Help Empower Timebank Communities Around the World

by Time Dollar Institute, Inc. dba TimeBanks USA
Help Empower Timebank Communities Around the World
Help Empower Timebank Communities Around the World
Help Empower Timebank Communities Around the World
Help Empower Timebank Communities Around the World
Dr. Artika Tyner's powerful story
Dr. Artika Tyner's powerful story

Hello from TimeBanks.Org!

We hope your Summer is off to a good start, and for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, a happy Winter to you.

It has been a long pandemic and our team has stayed on mission to build the timebanking movement by cultivating CONNECTION.  

Here are some highlights over the Spring that we’d like to share with you: 

2nd International Timebanking Day – an annual celebration on our founder, Edgar Cahn’s birthday, March 23rd 

This year’s celebration was phenomenal.  We hosted two calls with over 180 people who joined us from all over the world including New Zealand, Korea, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.  Our invited speakers were INSPIRING and POWERFUL.  Hear this snippet from TimeBanks.Org board member, Dr. Artika Tyner.   

Abby Greer on our team, who is also the founder of one of the largest timebanks in the U.S., Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks, had these words to share after the call:


“Hearing stories and watching videos of timebanking around the world has changed me.  I feel so connected to all of these people who understand the power of exchanging time.  It's the first time I have ever felt so connected globally.
We built our local timebank and found instant community - I guess it shouldn't come as such a shock that the same kind of community exists all over!  I am just humbled.  I am also grateful to the people of Kent, Ohio who believed this would work.  BTW, I got a few messages from other countries who have been watching us.  Um, WOW.....
During the call, Edgar Cahn asks, 'What is our purpose?' The seasoned timebankers seem to know.” 

We look forward to next year’s celebration which will be hosted by Timebanking UK!


Town Hall Virtual Calls – every 3rd Sunday of the month 

We launched the monthly Town Halls in April this year as a way for timebank members to share and hear each other’s personal stories and have a conversation with timebanking founder, Edgar Cahn and co-host, Christine Gray. 

Anyone can join.  The current series is a deep dive into timebanking’s core values, focusing on one core value every call.  The one-hour calls have been rich and illuminating and are gaining popularity with more and more people sharing their voices.  They give us a chance to have worthwhile conversations on timebanking’s highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and provide a foundation for building our communities.  

The next call is this Sunday, July 18th, at 4pm Eastern time.  We will be talking about our core value, Redefining Work.  Click on the link at the bottom if you’d like to join us LIVE.

Your Impact 

We are grateful for your support and for making our Little by Little Matching Campaign in March a success.  Your donations have a big impact on our capacity to grow timebanks.  We were able to expand our outreach this year by hiring Abby, as mentioned above, on our team.  Abby has built her timebank from the ground up since 2010 and has recorded a whopping 89,302 hours exchanged today!  Now timebanks from all over can draw from her deep experience.

THANK YOU as ever for your contributions and kind words.  We hope you will continue helping us build happier and healthier communities.

Town Hall on "Redefining Work" - June 2021
Town Hall on "Redefining Work" - June 2021
Team prep for International Timebanking Day
Team prep for International Timebanking Day


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Sandy with her partner, Cecil
Sandy with her partner, Cecil

Hello from our TimeBanks.Org Team!   

Since our last update, we have some exciting news for you but we want to first share this recent story about how timebanking impacted Sandy’s life:


“I recently lost my life partner Cecil of 11 years back at the beginning of the pandemic. I was distraught and scared with no income coming in. The founder of the St. Pete Timebank, BJ Andryusky, arranged a food train, donations and support on my behalf helping me through a very difficult time. I am truly blessed by the community outpour of support from the St. Pete Timebank.  It was very comforting to have someone call me every week to check on me and to see if I needed anything. They also did that for the elderly members in our Timebank as well. This is the most charitable group of people that I am happy to be a part of.” - Sandy from the St. Pete Timebank, Florida, USA 

We send our deepest condolences to Sandy and at the same time, we are moved that her timebank community was there for her.

New Leadership at TimeBanks.Org 

We are now officially TimeBanks.Org and are doing some rebranding and streamlining - new look, new logo, and most important, a new Executive Director!  We welcome Krista Wyatt who realizes the potential of a relationship-driven movement powered by reciprocity.  Krista has an instinctive preference for partnering over hierarchy, and an appreciation of the visionary impact that every hour that we give is priceless because it is our slice of eternity. (see team photo below) 

Thank you for helping us provide MORE software features for Coordinators!

We are committed to providing cutting-edge software so that our coordinators can manage their timebanks and their members can intuitively and easily find each other, make exchanges and view offers and requests.  Timebank coordinators are taking advantage of our newest feature for their Community Weaver Software - the TAG. The St. Pete Florida timebank is using the new tag feature to filter all of their members who are earning or spending time credits with their youth program with one click.  Not only does this allow for easy communications, it also helps collect data for their timebank.

Donors like you have contributed to the improvement of our software that timebanks rely on.  We currently have over 100 tickets in for new upgrades and features requested by those who are coordinating timebanks all over the world.  With your continued support, we can fulfill coordinators' requests by providing more new features to make timebank exchanges so much easier.

March 8-12 is the Little by Little Matching Campaign.  This means that for 5 days starting today, donations up to $50 will be matched at 50%.  And if you make a monthly donation, GlobalGiving will give a one-time 100% match! Can we count on you to renew your support?  Now is a good time to give.

Thank you so much for supporting a new kind of community that is based on care, kindness, respect and reciprocity.

Presenting our new leader, Krista Wyatt!
Presenting our new leader, Krista Wyatt!


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Sharde Smith holding up the masks she made.
Sharde Smith holding up the masks she made.

Hello from TimeBanks USA! 

We’re writing to thank you for helping us build communities through your donation. 

As we step into November and the upcoming U.S. election here in Washington, DC, our faces masked, we look at the unfamiliar landscape we find ourselves in.  The world as we’ve known it has changed indeed, the pandemic has impacted our way of living in unforeseen ways. We don’t hug each other, we stay at home.  It’s easy to be discouraged by the times we are in… and for how long? 

What questions are you asking these days?  

For us at TimeBanks USA, that same question arises:  what can we do for each other? 

In Newburgh, New York, “Together We Can Timebank” Founder, Damian DePauw, has chosen to respond by both empowering and leaning into his community through powerful action.  With Damian's permission, we are sharing his story below with you. 

“When COVID-19 first hit us here in New York we were the hotspot for the virus.  I have people I know who have lost loved ones to this horrible pandemic.  It is not like me to sit on my hands if there is an urgent need in my community and I had to do something.  At that time, there was a severe shortage of masks for healthcare workers and the CDC was advising that homemade cotton masks were a suitable solution given the emergency.  I run another program at IMPACT!, Inc. that is the Newburgh Repair Cafe.  At the Newburgh Repair Cafe, I have many ‘repair coaches’ who volunteer to help people fix people's beloved but broken items: bicycles, computers, small appliances, etc... I knew several timebankers and volunteers who have sewing skills as they have helped man the sewing repair station at the Newburgh Repair Cafe to repair ripped articles of clothing and such.   So I reached out to some of them and ‘Sewing to Stop the Spread’ was born.  Since that time I have recruited over 80 volunteers throughout Orange County, NY and together, we have provided over 8,000 home-made facemasks to people in our area who need them.  I travel around Orange County, NY to supply volunteers and timebankers with sewing supplies and sewing machines so they don't have to leave home.  I also pick up finished batches of masks and deliver them to organizations who need them. 

I started Individuals Making Positive Advancement in their Communities Together, Inc. (IMPACT!, Inc.) because I believe in the power of average, every-day people to make significant changes within their own communities by volunteering or timebanking to help each other and address the broader needs of the community.  I have several mini-initiatives that run through Together We Can Timebank.  Together We Clean Newburgh, for example, is an initiative to award time bank credit for people who are willing to clean trash off of the streets and sidewalks in Newburgh around where they live or work.  Together We Heal is an initiative to address health disparities and encourage poor people who usually cannot afford specialized wellness activities to spend their time credits for yoga classes, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and vegan cooking classes (all of which have established partnerships here in Newburgh who accept timebank credit for payment for their classes or therapies)."  

We hope Damian has inspired you the way he inspires us.  None of us could have planned for how the year 2020 has unfolded, but Damian reminds us of the power of community and what we can do when we come together during difficult moments. 

Thank you so much again for helping us build timebank communities. 

Your contribution makes it possible for TimeBanks USA to support timebanks like Damian’s by providing timebanking software which tracks the hours exchanged in the community and lets people see what’s being offered and requested.  With your support, we are able to provide resources and connectivity for timebanks to build on each other’s progress.  

We continue to face uncertainty, but there is always something we can do, individually and collectively.  We can choose to show up in the midst of fear. 

Change is here.  We hope you’ll continue to create impact by supporting the timebank movement. 


Pam and the TimeBanks USA Team


P.S.  Do you have a story about your community that you’d like to share? Please send it to us by sending an email to and we’ll spread it for you.

Together We Can Timebank's Damian & Karisma DePauw
Together We Can Timebank's Damian & Karisma DePauw


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LinkUp DC to host first Gathering in January 2020
LinkUp DC to host first Gathering in January 2020

Happy Holidays from TimeBanks USA! 

We can hardly believe we are wrapping up the year 2019.  What has 2019 been like for you? We’re writing to let you know how grateful we are for your support and give you great news on our progress this year.

First off, we’re excited to share that “Gathering With A Purpose” is happening! 

As the home of timebanking, we have seen timebanks go from the start-up phase to thriving, actively exchanging communities, transforming individual lives through real connection.  It’s magic when it happens - as many of the 50 Timebanking Stories in 50 Days illustrate. If you haven’t heard our founder Edgar Cahn’s podcast series on the 50 Stories yet, listen to this week’s story by clicking on the link below.

And yet, some timebank initiatives fail to gain traction in some communities.  One reason is that people feel strange when they do timebank exchanges for the first time — exchanging a time credit for an hour of help.  It’s not money. It’s not volunteering. It’s not barter. Just time for time. It is so intuitively attractive and fair. And yet, in practice, so new and often a bit unsettling.   

Getting going hinges on people being willing to step out of their comfort zones to do something they haven’t done before.  

That’s what Gathering With A Purpose was designed for: an opportunity to explore what timebanking is with a small group of neighbors or colleagues, then to jump into action to try it out, make a few exchanges to see how it feels, and, finally, to share stories about what felt good, what felt strange, what worked, what didn’t, and what was learned. Like the proverbial training wheels on a bike, it’s an opportunity to see how it feels and works before taking on the much bigger challenge of doing the real thing. 

This year, five timebanks held their first Gatherings in Indiana, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and in our hometown, Washington, DC.  It turns out that this new workshop, designed for new timebanks, also works wonders for timebanks that were once humming with activity and have lost energy when they lost their leadership. 

Here’s what we’ve learned so far--

  • In Indiana, CoThrive Timebank Network Founder Kathy was near burnout, overextended in her part-time coordinator role and feeling unsupported as members had previously not responded to her requests for help with leadership. After the first Gathering, more existing members (and new recruits) were drawn by a sense of shared purpose and more easily integrated into key functional leadership roles. The timebank experienced a surge in momentum as a result of this focus and bolstered support. 
  • In Pennsylvania, the 13-year old Neighbor-2-Neighbor Timebank transitioned from the Lehigh Valley Hospital to a new host, a Community Organization, last year.  Leading timebank members and organizational staff and management who attended the Gathering gave it a high five, saying that it gave them an opportunity to reconnect -- and to more deeply understand what was involved.  New ideas sprung up and an appreciation for what could be achieved was expressed at their first Gathering.  They are now seeking to get AmeriCorps personnel to help with organizational support.
  • In Florida, the Tampa Bay Time Bank used it to re-energize their leadership and have decided that they want to hold the next Gathering in the Spring.
  • In California, Sheryl is using the Gathering to reinvigorate the Sobrante Park TimeBank with a new sponsor, the Roots Community Clinic. The organization's coordination and recruitment of residents has been slower to get off the ground than was expected; however, the training of staff has been excellent -- and includes outreach strategies to reach the residents.
  • In Washington, DC, the 9-year old DC TimeBank has hosted several Gatherings. Some participants have been familiar with timebanking, and for some, it has been completely new.  Each of the Gatherings has led to rich exploring of possibilities.  One enthused participant said: "I just wish we could have more get-togethers like this." Four have been scheduled for January: one in Alexandria, VA, one in a neighborhood that sits right beside the United States Supreme Court, a third in a Jewish Congregation, and a fourth one at the University of the DC.

These are the seeds of a movement.  So often, the leadership role falls on one coordinator.  Gathering With A Purpose inspires people to jump in — and to trust that others will do it with them. As many coordinators will attest, it takes awhile for a group of people to get to the place where timebanking feels natural and comfortable, and it takes work by the timebank founding team to help the timebank get there.

With timebanking, there’s always something new to learn, as our founder Edgar Cahn shared, upon recently learning what a scoby is:


“Think of the TimeBank as an organizational scoby that produces a kind of social fermentation. And that timebank form of kombucha is rich with probiotics like empathy, empowerment, and a passion for justice.  The good news is you don’t have to buy a scoby to make kombucha. You can just combine the ingredients and let them ferment. There are do-it-yourself guides on the internet to create a scoby. And there are do-it-yourself instructions to create a timebank scoby.  Use them.” 

We look forward to what the Gatherings will open up for timebank communities in the new year.  

Leadership growth, new discoveries, a renewal of energy - it is truly magical to see what these seeds will create and what we can do for each other. 

Gathering With A Purpose - A Journey
Gathering With A Purpose - A Journey


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Timebanking in Spain
Timebanking in Spain

Greetings from Washington, DC!

It’s been a beautiful Spring this year over here, and we have exciting news to share with you since we last wrote in December.

Timebank Anniversaries

Just over a month ago, the Banco del Tiempo led the 20th anniversary celebration of timebanking in Spain.  Pictured above is Belen Alvarez, timebank coordinator, and timebanking founder Edgar Cahn at dinner in Madrid during the celebration.  Born almost blind, Belen is a timebank coordinator in love with timebanking and the way it has opened opportunities for her and so many others by valuing all that people have to give.  Timebanking was brought to Spain in 1999 by Elvira Mendez, initially as part of the women’s movement during a time when the country was recovering from Franco’s fascist government.  Elvira was inspired by timebanking’s emphasis on people’s strengths and its way of supporting families through community ties that grow through giving and receiving.  It’s exciting to see that 20 years later, the timebank is holding strong in the Spanish community. Go to our Instagram page by clicking on the link below to see more from the 20th year celebration.

After joining the celebration in Spain, TimeBanks USA’s Edgar Cahn and Christine Gray headed over to Southwest England, where the Fair Shares timebank, the oldest timebank in the UK, turned 21 years old! They met with friends, Martin Simon, who started Fair Shares and then went on to lead Timebanking UK, and Sarah Bird, who is now Timebanking UK’s CEO.  It was a sunny day with a chill April wind, a great time catching up in the “outdoor office” of Timebanking UK in Stroud, with its small garden, pictured below.  Edgar and Christine also had a chance to catch up with old friend, David Boyle, author of the book, “Funny Money”, who introduced timebanking to London 21 years ago as well.  Recently, David convened a meeting on Co-Production with students and clinicians at London South Bank University.

Closer to home, the Phoenixville Area Timebank proudly celebrated their 15th anniversary in April. Current board chair, Diana Baldi, celebrated the work of founders Joel Bartlett and Margo Ketchum, and thanked them for their dedicated leadership over the years. To date, the timebank has exchanged over 41,000 hours!

First Annual International Timebanking Day

With all that is happening with the timebank movement in different pockets of the world, the global movement held its first international timebanking day this year – a day that we all get to celebrate together worldwide – on March 23rd, birthday of timebanking founder Edgar Cahn. People everywhere shared their stories of how using time as currency has impacted their lives and redefined their understanding of the words, “stranger”, “work”, and “value”.  Lenore Eklund, who made the documentary film, “Time as Money”, shared:


"Today is the first International Timebanking Day! Timebanking was something I got involved in when I was living in Los Angeles. I loved the concept that everyone had something to offer no matter what. Services were traded for time dollars, a currency with no scarcity. I earned time dollars doing yard work, being a dog nanny and even jumping out of closets to surprise guests at a Halloween party. I spent time dollars to have someone watch my bird while I was away, getting rides to the airport and so many things to put together our wedding.
I was so fascinated by time banking and the awesome community around it, I put together a documentary about it. I often think about the core values of time banking being at home with a medically complex child over the last 2 and a half years. Not being able to work or give has been incredibly hard on me. But then I remind myself that the work that I do caring for, advocating and supporting Charlee has such a deeper value.
So much gratitude to everyone we met through this community and to founder, Edgar Cahn and Christine Gray and all their work they do with TimeBanks USA.

Edgar also celebrated #timebankingday by launching a weekly series of podcasts, reflecting on the 50 timebanking stories that TimeBanks USA collected from timebankers.  Listen to Edgar’s reflections by clicking on the link below.

So many stories shared, each one a reminder of why we do what we do at TimeBanks USA, supporting timebanks around the world, giving them the tools to create community and building a network of support for the worldwide movement.

We thank you again for helping us create limitless possibilities for communities in different parts of the world with your support. 

Thank you for being the kind of person who not only cares, but cares enough to take action. Your contribution puts in motion an intangible gift that speaks to the core of being human and of honoring each individual’s inherent value. Please take time to consider the depth and breadth of your contribution the next time you choose to contribute, and know that you are making an impactful difference in our world. We are eternally grateful for your support.

Timebanking in UK
Timebanking in UK


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