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Educating the Thabang Children

by Thabang Children's Home Trust
Educating the Thabang Children
Educating the Thabang Children
Educating the Thabang Children
Educating the Thabang Children
Educating the Thabang Children
Educating the Thabang Children
Teaching each other
Teaching each other


2020 is halfway through! Thabang Children’s Project is still working on the  holistic development of all its children.

At Thabang we try to include many different activities.

Besides the formal schooling at  different schools in the area; we provide opportunities to develop their academic component at home. This we do via part time teachers and volunteers.

During  special outings, the children also learn about our amazing wildlife and their importance in our bushveld area. They learn about conservation and the need to protect our wildlife.

The Thabang children are encouraged to exercise, play soccer, netball and have outdoor fun. Physical activity is treasured, and everyone is compelled to join in. 

The cultural aspect is also important. Cultural activities include playing the Marimba, painting, drawing and dancing.


During the Lock-down, the children at the Child & Youth Care centre could continue with some of these activities on site.

A donation of tablets has been an extra bonus in the Covid-19 pandemic. Thabang has helped each child do extra schoolwork at the home during this period. All staff have been involved to assist all the grades from grade R to grade 12.

Outside of the Child & Youth Care Centre, Thabang has a Drop in Centre in the informal settlement of Smash Block. Here, 45 very needy school children pop in to receive a cooked and nutritious meal before receiving help with their schoolwork and doing extra mural activities.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the children are not allowed to attend the  Drop in Centre. But these children are then not receiving their main meal of the day. So, Thabang raised funds to supply food parcels to the needy households of these children. Donors were generous and Thabang could even help extra households which were identified as being in need.


An educational walk by a Marakele Park guide
An educational walk by a Marakele Park guide
Warming up for soccer
Warming up for soccer
Food parcels for the hungry
Food parcels for the hungry
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Holding up her Christmas box
Holding up her Christmas box

Over the past couple of months, Thabang has been busy with various celebrations:

Celebrating the success stories of school pupils: 

- Miss Grd 11 received the prize for the most improved learner for the year of 2019!                          She will now be in Matric/ Grd 12 this new year.

- Miss Grd 10, received the best learner in Life Skills and she was once again chosen to be the Head Girl of her school for 2020. The principal said that she is a fantastic role model and deserves to be the Head Girl again- three years in a row!

- Master Grd 8 learner earned his good marks for which he worked. He was chosen to go on a specific tour with other pupils who had performed in Life Orientation.

 - Four of our Primary school children achieved high marks on their reports. Their diligence paid off.

-Master Grd 2, shared a trophy for being the best Grd 2 in arithmetic.

- Master and Miss Grd RR twins, graduated from their Early Childhood Development Centre and will be attending Grd R at the local Primary school.

Celebrating the success stories of post matric and past residents of Thabang:

- Mr M, completed his N5 level in Mechanical Engineering at TVET College. He then studied for a couple of months at a local mine. He is soon to go for a learnership with Anglo American in Randfontein. We are proud of his diligence and achievements.

- Miss N, has completed one year of her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Venda. After many challenges and adaptions far away from Thabang, she has come out strong and ready for her second year. 

Both of these ex- Thabang residents keep in constant contact with us. We support them however we can; through fundraising for them and through life skills guidance and emotional care.

Celebrating Christmas

At the Child & Youth Care Centre, a group of volunteers held a Christmas function for the children. Local residents blessed each child with specially selected items for each Christmas box.

At  the informal settlement of Smasher Block, about 340 children from the community attended the Christmas function. Some of the local supermarkets contributed cakes, hot dogs and juices for the children. A separate group of volunteers entertained the children and reminded them about the meaning of Christmas. For most of these children, this will be the only celebration they will have.

The children who attend the Drop in Centre at Smasher Block on a daily basis for support, each received a Christmas gift of new clothes. These 45 children were identified as vulnerable and therefore received special support throughout the year of 2019.

The New Year of 2020

As the new year has begun, we look forward to the progress ahead of us. We aim to connect with more volunteers and outsiders who want to partner with us to make a difference in our rural community.

We hope to support a local farm school with more volunteers as well; this will also benefit our children attending that school.

Together with partners we are stronger and more effective. Partner with us and make a difference!

Christmas cake for the community's children
Christmas cake for the community's children
Drop in Centre children in their Christmas clothes
Drop in Centre children in their Christmas clothes
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Learning on tablets
Learning on tablets

 In order to cover all the children under its care, Thabang has expanded on its academic programmes,

Not only do the children who are stronger academically, receive  attention, but all the children receive special programmes designed to empower each of them.

Using interactive educational programmes on tablets, has prooved to be very beneficial in capturing the attention of children who do not enjoy formal learning. We hope to soon be able to take this technology to the informal settlement of Smasher Block as well.

Twice a month on Saturdays, extra lessons are provided at Smasher Block for all the Drop in Centre children. The children are eager to attend and learn and help each other. They also learn about gardening with vegetables while helping in the Centre's garden.

 Thabang continues to look for programmes to develop all of its children in a holistic manner.  Much attention is also given to the development of arts and culture through opportunities to express themselves via music and art.

Topping all of this, is the continuous input of life skills done by all stff concerned, in order to 'grow' our children to be respectful and positive community members.

Teaching each other
Teaching each other
Extra lessons at the Drop in Centre
Extra lessons at the Drop in Centre
Learning to plant veg at the Drop in Centre
Learning to plant veg at the Drop in Centre
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Community Children's Christmas Party
Community Children's Christmas Party

The year 2017 started on a positive note for Thabang Children’s Project with the boys’ and girls’ centres having been unified on one site after the girls moved to the boys’ location towards the end of 2016. The girls adjusted smoothly to their new surroundings although they missed the lovely big trees of the previous site.
All the children have steadily grown through the year, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
The administration building with classrooms and the event / skills development centre were also completed in 2017, improving the efficiency of running the project.

The children have achieved quite a lot this year, academically and socially. The Gumboot dancers and the Marimba Band took part in the local Eisteddfod Talent Show and brought back winners’ medals and both teams scored 95%. The singing girls also did amazingly well getting a winner’s medal, and high percentages. The Advanced College students all received certificates of merit for their academic and / or cultural participations during the year, with one of our girls being chosen as Head Girl for 2018. Through the many outings and events throughout the year, many friends were made.

A few were also “lost” as some boys moved on from Thabang into their adult life, getting jobs as well as places to stay of their own. Thabang is still in touch with them through the Independent Living Programme. Contributions to this program are welcome as there is no other source of funds for the children that are not covered by the Department of Social Development once leaving a place of care due to age. Simply reference ILP or living program when you make your donation, or send some kitchen utensils and furniture for the children to use when they exit. One boy is going to college next year and could use the support.

Drop in Centre (DiC):
In November 2017, the DiC bid farewell to one of Thabang’s long serving servants, MaMtsodo who retired. She celebrated her birthday with the children that celebrated their birthdays in the fourth quarter. A farewell celebration was held in November to wish her all the best with the rest of her journey and celebrate the huge contributions she had made to Thabang and the children of Smash Block. MaMtsodo we salute you.
The DiC celebrated the birthdays of the children that attended the centre on a quarterly basis. The centre was joined by children that were taking part in the Jacaranda talent show in August, who brought presents and helped in marking and celebrating the occasion.
The DiC celebrated Christmas on Friday 17th November 2017. The 45 children that attend daily were hosted by Khumba Iron Ore who provided the cake and food. The children received Christmas presents and clothes from Khumba Iron Ore, as well as clothes from Shofar Christian Church.

Shofar members joined Thabang at the Community Care Centre to celebrate Christmas on Saturday 25th November 2017. 270 children from the Smash Block community attended the event where they were entertained and received party packs compliments of Shofar. Thabazimbi Spar provided hot dogs and cake on the day. Pick ‘n Pay, Thabazimbi also provided a large cake to enable every child to receive a special treat.

Heritage Day:
Lots of fun and laughter was had by about 150 participants who joined our celebration of traditions for Heritage Day on the 25th September 2017.
Traditional clothes, traditional dances and songs were shared by all and then the day was rounded off with some traditional dishes, such as “Magudu” (tripe), pap (stiff porridge) and “Ting” (sour porridge), Marogo (spinach)
and Potjie-kos (stew cooked on a fire in a cast iron pot). The traditional Afrikaans desert of Malva pudding left everyone with a sweet after taste. This day was also a public day for visitors to come and look around and see what Thabang Children’s Project offers. Visitors came from all around and even as far as Polokwane!

Thabang Marimba Band:
This wonderful set of instruments continues to inspire and delight Thabang’s children. Those who play it love to feel the music flow through their veins as they nimbly play the tunes. Their delight is shown on their faces and in their dancing feet. This enjoyment is shared by any audience where performances are held. During the August Eisteddfod competition held in Thabazimbi, Thabang’s Marimba band ran away with the first prize of 95%!!
The Marimba also plays a big part in the Therapeutic programme for the children. They receive a chance to express themselves and gain confidence. For those who are not part of the main team, they work hard at their behaviour to ensure a chance to learn and join the team.

The Painting Games:
Sebastian Ansorge again visited Thabang in October this year. This time he set up a “Place of Painting” at the new Klipgat site. Unfortunately, the previous painting room was left behind when the Roodedam site was sold.
Having raised funds, he managed to buy the necessary materials to start up this wonderful programme again.
This programme encourages the children to explore the corners of their minds and allow their imaginations to flow through their paintbrushes. These expressions bring satisfaction and are also part of a therapeutic process for each child. The children at the Smash Block Drop in Centre were delighted to have Sebastian with them again. They thoroughly enjoyed the week’s programme of painting especially as they were on school holiday. This is a wonderful manner in keeping these bored children off the streets and in a protective and developmental environment.

Some of Thabang’s children have been struggling with infected tonsils which do not seem to clear up even with treatment. One young girl in specific had such problems and with the support of the local Medi-Clinic hospital and doctors, she received a tonsillectomy. She is now bright and sparky without constantly feeling ill.

Thabang Cycling Team 2017:
This amazing Team comprising of individuals with different cycling capabilities and levels of training took to the streets of Johannesburg in the hope of raising awareness and funds for the work that Thabang does. The members were truly visible and their efforts could be seen as they moved through the city.
Our congratulations go out to all who took part as they all finished the race. Thank you for coming to the party. Our thanks also go to those who registered but were not able to make it on the day of the event. A special thank you to those who have been part of the team for the past three years.
We hope to see you all at the next edition - Sunday 18 November 2018.

2017 has come to an END!
Wow, what a year of development and accomplishments!
We are so grateful to all our donors and sponsors who supported Thabang’s children in so many varied ways. Through financial support, regular food supplies, various free services including volunteers, donations of clothes, specially baked cakes, food parcels, specially selected gifts for the children etc. Without you, we would not have been able to impact the lives of all these children.


Well done
Well done
Christmas Celebrations
Christmas Celebrations


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Moving Forward
Moving Forward

Wow! What a year this has been, marked with progress, success and much happiness. The support of the Dikuno Tsa Sechaba Community Development Trust enabled the completion of the new girls’ residential centre, and consolidation of the project (boys and girls) at Klipgat. Moving from the old CPoS site was mixed with some sadness, but everyone, boys, girls and staff, have now settled and embraced the adventures of the future. At the new site, which was at first dusty and bleak, grass and trees have been planted and shade areas erected, which add to the comfort of the children and staff.

Consolidation of the centres has resulted in more effective and manageable operations, and a reduction in total costs. It is expected that costs will be reduced even further in the future when all ties with the old site (CPoS) are completely cut. Plans for the further development of the new site are underway to construct an administrative block and skills centre, which will hopefully be completed in September, 2017. These will add to the efficiency of management and development of children. This will be made possible through funding by Cronimet Mine and Trollope Mining Services. We are, indeed, grateful to them for their interest in the welfare of our children. Considerable emphasis has been placed on the academic advancement of the children, and progress has been achieved, including children at the Drop-In-Centre. The two teachers we employ to assist the children with homework and understanding are a huge benefit. Unfortunately, we still experience some difficulties at one school where some of the teachers fail to arrive for classes. This has been taken up with the appropriate authorities, but has not yet been resolved. Some of the boys have been successfully assisted to acquire drivers licenses and employment, as part of the drive to assist them to develop maturity and independence. With the guidance of the social worker, the children have been involved in a variety of “social” activities, and have become well-versed in performance and similar skills. It is good to see how they look forward to these interactions.

The staff have regular management and interactive meetings during which problems and plans are discussed. A financial management meeting is held weekly with the bookkeeper and all constraints, if any, addressed. Cash flow is always tight and needs careful control. The management board meets on a quarterly basis to keep abreast of developments of the project, and to give guidance where needed. The success that the Thabang Children’s Project achieves, that the children achieve, are made possible through the kindness and support of the founder member, Mr Mauss, and many other international, national and local donors. All these individuals and groups are thanked for their generosity and interest in the future of the children. With your backing, we move to a positive future.

The staff of the project play an important and never ending role with competence, pride and compassion. Success would not be possible without their contribution. We are indeed grateful to them for their efforts, and thank them for the success of the children. I thank my fellow members on the Management Board for continued support and contributions, and commitment to the welfare of the project. Thabang has achieved some excellent successes. A solid commitment to the future will result in more. Thabang plays a valuable role in the future of many children. The growing depth of social problems throughout South Africa, Africa and the world points to a greater need for more and more successful projects like this to interact with and advance the potential for children. It has been a successful year – we trust there will be many more.

Harold, Chairperson, Thabang Children's Home Trust Board

This was definitely a year of positive development for Thabang Children’s Project.

  • Infrastructure
  • Academic empowerment
  • Skills Development


Consolidating the two residential homes onto one site has been very beneficial even though it also lends to certain challenges when it comes to gender mixing! The buildings were planned and erected based on the knowledge of past experience. The girl’s house is now compact and easier to manage. Less staff is required and the place has better security. With the boys and girls being on the same site, it is easier to conduct certain activities that involve both genders. No transportation between the sites is necessary. Transportation to the various schools is also easier now and there is a definite saving on fuel.

During March this year, preparations for the erection of the Administration block and Skills / Event centre began. This was possible through funds given via Trollope Mining services and their Lesotho Cycle Challenge, as well as funds from Cronimet Mine. Both of these buildings are expected to be completed by September 2017. With the development of this infrastructure at Klipgat for the Child and Youth Care Centres (CYCC), Thabang should be well established to provide many years of service to those who need it most- our future generations.


Much emphasis is placed on academics and being successful therein. Children who have shown academic potential have been admitted to alternative schools to enable them to receive teaching and education that will allow them to have a chance to progress in life beyond grade 12. Certain of the state schools present huge challenges which hinder the scholars from achieving a decent education. Fortunately, some generous benefactors have invested funds into these children which have given them an opportunity to perform. We are very grateful to Daniel Jaeggi for his long - standing investment into our children. It is through Daniel’s support that we are able to provide an academic programme which operates via two part time teachers.

One boy is completing his grade 12 this year and aspires to study further in Mechanical engineering next year. He is now applying to various colleges and seeking for a study bursary. He is our first child who will successfully complete and pass grade 12. We have grand aspirations for him and wish him all the best. We are searching for supporters who will invest into him by funding his studies, residential and living expenses for the next few years. He has worked hard and has attended extra classes on most Saturdays and during many holidays. We look forward to seeing all this input bear fruit.


Three of our male youths who reached 18 years old, have been supported in acquiring driver’s licences this past year. This is a very beneficial skill to be able to put on their CV’s. Teaching other skills is planned for the future, which include: woodwork, metalwork, welding, sewing etc. This will take place in the new Skills development centre. These skills will develop the youth, who do not have a strong academic potential, to be able to enter the workforce with something else to their name and help lead to their independence as young adults. Some of the youth who have already acquired certain skills and are on the road to independence are discussed in the Youth Centre Manager’s report.


Two of our core programmes which continuously operate, is the therapeutic Social Work programme and the Drop in Centre programme. The Social Work programme essential to the well-being and holistic development of all the children in our care. Much trauma and painful memories have to be dealt with in order for the children to progress. The Drop in Centre programme is vital for the welfare of the neediest children within Smash Block. This programme is a shining light for many lost and desperate children who rely on the support and guidance just to get through each day with its many challenges due to poverty. We are grateful to Dikuno Tsa Sechaba Trust who supported these programmes over the past year.


Thabang has progressed with leaps and bounds largely due to the donors who have invested their trust and financial support into the project. A huge THANK YOU to all the donors who supported Thabang in various ways, financially and otherwise, during the past year. Support has come from far and wide via: goods in kind, services in kind, cycling for the Thabang Cycling Team, raising funds and providing financial support directly to building infrastructure or covering various programmes. Thank you also to all the staff of Thabang CYCC who through many difficulties and challenges keep on caring, cleaning, washing, cooking and supporting. Also a big thank-you to the admin staff including the gardener and driver, who do an essential job in the background. We also appreciate all the dedicated staff of the DiC, who work in difficult circumstances and with minimum support from local service providers. Thank you for your determination and perseverance to uplift the many children and their households who turn to Thabang for support. Thank you to those behind the scenes including, Thabang’s Management Board and Trustees for guiding and directing Thabang in making appropriate and wise decisions. We value and rely on your support.

Tessa, General Manager, Thabang Children's Project

Educational Empowerment

The aim of the educational empowerment programme is to help impart knowledge to children and guide them through the various academic stages. The teachers acknowledge that the children have different learning needs and levels of development and so try to accommodate each child. They try to provide a firm academic foundation to assist the children to realize their full potential.
There are two teachers helping the children with their school work, the staff of Thabang are also very much involved. The children have been grouped according to their capabilities. Classes run in the afternoons when the children have returned from school.
Thirteen children are attending Ysterberg Primary School, from this group there are some who are struggling and performing below average and so need special attention. Six children are attending Advanced College and are doing quite well, although they need to improve in Mathematics. One girl attends at Frikkie Meyer High school and is doing well.
Two boys are attending at Thekganang Technical School and so far they are performing well academically, one of them will be sitting for his Matric exams this year.
The four children attending Mabogopedi Secondary School are unfortunately not achieving together with the majority of the other scholars attending the school. The school itself is underperforming. This is a huge challenge as there are not many other schooling options.
Although the time after school is very limited and there are many children with different educational needs, the support that is offered definitely aids the children to achieve better.
Fedrick, Teacher

Drop in Centre - Ready for School
Drop in Centre - Ready for School
Coming out tops - 96%
Coming out tops - 96%
Ready for School - CYCC
Ready for School - CYCC
Educational Empowerment
Educational Empowerment
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