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Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins

by St Martins School
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
Educate a child from Kibagare Slum at St Martins
St Martins Primary School Feeding
St Martins Primary School Feeding

Friend,Greetings from St Martins School.

It is our hope that the first quarter of the year has been as per your expectations and that all is well on your end. For us as a school, we are grateful to have made it this far and are hopeful for more positives going forward.

The revised school calendar year is still being implemented. The first quarter of this year we were able to complete the third term of the calender year 2021.

Education : Our students in both schools were able to sit their end of primary and secondary school national exams. A total of 67 students in Primary and 55 girls in secondary school sat this exams and we received the results in this month of April. 27 girls and 30 boys in our primary school graduated with 250 marks and above and they are eligible to join secondary schools in this calendar year as from the 5th of April 2022. The primary school attained a mean of 308.79 a new high for the school in a long time.

6 girls in high school scored a C+ and above and are eligible to join University in the upcoming intake, 11 girls scored a C while another 11 girls scored a C-, they are eligible for diploma and technical courses of their choice in tertiary institutions. 27 girls performed fairly well and are looking to do certificate courses and skills training to enable them have necessary skills to support themselves in the future.

It is through the support we receive in sponsorships and in donations that  we are able as a school do the much we can in uplifting the lives of our children through education. We are grateful to each and everyone of you for giving us the support all through.

As a school we hope to support both boys and girls who will be unable to attend secondary school due to financial constraints.

Boys Outeach program: Most boys do not have a chance at education and we started an outreach program to support the boys attend high school. 5 boys graduated in the just concluded national exams and they have done very well. We have enlisted 10 more boys this year to benefit from this program and we hope they will perfom well when their time comes. We hope to get more boys into this program though in most instances we are faced with financial constraints and thereby forced to take a lower number than we'd wish to support. We are grateful even with the little we get we are able to support also the education of the boy child.

St Martins School feeding and Saturday feeding program: We have continued to feed the children during the weeks they have been in school since we reopened this year. The students were in school for 9 weeks ending 4th March 2022. We feed 800 students two meals a day, breakfast and lunch. We were able to serve a total of 36,000 servings during the 9 weeks period the children were in school.

We have also continued with the Saturday feeding program, this is to guarantee the children have a meal during weekends. We are still feeding between 1100 - 1300 children every Saturday. Were this not the case most of the children would be forced to go without food over the weekend.

Community Empowerment and Outreach Program: We have continued to reach out to the community and offer support to the most vulnerable and poor in the community. We work closely and offer support to families and children living with HIV and AIDs. They are offered psychosocial support, trainings on adherance and disclosure, training and talks on the importance of ARVs, we help monitor the Viaral load, conselling on disclosure and also support families unable to provide meals for themselves with food baskets on a monthly basis. Through this interventions we are able to reduce cases of death and reduction of stigma improving on the well being of the families of the children we support.

237 Caregivers and community members are participating in Voluntary savings and loanings. The groups have a savings and loaning revolving fund kitty which helps them navigate through this tough economic time due to high inflation. We offer members of the community trainings on Child development and family matters, we help link them with financial instituions to access funds for business, we help monitor and evaluate their small businesses and advise on how best they can be managed, We have been able to train the caregivers on the importance of having medical insurance and enroll on the national insurance scheme. 16 caregivers managed to enroll during this trainings. We are hopeful that we will be able to do more trainings and enourage more members and families to join.

We have reopened for a new term this month of April, both St Martins primary and secondary. We are admitting new students joining our preschool and also girls in their first year of secondary school and looking forward to what the next 10 weeks have on offer.

We are gratefulf and appreciative of the support we have received and continue to receive to date, Thank you all and best regards,

From St Martins School.

St Martins primary school class of 2021
St Martins primary school class of 2021
Community Empowerment Meeting
Community Empowerment Meeting


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Hi Friends of St Martins School and a Happy New Year.

We are grateful to have made it this far thanks to the support you have given us in the last year. We have made good progress and are looking forward to this new year with the intention of being the change we wish to see for the community and the students in our community here at Kibagare.

Climate Change has had a huge impact in our economy and this has negatively affected livelihooods. This is characterised by inadequate rainfall, high cost and unreliable energy , farmers becoming poor , increased food prices and a high cost of living. All the above are reliant on the rains and we haven't had much in the last three months.

Depesssion and mental health issues are also on the rise in this community we serve and the most affected are the children as they have very little to choose from and are forced to live with the much that comes their way on a daily basis.

As a school we are doing our level best to do the much we can and below are some of the much we have been able to do and achieve in the last few months.

School Feeding program: This is a key and important program for us as a school as it guarantees meals for most of the chilldren who would otherwise be forced in the streets in search of food. Our student population as of December 2021 was 789 children aged between 6 year and 15 years in Primary school. They are fed breakfast and lunch while at school. For the 22 weeks ending 23rd December 2021, when school resumed in July we were able to guarantee our children attend school without worrying about the lack of meals.

We have also continued with the Saturday feeding program every Saturday. Many children benefit from this program.As of December 2021, a total of 21,400 meals were served thanks to the support we receive for the feeding program.

Education: St Martins primary school and the secondary school have made good progress. We have 789 students in primary school, 187 girls in High school ( Boarding) , 42 teaching staff and 39 non teaching and surbodinate staff. School has been on from the 27th of July and we closed for the year on the 23rd of December.

Music and Arts has been introduced in the new curriculum that tests on competency and to date grades 3, 4 and 5 have done well in their national exams. This is a welcome move as it encourages students to pursue other career options after graduation. 

We have also been able to help boys graduating from our primary school to further their eduction after primary school. 26 boys are in different schools thanks to this initiative and we have 5 boys who will be graduating after the national exams beind done in March 2022.

The graduating class of 2021, 77 boys and girls in Primary school and 66 girls in secondary school will be sitting for their national exams in March. We are preparing them for the same and we are hoping to have very good results come April 2022.

Fire Incident at School: On the 5th of August 2021, we had a fire incident at school. One of our dorms, a 200 bed capacity facility was destroyed in the fire. The top floor plus the roof which had solar panels to pump water used in the school was destroyed too. None of the students nor staff were injured in the fire. We have been forced to host the students in another facility though we may not have space to accomodate girls joing school as from April of 2022. This is because we will not have space neither do we have the funds to repair the damaged dorm. We have been able to repair the roof but there is need to repair and replace lockers destroyed in the fire.

Solar Panels Lost in the Fire Replaced: Thanks to the support, campaigns and donations we received after the fire incident at school on the 5th of August, we have been able to replace the panels lost in the fire and resume water pumping using solar. We had reverted to the national grid and this was very costly for the school for the months after the fire. Thanks to this we have been able to reduce our high costs on energy and at the same time have a clean and reliable source of energy. We are grateful to each and every one of you for the much you did to help us actualize this, Thank you.

Community Outreach Program: We have continued to support the community, and more the guardians of the children that we support. We have set up a revolving fund for the community groups, thanks to a donation from COPADO. This has encouraged more guardians to join in groups and come up with ways to support their families. 263 households are part of our community outreach program an increase from the 150 households we had initially. We have been able to offer interventions and trainings during group meetings and home visits conducted by our Mentor mother and the community coordinator. We conduct trainings on:

  • Changing the poverty mindset
  • Entrepreneurship and business start up trainings
  • Financial literacy and linking business to finanacial institutions
  • Positive parenting and family matters
  • succession planning

Thanks to this trainings, 180 participants have been able to start and run small businesses thanks to the grants they receive from their groups. For the year ending December 2021, we had 17 active groups that have beeb able to save KES 2,328, 605 ( USD 23,800 ) and have been able to get loans of KES 1,026,023 ( USD 10,260 ) This is proof that with the rigt support and mindset, change happens!

We are still continuing to offer skills trainings to selected group members. The women are being trained on tailoring and dressmaking skills to have a means of generating and income for themselves. 4 trainees have graduated since we started and have been provided with a startup kitty to start their businesses.

We also support members of the community living with HIV and AIDs. 40 adults and 20 children living with HIV and AIDs are offered

  • Psychosocial support
  • Trainings and lessons on adherence and disclosure especially for children born and living with the disease
  • Tracing ARV defaulters and linking them to a facility for counselling, care and treatment
  • We offer food baskets to persons living with the disease who are unable to provide for themselves and their families
  • We encourage women to screen for Cervical and Breast Cancer
  • Sensitive the groups on COVID 19 and its effects on them as a vulverable group.

The challenge we have on achieving our target for the above group that is growing is the lack of a community space to conduct all the activities above. The cost of renting space is high and thus the need to have our own space built here at school. To build a hall will cost USD 45,000 and we have donations 0f USD 12,000 towards the same.

Sponsorships: We rely on sponsorships to run most of our activities. Ths guarantees that a child does not miss out on school, has meals, uniforms and access to e-learning and technology. Without this support, most of our students are forced to drop out of school and not get a chance to finish primary and secondary school.

We are verified on Benevity and also on GlobalGiving to receive donations and matching donations from some Employers. Our target is to have 500 sponsored by the end of this year. 400 students are currently under sponsorships in both our schools.

The annual cost of Sponsorship for a primary school child is EUR 550 and a high school student is EUR 1100. Thanks to sponsorships, we are able to guarantee our girls and boys attend school each year, reduce gender gap and wealth disparities and help in achieving universal access to quality education.

We look forward to hearing from you our donors on how best we can work together towards achieving our tagerts this year.

Thank you, best regards and A Happy New Year.

St Martins Primary School Band
St Martins Primary School Band
St Martins Secondary School Football team
St Martins Secondary School Football team
St Martins Primary School Feeding
St Martins Primary School Feeding
Reinstalled Solar Panels for Pumping Water.
Reinstalled Solar Panels for Pumping Water.


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A class in session at St Martins Primary
A class in session at St Martins Primary

Geetings from St Martins School, 

It is our hope that all has been well with you all and your families since our last update.

Education: We are back in school after a short break for the teachers and the students. We reopened school on the 27th July for ur third term and also the start of the new revised calendar year which runs from the 27th of July 2021 to March 0f 2022. Students have transitioned to the next class. We have been able to admit new students in both our schools, with 100 new students in primary and 52 girls in the high school.

We have shorter breaks (one week at most) due to Covid compared to previous years. This has a negative impact on learning due to the huge work load and short time to cover the sylabbus and also hoping that the pandemic will be managed over time. All in all we have hopes for a good term.

Covid19 situation: We have been having increased cases in the country, though the school has not been affected much. Vaccine rollout is still slow and we rely entirely on donations as a country though we are optimistic that we will all be vaccinated over time. We are keen on the measures advised by the health ministry, and with the donations received to date we have been able to provide hand washing stations, masks and sanitizers for our students and the staff.

Community Involvement: HIV is still a big problem here in the Kibagare commmuity, with the help of our community mentor mother, we have been able to reach out to individuals and families within the slum offering them psychosocial support, helping them with the pill count, seeing to it that thay adhere to their medication, monitoring their viral loads, helping them with disclosure and also providing food baskets to those that are unable to provide for themselves.

Our community mentor mother also sensitizes the members on the importance of ARVs, she also helps them through their daily challenges that force them not to default on their medication, cervical cancer screening sessions, how best to deal with stigma and discrimination and the importance of disclosure.

  • 72 households ahve been reached out to and offered psychosocial support
  • 18 children living with HIV and 35 persons living with HIV have been reached in the month of July
  • We have been able to form 14 support groups fo persons living with HIV
  • We have been able to trace 2 defaulters and linked them to counsellors and link them to a local health center
  • We have been able to sensitize 16 women groups on HIV and AIDs. One group has 15 members
  • We have been able to monotor the viral loads 0f 4 persons living with HIV

Our community Empowerment officer has been able to organise digital marketing forums for the women groups and thank to her support 17 women gruops are active within the kibagare community. They are actively participating in Voluntary savings and loanings and table banking.

Fire Incident at school: on the 5th of August one of our girls dorm was burnt down. The building top floor had solar panels that the school was using to pump water for the 1010 students in school plus 100 staff. We are seeking to rebuild the dorm and also to replace the panels and we are fundraising for this. We are grateful for the many of you who have donated to our call and we are requsting that the same be shared with friend and families to help us actualize our goal. Help us rebuild and replace panels lost in the fire

Our mission still is to educate as many children, providing them with daily meals, a conducive learning enviroment, access to technology, and ensure they have a chance at education. Challenges will always be there and we deal with each as it comes and we are grateful that thanks to your support we have been able to make it this far.

We are grateful for your support and we will be sure to send you more updates over time. 

Thank you and best regards,

Student out door Activity
Student out door Activity
Solar Panel for Pumping water and lighting
Solar Panel for Pumping water and lighting
Roof destroyed in the fire
Roof destroyed in the fire


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Greetings from St Martins School,

It is our hope that you, your families, contacts, and networks are doing well and the last few months since our last report have been as good as you expected.

Here at school and in the kIbgare community despite the challenges due to the pandemic, we are still optimistic that things will change over time.

Education: We are grateful for the fact that we have been able to resume school. We are in the second term of the current year 2021. We reopened school on the 1oth of May Both primary school and secondary school. 

National Exams: The final year students in primary school and secondary school did their national exams in April of 2021 after a 9 months layoff. The results are our, and the students have done exceptionally well considering the challenges they have had in the last two years. We had a total of 74 students in Primary school and 49 Girls in High school sitting the national exams. The overall school performance has improved over time and this is an indication that with the support and goodwill we receive we are able to transform the lives of the students and the community of Kibagare through education.

The number of students graduating and transitioning to high school with 250 marks and above from Primary school has increased in the last 5 years. We have grown our numbers from 32 in 2016 to 53 in the just concluded exams. The same improvement has been registered in the number of girls joining public Universities from the secondary school from 3 in 2017 to a total of 17 in this year's exam.

We are expecting more girls and boys to do well in their exams going forward.

School Feeding: The school feeding program is still ongoing. With school open, we feed the students Monday through to Friday and also on the Saturday Feeding program. We have a population of 726 Boys and Girls in Primary School, from Pre-School to Grade 7 and 166 girls boarding in high school. With the support, we receive we are able to guarantee meals to our students while at school. Were it not the case most of our students would not have the guarantee of a meal.

Community Outreach Program: Thanks to the efforts of our community Coordinator, we have been able to reach out to Members of the community and help them embrace initiatives geared towards improving their lives. Through their Voluntary savings and loan groups, training on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, succession planning, family matters to mention a few. they have been able to increase the number of support groups from 10 in 2018 to 17 groups as of this date. This in return helps them improve the lives of their families and that of their children.

School Toilet Block: We have been able to complete the girls' toilet block thanks to the support we have received to date. 350 girls in primary school are guaranteed cleanliness and hygiene and also serve to dignify them unlike when we had both sets of students sharing the same block. Thanks to you all who fundraised on this.

Your support goes a long way in ensuring that we meet our financial obligations and set objectives in any given year. We appreciate the far that we have come thanks to this support year in year out and we will always strive to do the much we can in the interest of our pupils and the community here at Kibagare.

Thank you and best regards,

St Martins School, Kibagare.



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