COVID-19  Mexico Project #47723

Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19

by Psicologia y Derechos Humanos PSYDEH A.C.
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Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Help Marginalized Mexican Women Overcome COVID-19
Jazmin, one of our Indigenous Field Professionals
Jazmin, one of our Indigenous Field Professionals

Since our last report,

  • we switched gears to meet emergency needs while continuing to focus on our bread and butter—women-focused, sustainable community-led development.
  • Our work is right and good with Indigenous women leading the way.
  • We inch closer to being the paradigm-change actor we aspire to be in Mexico, Mesoamerica, and the Global South.


Our 2021-2024 program confronts the painful effects of the pandemic and climate change on PSYDEH’s work with Indigenous women and their communities. How?

  • Casa Siempre Viva (CSV), a key component to 2021 work, is a long-missing piece to our field presence, decreasing transportation costs (money and time), increasing in-Region presence, and offering women a safe workspace.
  • Cuando Amanece initiative delivers short-term, emergency assistance demanded by women during this hard time via coaching and financial assistance for their own small economic and social impact projects.
  • Government of Ireland and German Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation join forces with PSYDEH to incubate a network of cooperatives through 2024, in part based on our 2021 social enterprise Bordamos Juntos (including our Etsy Shop).


Jazmín, the 24-year-old Otomí Indigenous woman leader pictured above with our field vehicle, a canary yellow 1990 VW beetle that has become our calling card, is one of four female professionals forming the core of our new IWC.

Raised in rural, marginalized Mexico, Jazmín has a degree in Sustainable Development from the Intercultural University of the State of Hidalgo (UICEH) and is a fearless coach and community organizer who travels solo through the mountains co-leading what we detail above. As she says, “[I work with PSYDEH] to reach women… to help them be informed and implement proposals based on their own opinions and demands.” 


When reorientating how we work in 2014-2015, we set out to model a new paradigm for how local-focused, Global South nonprofits can sustain their work while innovating a process-oriented prototype for empowering women and their communities to sustainable solve their own problems.

Our new 2020 Annual Report provides visually strong, narrative-centric reporting on how we did this during the hard pandemic year. And these past months have seen us continue to achieve big wins. For example:

  • we completed our first collaboration with USA-based company PopSockets. This project, described further in this case study, demonstrates how we can innovate profitable, win-win collaborations with corporate partners.
  • Indeed, we are also in mid-stream producing impact-making alliances with Johnson & Johnson, HSBC Bank, the Zoom company, and India-based Tata Group. More on these wins in our fourth quarter, 2021 report!
  • The London, UK-based Alliance of NGOs and CSOs for South-South Cooperation (ANCSSC) chooses PSYDEH as its first Mexican nonprofit member.
  • PSYDEH’s backstop support team welcomes new staff from Ireland and the USA and soon Belgium and Mexico. For example, we’re thrilled that USA lawyer Ryan Lavigne chooses PSYDEH to use our novel income diversification strategy when securing the resources we need.
  • We are thrilled to have just been selected by the USA-based Team4Tech as their first Mexican partner and only their third in Latin America to join their global community of nonprofit allies. Here, Team4Tech supports PSYDEH in linking with global companies like Adobe, SalesForce, and Hewlett Packard Enterprises on Information and Communications Technology (ICT)-focused projects with an aim to making a measured social impact.

*TO LEARN MORE about 2021 returns and progress, be sure to check out PSYDEH's RECENT NEWS page.


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Bordamos Juntos Main Page
Bordamos Juntos Main Page

2020 and early 2021 investments result in our COVID-19 program, PSYDEH's most ambitious fieldwork ever, a key step forward in our work to be a paradigm changer in the community-led development sector across the Americas and worldwide. Concurrently, we make strong advances in modeling to other nonprofits how they can evolve with more success in resource raising, corporate alliances, new branding, and intentional transparency. Let us explain! 


  • One of the key parts of our just-launched COVID-19 program (see below), perhaps its crown jewel, is PSYDEH’s social enterprise project Bordamos Juntos (“Embroidering Together”) produced with Ayuda Mutua CDMX. Bordamos Juntos offers a limited collection of embroidered and handwoven textiles crafted by Indigenous women artisans from Hidalgo, Mexico, available for purchase online on our brand new Etsy shop with international shipping options.
  • Produced pursuant to Indigenous women's demands in late-2020 and early 2021, our seven-mechanism COVID-19 program mitigates the pandemic's social and economic effects on women partners and their communities, while cementing our progress incubating a Network of women-led collectives since 2015-2016.
  • PSYDEH continues making a creative impact with our newest short film "Poderosa" celebrating women partners and friends running for political office in the Fall 2020 election season in Hidalgo. This short was directed by resident filmmaker/photographer Diogo Heber to offer an intimate conversation around how rural Indigenous women leaders view empowerment in the context of our work to protect and promote Mexican's right to vote in fair and open electoral processes.

Resource Well-being

  • The Kroll Charitable Foundation (then called Duff & Phelps), the giving arm of the firm Kroll, selected PSYDEH as one of 22 eligible charities worldwide to receive a grant. We use these funds for our COVID-19 program and have already made a presentation to Kroll employees across the globe. 
  • As part of Zoom's International Women's Day celebration, PSYDEH was chosen as one of two women's rights organizations worldwide to receive grant funds from Zoom Cares, their social impact program. Concurrently, we work to build a multi-year relationship with them, including having already made the first of a number of presentations to their employees.
  • Building off long-standing relationships in Germany and with crowdfunding platforms like GlobalGiving, PSYDEH now builds a German-speaking country resource raising strategy as well as a market-facing consulting service to support for-profit companies, nonprofits, and especially rural, Indigenous artisans wanting to solve ethically knotty cultural and branding appropriation cases in a win-win manner. 

Organization Progress

  • In spring 2021, we were chosen as the only nonprofit from GlobalGiving’s worldwide network of 6000 organizations to serve on an expert panel for the official launch of Ethos which is GG’s “philosophy and how-to guide designed to help leaders explore, act on, manage, and learn from dilemmas“. Mahathi Kumar, Project Manager at PSYDEH, shared our experience using the Ethos principles to navigate a recent dilemma involving business ethics and cultural and brand appropriation. Our case study, titled “Indigenous Communities, Companies and Cultural Appropriation” speaks to the same dilemma with more detail.
  • In early 2021, we used our years-long partnership with the groundbreaking Indian social start-up Chezuba to be selected as the only nonprofit in Latin America for India's largest company, the Tata Groups's TATAEngage Volunteer Program. Here, we allied with one of Tata's expert accountants based in Ambala City in the state of Haryana in northern India to produce a project focused on PSYDEH's organizational promise to be intentionally transparent. Specifically, he has delivered top-quality tools for annual financial reporting and organizational budgeting. 
  • With the leadership of Valeria Olivares, PSYDEH's Social Media and Brand Awareness Consultant, we designed our innovative “Se dueña de tu voz” (“Own your voice”) to ally with social media influencers when engaging and connecting women (and men) across Mexico with the aim of promoting women's voices at the nexus of social media and social impact.
Etsy Bordamos Juntos
Etsy Bordamos Juntos
New short film "Poderosa"
New short film "Poderosa"


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Indigenous women candidate for office, Oct. 2020
Indigenous women candidate for office, Oct. 2020

In 2020, your donation helped PSYDEH to see challenges as opportunities. 

During the fourth quarter, the entire year really, during these difficult COVID-19 times, we asked ourselves this: is there a way to still thrive, to be more resilient?

Showcasing how we get to “yes,” how we use your gift to make an impact in our work, see below highlights from our FOURTH QUARTER 2020 NEWSLETTER celebrating our progress in the field, with our finances, and as an innovative organization. ***OF COURSE, if you prefer to view the full newsletter, click on the link above or HERE.


  • We published the English version of our e-book "Narrativas”, the fruit from our innovative storytelling initiative produced with crowdfunds from GlobalGiving (GG). Learn more about this work here.
  • PSYDEH continues to promote and support women’s participation in late-October electoral processes in four indigenous municipalities. Our short-film on this work will be released in the 1st quarter of 2021.
  • We finish planning for our 2021-2022 multi-mechanism program. Reflecting local indigenous women feedback, this is our most ambitious fieldwork ever, produced in collaboration with these women to help their families and communities rebuild during and after COVID-19. See this news item for program details, this account on our novel leadership-training planned for our women partner’s network, and this dispatch on one of the mechanisms we call “Bordamos juntos”, innovated with our new partner Ayuda Mutua CDMX.

Financial Well-being

  • Since September, we have launched new pieces of our seven-resource stream strategy: our (1) volunteer collaborator’s program, and (2) corporate partnerships program, including one of its key elements, (3) our cause marketing initiative. For details about volunteer collaborator activities, contact Carmen Grab. For more on corporate partners and cause marketing, contact Damon Taylor and Hannah Swenson respectively.
  • Our pro bono global law firm partner Hogan Lovells CDMX, in collaboration with TrustLaw (a project of the Thomson Reuters Foundation), helps us to make needed progress in becoming an outfit with 100% financial transparency. Learn more here

Organization Progress

  • India-based Chezuba helps PSYDEH to link with professionals from across the globe, including employees of the Tata Group, one of the largest Indian multinational conglomerates with 100,000+  workers across the world.
  • PSYDEH’s majority-paid field team grows. Necessitated by local indigenous women’s demands and our 2020-2022 COVID-19 recovery project, PSYDEH launches our nine-person, majority-indigenous women field Corps. It operates out of our first satellite-field office “Casa Siempre Viva”, named after indigenous women partner’s regional organization with the same name.
  • For over a year now, PSYDEH strategically uses our voice as a community-led development leader to promote more equitable access to resources through online global crowdfunding platforms like USA-UK-based GlobalGiving (GG). Learn more about PSYDEH’s evolving role here, and our novel model for working in this area here. To see the indirect impact of our nudging, and to learn more about GG's new community-led development research initiative, see this article and this report


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Cover image, PSYDEH Newsletter, 3rd quarter 2020
Cover image, PSYDEH Newsletter, 3rd quarter 2020

COVID-19 hit Mexico in March and has wreaked havoc since. For example, government programs to invest directly in people (around which we were creatively planning new work) have had their budgets cut or reallocated by 50-75-100% to combat the virus. PSYDEH views these challenges as opportunities. We execute this strategy to make progress in the field, with our finances, and as an organization.


  • After five months sans activities, we have restarted our seed fund project and a new project around COVID-19 with activities like (a) producing a reliable information series, (b) providing direct food assistance to 100 families through a social-enterprise action, and (c) training on natural resources as local food security.


  • We just completed a brand optimization initiative, including myriad website changes, e.g., a new corporate partnerships page, and launching three new short videos for Facebook and Instagram. This work already yields more crowdfunding success as well as in-kind gifts from Microsoft and Google.


  • PSYDEH can now hire foreign workers without residency, thanks to hard work in collaboration with the global law firm Hogan Lovells CDMX and TrustLaw (a project of the Thomson Reuters Foundation). We continue to work with Hogan on our tax-deductible status in Mexico, among other matters. 



Our 4th quarter report will celebrate progress with our

  • "COVID-19" & "Seed Fund" fieldwork,
  • new "global collaborator" program, and
  • corporate partnership wins.


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PSYDEH and women partners do not take COVID-19 wreaking havoc on fieldwork and funding lying down.

Over the past few months, your donation helps us to

  • release our 186-page e-book with women partners' stories and portraits
  • plan a COVID-19 project to offer short-and medium-term help to women and communities
  • publish our 2019 annual report


PSYDEH just released our long-anticipated e-book “NARRATIVAS”. Funded by you, this beautiful tool has 68 high-quality “narrative-oriented” photographs and 32 stories by indigenous women. See HERE to read the book, read featured stories in English, and learn about the initiative. *Note, we've received permission from these women to use their names; click on "Data Privacy Policy" at the bottom of our website to learn more about how we manage such issues.  


To play our part in helping rural and indigenous communities navigate the pandemic, PSYDEH plans a new initiative and launched this crowdfunding CAMPAIGN to fund it. The forward-looking project supports five women-led organizations with (a) trustworthy coronavirus information they share with neighbors and (b) training on sustainable natural resource use while offering short-term (c) food assistance and income-generation help to 100 families.


We just published our most detailed and visually polished ANNUAL REPORT. Inside, you’ll read about 2019 work and awards, why our scalable model, our finances, and you’ll find interviews with our UK and USA staff. This high-quality report reflects the work that your hard-earned money funds.


PSYDEH’s 3rd quarter report will celebrate: 

  • progress with our "Seed Fund" activity
  • end-of-2020 strategic planning finished early with partner involvement
  • more GlobalGiving wins.
Excerpt, "Narrativas"
Excerpt, "Narrativas"
New COVID-19 Campaign
New COVID-19 Campaign
2019 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report


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