinies as life-saving Mine Detection Rats. 
Staff and rats in our Remote Scent Tracing Program have been lending their minds, noses, and energy to detecting and discriminating new scents, such as salmonella bacteria, illegal tobacco, and bedbugs. In addition, preliminary research into the CameRAT application was conducted. This project currently involves training six young rats to search for humans and to respond to a command to return to the site where they were released. Some of these initial research programs may result in operational applications in future, provided the necessary support is secured. 
Meanwhile, nestled in their comfortable burrows deep inside our breeding kennels, still other HeroRATs have been hard at work with the rewarding (but tiring!) task of contributing to the next generation of heroes. Between October and December alone, the HeroRAT nursery welcomed 36 new baby rats, eager and willing to learn the ropes in one of our life-saving detection programs.


HeroRAT Campaign Highlights
In addition to the incredible progress of our teams, word of the HeroRATs’ amazing deeds spread all over the world again this year. This exciting exposure helped draw in fans of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities, to join us in the fight against landmines and TB!
Highlights included:


Help us make “Peace on Earth” a reality! 
If you’re looking for a more meaningful Christmas gift than the usual knick-knacks and electronics, you’re in luck – a HeroRAT gift adoption helps make the world a better place, while being a hassle-free and instantly delivered gift, to relieve the pressures of last-minute holiday shopping!
Our featured TB and Landmine Detection HeroRATs are not only super-skilled and extra lovable, they’re also articulate: adopters receive updates from their rat after the giving season is over, keeping them informed about their heroic work. By teaming up with Nala, Mojo, Cheeky or Blossom this season, you and your gift recipient are truly helping to make the dream of “Peace on Earth” a reality. To get the whole banana on the perks of adopting a rat for yourself or for others, check out our Adopt-a-Rat webpage and download our Adopt-a-Rat FAQ! 
There are a number of other inspiring initiatives for givers looking to lend a paw this holiday season, too. One way is to visit our project on GlobalGiving, which allows you to contribute a year's worth of banana treats for one of our rats - that's cause for a full-cheeks celebration! And if you'd like to support our work as a heroic holiday gift, check out the GlobalGiving Gift Card Challenge. For every 500 gift cards sold, something amazing will happen thanks to GlobalGiving's bonus grants - now that's the giving spirit!


HeroRATs are naturally humble creatures, and this year, we’re more humbled than ever by the generosity of our friends around the world. APOPO's teams could not have come this far without the help you’ve given, and continue to give, throughout the holiday season. Thank you, and happy holidays!

With gRATitude & good wishes,


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Rat snacking!
Rat snacking!

A mine action milestone for Mozambique 

As the year is drawing to a close, so too are our team’s Mine Action efforts in the Gaza Province of Mozambique! Back in 2008, APOPO was tasked as the sole demining organization to continue clearance of the province. In early 2012, our Mine Action team is scheduled to complete clearance of all designated areas, well ahead of the 2014 deadline.

With the help of HeroRATs, APOPO’s team has cleared over 1.9 million square meters of land in the Gaza Province alone, in the process ensuring the safe destruction of 1,762 landmines, 972 unexploded ordnance and 12,168 small arms and ammunitions. A total of 26 tasked areas have been cleared and released to the local community, while clearance efforts continue in two remaining areas.

But the job isn’t over yet! APOPO is committed to helping Mozambique rid itself of its landmine problem by 2014. Next year, we will continue to assist with clearance operations in two of Manica Province’s southern districts, Mossurize and Machaze, covering a total area just over 1.6 million square meters.


Vote for HeroRATs in the McKinsey Social Innovation Video Contest!

The HeroRATs’ skill at hamming it up for the camera has paid off: we’re excited to announce that our video clip, “Training HeroRATs to sniff out TB,” has been selected as a Finalist in the McKinsey Social Innovation Video Contest!

As part of their effort to “create a hub where [McKinsey] can highlight the incredible work taking place around the world,” McKinsey & Company asked social innovators, wherever in the world they might be, to create a one-minute-or-less video showcasing their ideas or solutions to social problems. We are honored that our entry, featuring the talents of our TB-sniffing heroes and longtime APOPO employee Peter, was selected as one of the top 11 finalists, out of 141 entries!

Between November 30th and December 9th, the public is welcome to view all of the finalists’ videos and vote for their favorite! You can vote on one video, once per day, until the December 9th deadline. The three winning organizations with the most votes will be announced on December 12th. As incentives, the lucky final three will be included in a print edition of McKinsey's flagship publication What Matters, have a chance to be featured in a special TV program co-produced with Link TV &, and will be honored at a networking reception in NYC where the Link TV program will be screened. As an added bonus, each finalist will be featured in The Huffington Post!

Click here to watch all of the finalists’ videos, and cast your vote for the one you think showcases the best innovation and impact. Or, click here to vote for HeroRATs now – and every day until 9th December!


Ashoka Globalizer Summit steps up social change

Between 5 – 7 November, APOPO’s Founder, Bart Weetjens, along with 14 other Ashoka Fellows, went to work exploring the possibilities of scaling social impact at the Ashoka Globalizer Summit in Vienna, Austria. With a core mission that aims to match social innovators with the resources and mentorship needed to advance their innovations, the Globalizer Summit asks: “What do you need to take change to a global level?”

In order to answer this question, the Summit aligns selected Fellows with a team of expert panelists, comprising some of the most accomplished social and business entrepreneurs in the world. The teams then spend three days developing the strategies needed to advance their ideas to effect greater social change. 

For Bart, being invited to participate in the Summit was an enlightening experience, and he savored the chance to learn from the experts on his assigned panel – including Jerry White, a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his leadership with the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. “This was a great opportunity to learn from accomplished individuals, both in traditional business enterprises as well as in the NGO and social action world,” says Bart. “The interaction with these panelists was quite personal, and went deeply into proven strategies to scale social innovation, like smart networks and open source strategies.”

“In line with Bill Drayton’s ‘Everyone A Changemaker’ vision, there was an emphasis on personal commitment and leadership,” explains Bart, “a call for everyone in society, no matter where you are or what you do, to help make change happen.”


“Poppies for Peace” sprouts support for APOPO

It’s a beautiful garden for a great cause: the Klaprozen voor Vrede (“Poppies for Peace”) project began in 2004, when Belgian ceramic artist Anita Huybens conceptualized, created, and exhibited more than 1,000 ceramic poppies to fundraise for APOPO. Although Anita sadly passed away in September 2008, Klaprozen voor Vrede continues to grow under the leadership of a team of volunteers, and their commitment to the APOPO cause remains strong. Earlier this month, we were grateful to receive a donation of 42,000 Euros thanks to their amazing efforts!

Klaprozen voor Vrede is instrumental in raising both funds and awareness of the global landmine problem. In the past, the sale of these poppies – at 50 Euros each – enabled APOPO to purchase two brush-cutting machines, vital pieces of equipment for our Mozambique Mine Action team!

The project continues Anita’s work by exhibiting the poppies at events throughout the year, and there are several permanent displays throughout Belgium; you can learn more about their locations here. If you are interested in purchasing a poppy, you may also download a PDF of their brochure (in English, French, and Dutch).

We are truly touched by the Klaprozen voor Vrede project’s recent donation, and would like to thank all of the volunteers involved for their incredible support of our work!


HeroRAT Trainer profile: reflections from the minefields

Hamoud (also known as Moudy) has been working with APOPO for five years, training HeroRATs at our headquarters in Tanzania. In January of 2011, he was among four Tanzanian trainers chosen to spend six months working with our Mozambique Mine Action team.

Because this was his first trip to Mozambique, Hamoud was excited to see how his work in Tanzania was implemented, and while there, he was determined to learn all he could from the Mozambique Mine Action team. “It’s important to interact well,” he says, “and you must get used to the new language and new people. You can’t take the culture from Tanzania and bring it to Mozambique. They [the team] are used to working there, so you must listen to them and implement their advice.” In order to listen, he had to first learn their language. Mastering Portuguese, he says, was one of his proudest accomplishments.

Of course, he also took pride in the great work he did with the HeroRATs. In one morning alone, he remembers, his rat located no less than four mines! He also discovered that he enjoyed working with one rat in particular. “Out of all of the Mine Detection Rats, Chosen One was my favorite,” he reveals. “He was polite, he walked very well, and he did good work!”

Hamoud is now back in Tanzania, and has resumed training HeroRATs each morning at our headquarters. Although he is glad to be home, he says he would certainly return to Mozambique. “We are giving land back to the people for development and for infrastructure,” he explains, “and I’m proud of this work.”


1000 Dinners for HeroRATs

Night of a Thousand Dinners (N1KD) is a student-run gala dedicated to raising awareness of the global landmine crisis and its devastating effect on international communities. The International Relations Students Association (IRSA) of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, recently held their 9th Annual N1KD event. This year, the IRSA chose to highlight the work of APOPO’s mine detection HeroRATs at their gala!

About 230 people attended the event on 21 November, which featured a silent auction, a string quartet performance, a mouth-watering three course dinner, and a presentation on the mine action efforts of APOPO. A video message came all the way from HeroRAT headquarters in Tanzania, featuring APOPO’s Founder, Bart Weetjens, who expressed gratitude to the audience for being a part of such a wonderful initiative.

A huge thanks to the IRSA team for all the time, energy and enthusiasm they put into organizing this event: we appreciate their efforts to bring the global problem of landmines into the spotlight and offer support for mine action efforts around the world.


Give a rat, help save lives this holiday season!

Move over, Kindle and iPad: this season’s hottest holiday gifts have four legs, long tails, and sniffers even more useful than that of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Their names are Nala, Cheeky, Blossom, and Mojo, and supporting their life-saving work through a HeroRAT Gift Adoption is a hassle-free way to bring holiday cheer to anyone on your gift list!

Lucky gift recipients will be warmly welcomed into our Adopt-a-Rat program with a snazzy adoption certificate and welcome letter introducing them to their brand-new HeroRAT. Throughout the year, they will also be able to enjoy regular progress reports lovingly written and emailed from their adopted rat.

A HeroRAT adoption truly is a gift that continues to give. Long after the presents have been unwrapped and thank you cards have been sent, our HeroRATs will still be doing their life-saving detection work – and bringing cheer wherever they go!

For more info, email us at


Finally, to get yourselves in the festive spirit, be sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter in the lead-up to the holiday season - we'll be posting 12 Days of HeroRATs for the Holidays to put a smile on your face and spread some joy to the world...

On behalf of the HeroRATs, we wish you a safe and peaceful lead-up to the festive season!

Warm regards,

The HeroRAT team

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Young TB-sniffing HeroRAT
Young TB-sniffing HeroRAT

TB sniffing rats on the move to Mozambique

In an exciting new development, APOPO’s proposal to expand our Tuberculosis (TB) Detection Program into Mozambique was approved by the Flemish Government. Minister-President Kris Peeters announced on October 21st that APOPO will be awarded a grant of 590,000 Euros to implement the first phase of a project designed to accelerate TB case detection in Mozambique. 

Increasing the detection rate of TB patients remains one of the main challenges to combat this fast spreading disease. Mozambique has a high incidence of TB, with an estimated 431 cases per 100,000 people (World Health Organization, 2007) and remains in the list of high TB burden countries. 

In the short term, APOPO aims to significantly increase the rate of new TB case findings in Mozambique by replicating the success of our TB Detection Program in Tanzania. APOPO’s detection rats technology meets the seven top priorities required for a diagnostic method, as determined by the TB diagnostic group of the World Health Organization.The first phase of this exciting new project will involve implementing collaboration agreements, establishing an operational TB detection capacity, and evaluating the established operation. APOPO is grateful for the ongoing support of the Flemish Government, in furthering our efforts to provide an efficient and reliable solution to this global public health challenge.


TakePart feature: A Nose Knows 

Earlier this year, TakePart travelled to the Skoll World Forum in England to pick the brains of the world’s biggest thinkers. The resulting video series of these “Innovators in Action” showcases their ideas, enthusiasm, and solutions for creating a better world.

Among those featured in the collection is APOPO Founder, Bart Weetjens. In a clip titled “A Nose Knows: HeroRATs Sniff Out Tuberculosis and Land Mines”, Bart talks of changing perceptions in regards to detection rats as a disease diagnostic technology: “Rats are thought of as a cause of disease, they are not necessarily a solution to disease – well, we turned this around completely.” 

You can view Bart’s interview, along with many other “Innovators in Action” working to improve our world, on the TakePart website here:


Tanzania’s Uhuru 50th Anniversary event 

This month, APOPO’s HeroRATs stepped out to join the celebrations of Tanzania’s Uhuru Festival, marking the 50th Anniversary since independence! APOPO was invited by partner organization, the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), to share a display booth providing information about APOPO’s Tuberculosis (TB) Detection Program during a week-long event hosted by the Ministry of Health.

HeroRAT trainers Haruni and Mark showed great national pride in demonstrating the skills and efficiency of our Tanzanian-born TB detection rats. In a series of training sessions, our expert sniffer rats screened line-ups of human sputum samples and were able to accurately indicate which samples were TB-positive. While the rats took a rest in between sessions, footage of APOPO’s work was displayed on a monitor and staff was at hand to answer the questions of many curious visitors.

Our HeroRATs stole the spotlight as one of the most popular displays at the event, regularly drawing large crowds of onlookers – including none other than  the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Blandina S.J. Nyoni, who was impressed with the sensitivity of APOPO’s innovative diagnostic method!

APOPO is grateful for the opportunity to attend this event and raise awareness about the TB problem. We forward to continuing a strong and productive partnership with NIMR, as together we strive to increase TB case findings in Tanzania. 


Thailand Mine Action Program update

A mine action workshop on “Enhanced Operational Approaches through the Application of Land Release Methodology” took place last month in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The workshop was hosted by the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) in cooperation with the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC), the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) and the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).

Among those in attendance was APOPO’s Thailand Program Manager, Andrew Sully, who presented the preliminary results of the APOPO-PRO Mine Action team’s survey progress along the Thai-Cambodian border.

After ten weeks of surveying an area of approximately 30 square kilometers, APOPO-PRO’s Technical Survey (TS) intervention teams located 165 anti-personnel mines and 17 anti-tank mines. These items were found during targeted investigations of Non-Technical Survey (NTS) information.
The team also determined that 40% of land could potentially be re-classified as Confirmed Hazardous Areas (CHA), while 35% of land could potentially be re-classified as either Cancelled Land (16%) or Area With Restriction (19%).

These preliminary results are promising, but a long-term strategy is needed to help Thailand rid itself entirely from its landmine problem. APOPO-PRO intends to implement a full cross-border mine action approach in Thailand and Cambodia, provided the necessary funding is secured. If successful in attaining this much-needed support, a team of trained Mine Detection Rats will be deployed to South East Asia to assist in speeding up clearance efforts in the region. For more information, please contact APOPO-PRO Program Manager, Andrew Sully.

On behalf of the entire APOPO team, we’d like to extend our best wishes to everyone affected by the devastating floods in Thailand.


Raising a GOOD question about giant rats in Thailand

One good thing a day – that’s the promise of GOOD. Over 180,000 online subscribers receive “the daily GOOD” newsletter in their email inbox each day, and last month our giant rats were lucky enough to be the GOOD topic of the day!

In their email, GOOD raised the question: Could Giant Rats Eliminate Landmines in Thailand? The effect of the email and its counterpart post online was instant, with more than 330 responses via the website and Twitter, as well as over 700 recommendations via Facebook. It seems if the public had their way, a team of APOPO’s trained Mine Detection Rats and handlers would be on the next plane to South East Asia! To view the article & comment stream online, or to get the daily GOOD, click here

In their own words, "GOOD is a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward. Since 2006, they've been making a magazine, videos, and events for people who give a damn. The GOOD team cares about what works – what is sustainable, prosperous, productive, creative, and just – for each and every one of us." Visit for more. 


APOPO website now online in German 

APOPO is excited to announce that our website is now available in German! With this new linguistic offering, we hope to spread the word of APOPO’s life-saving riesenhamsterratten to all of our German-speaking supporters around the globe.

We’d like to thank our dedicated team of German-speaking volunteers, who worked tirelessly to translate and edit our entire website text. A round of applause for Agapi, Benjamin, Christine, Dirk, Domenique, Fatima, Katharina, Katrin, Maren, Mario, Sarah, Sebastion, Stefan, Susette, and Wencke!

The HeroRAT team would also like to extend a special hero-sized thank you (and several years’ worth of banana treats) to journalist and HeroRAT adopter Claudia Müenster, who not only translated much of our text but also worked around the clock to proofread all of our website for accuracy and consistency.

We, along with our German fans, extend our deepest gRATitude to all those who volunteered their time and skills to make this translation happen! You can visit the new German website here:


Adopt-a-Rat Ambassadors put their best paws forward

Thanks to all of our fabulous Facebook fans who took part in our online Vote-a-Rat contest – and had the rare opportunity to suggest names for the new faces of APOPO’s Adopt-a-Rat program!

Our four beloved HeroRATs, Kim, Tyson, Ziko and Chosen One have enjoyed their tenure as rats featured for adoption on our website. While they will continue to save lives and limbs and mail updates to their legions of loyal adopters, they are graciously stepping out of the limelight to allow four young HeroRATs to share their training journeys with our Adopt-a-Rat community.

Visit our Facebook page to meet the fresh new faces of our Adopt-a-Rat program, who will soon appear on our website for adoption – and join us in wishing them every success as they commence their heroic training journeys!


Many thanks for your ongoing support as we work towards creating a safer, healthier and better world for all.

Warm regards,

The HeroRAT team

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Banana treat for a young HeroRAT-in-training
Banana treat for a young HeroRAT-in-training

Greetings, friends of HeroRATs,

We need your help on GlobalGiving's LAST Bonus Day of the year, this Wednesday, October 19th!

Starting at 12:01 am EDT, all donations to our NEW project, Train HeroRATs for Life-Saving Detection Missions, will be generously matched by GlobalGiving at 30%!

(Up to $1,000 per donor, per project, until matching funds run out.)

GlobalGiving has a whopping $100,000 available in matching funds, which will run out quickly! It’s an amazing opportunity to score our HeroRATs more bananas for your buck, in exchange for their heroic efforts sniffing out global problems...

And with the extra funds, we can ensure even more rats are trained for life-saving detection missions! So, please help by making your donation count for 30% more this Wednesday, October 19th. Contribute to our cause here:

We truly appreciate your ongoing support & belief in our HeroRATs!

With gRATitude,
The HeroRAT Team


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Welcome from Cherish the HeroRAT!
Welcome from Cherish the HeroRAT!

Welcome, friends of HeroRATs!

Since 2008, APOPO’s HeroRATs have been honored to be a part of the GlobalGiving community. Now, we’re excited to welcome you to our brand-new project page: “Train HeroRATs for Life-Saving Detection Missions”!

Already, the super-sensitive noses of our HeroRATs have helped to release millions of meters of mine-free land to communities in Mozambique, increase tuberculosis case findings in Tanzania, and further the reach of APOPO’s life-saving efforts in new regions.

But while there are still global problems to sniff out, there are still HeroRATs to train! A hero’s work is never done, and this page is the new home for our heroes on GlobalGiving. Here you’ll find regular Project Reports on APOPO’s work, up-to-date information, fun photos, and new contribution options that go directly towards supporting all aspects of HeroRAT-hood!

Feel free to also join to our mailing list, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter for all the latest heroic happenings.

Thank you for your interest in our work. Together, we will train more HeroRATs for life-saving detection missions!

With gRATitude,

The HeroRAT Team


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