Building God's Love School Classrooms

by Engozi Za Mukama (God's Love Home)
Building  God's Love School Classrooms
Building  God's Love School Classrooms
Building  God's Love School Classrooms
Building  God's Love School Classrooms
Building  God's Love School Classrooms
Building  God's Love School Classrooms
Building  God's Love School Classrooms
Building  God's Love School Classrooms
plastering progress
plastering progress



 Dear Friends,

 In all our different faith backgrounds, w.e know there was a creator and that our existence is not mere chance. Many thanks to our creator who has kept us safe and wishing you

A Happy Christmas and prosperous new year 2022.

 Amidst covid19 impact, you have helped vulnerable children in our care with feeding, security, education and a roof etc. Your impact has gone across 60 vulnerable in addition to the guardians’ children who live with some of our children. 

 So many things thrill me

-          Food has been provided on monthly support from friends in Australia and UK with additions from our farm output.

-          Classroom block building work is nearly done.  At present we are completing the outside plastering with top floor ceiling as yet incomplete

-          Schools to open up on 10/01/2022.  His is the first time that all classes will be in school since March 2019.  The children have missed so much; imagine how excited we are

-          Home study has been facilitated,  However the lack of facilities has made it very hard for the children

-          Our First Aid kit always stocked and minor problems dealt with

-          We have purchased a small piece of Land 40 x 40 ft next to our school for a pit latrine, Kitchen and play ground

-   We have grown food at our farm. It acted as our children refugee during covid19 lockdown when    

     staying in the town sounded the immediate source of the virus spread

-          We have had help with our website and blogs have been written for us.

 We have had to keep adjusting the GLH working schedule to allow for the latest lockdown. The school has been closed for most of the year with the exception of P7 who came in to prepare for their exams.  Their results were good but not upto the standard of previous years.  (Teachers have been kept on 75% of salary)  The children’s home and the home for the older children have proceeded well

With limited transport, prices have risen. – A bicycle was purchased by generous friend to help carry food and water.  The older girls maintained their determination to go on a lower budget,  This Christmas they will share in the GLH goat and have their first meat of 2021,  Well done them!!

We depend very much on your continued kindness.  However we have set clear targets to become more self sufficient. There is a financial target for the farm to achieve and another for the school to develop a surplus.  Please ask if you wish to see  the 2020 Annual audited report

Please continue to pray and to help and ….

James Mukiibi   Mobile: 0759941493


Doctor helping at GLH
Doctor helping at GLH
Bicycle given to carry water and food
Bicycle given to carry water and food
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Birth day celebrations
Birth day celebrations

Dear Friends,                                                                                                         3/09/2021

Thankyou friends for your prayers and support throughout August.  Let me tell you about some random things. Tracy and Judean celebrated their birthdays. Tracy makes 3 years from the zero age when she joined GLH.  We had rain water that was collected from our recently given tank that has reduced girls’ movements for water. However, rain isn’t back in full capacity and so our tank has never got full, hard to estimate practically how far it can go with girls when full.  Patience too got sponsored which really thrills me ; (forgive if I don’t mention your name).                                                                          

I had a lovely call on zoom with a UK organisation, I shared about GLH to them and the talk was very lovely. Please pray that this will bring good outcome in the future when our needs are presented to the board meeting expected in September.  Obviously, there are many lives still needy.  I promised last month to work on our school building specifically to fix in window glass, we have been able to complete that. Again many thanks for your support 

Lockdown:  The government declared on 30-July, 42 more days of school and Church closure.  We are yet to hear from our president on what comes next on schools and churches opening. The government is trying to make sure that all teachers are fully vaccinated before schools opening. Some staff, like Justus Abitegeka (Deputy H/teacher), at GLS/H have been vaccinated already with no issues at all despite the fears of many.  There is so much false news.

Learning continues to be family based; Teachers supplying work to different families where our children come from. GLH is well equipped with a regular routine of children reading on their own. There is a need for more of reading materials and a desktop computer at school for effective implementation of the programme. Girls (GLV) focus this month has been on their usual learning but concentrated on sewing machines, hairdressing and Keyboard playing as well as guitar learning. I like their interest to develop their skills. Devotions -(reading God’s word /prayers was the order of the day) There were many small cases of children sickness like flu, fever, ...but through our first Aid box we are able to treat them.

A sad story in the month was an abrupt sickness of Gerald, one of the older GLH young men, who is currently studying Bachelor’s in Law at Makerere University.  He was taken to hospital and tests showed no covid or malaria but the recurrence of his stomach issues which he needs to learn to live with

 I really value your prayers and supporting comments..

Project ‘’ needs’’ and ‘’ received’’s

a)      Healing to our friends b) Food provision to GLH and the poor community of kibwa c) Feeding support to continue d) Churches and schools to be opened from lockdown e) Gerald’s health    f) child sponsorship scheme  

I am happy that the Lord has provided for August and thankyou friends for being there. As usual, may he provide according to your heart’s desire.  

Blessings,James Mukiibi   Mobile: 0759941493 Email:

Glasses fixed
Glasses fixed
Girls collecting water from the given water tank
Girls collecting water from the given water tank
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primary seven who sat for exams
primary seven who sat for exams


 Dear Friends,

Time can fly with a couple of months passed in 2021 so far, most things has been wonderful. March was a month of Examinations for secondary four (4) and Primary seven (7) -Sadia has done her senior four as well as our primary 7 students. The primary seven had their last exams on 31 from the 30th /March.  What an excitement on completion!  I am afraid you can’t see their smiles due to masks covering the mouths but Just believe the presence of smiles inside ...hahaha. They promise success, of course it’s the usual wording from any learners to their teachers. Let us put them into our prayers!     

We continue to hope for more classes to Join the school system from the COVID-19   Lockdown- Primary 5 and Primary 4 etc expected soon presumably early July which makes us keen to work on the classrooms to useable level.  Currently, we have filled the stair holes with hole bricks and doing Internal plastering with some rooms completed (It excludes floor cementing and fixing glasses, electricity and ceiling). We would aim at cementing the floors as well. 

Gerald has sorted out the issue of Land disputes in the community when he advised them on the laws required at different levels. He encouraged the local council one to always stand firm on the truth on any matter in the community other than taking bribes to silence the matter in a wrong direction. I was happy that he pointed out the aspect bribe which is very much asked locally. Gerald was GLH student whom we have supported to a diploma in Law from Law Development Centre and currently studying degree in Law at Makerere University Uganda. There are many other GLH children with such big dreams to further their education in different disciplines like Doctors, Nursing, Law, Teachers etc.  but then we are unable to support them due to our narrow financial base.  I am sure with the support in those study displine, GLH will be self-sustainable in the future when it produces her own lawyers, teachers, nurses, doctor etc.        

                                                                                                                                                                  Behind our school block there are two small plots of land of size 15 ft by 40 which are on sale. Other external purchase of these plots disturbs our school in the future as we are already struggling on the one that was recently taken and the owner having fixed a Toilet just close to our classrooms.  Our usual prayers has been that we this for Kitchen and Pit latrine as we focus on our long-term goal of 2-acre playground Land close to the schools. Any support to acquire children play ground will be a huge blessing to the children sports life.  

The classroom Block building process continue gradually for any money that comes in unexpected and we hope to finish it this year. We have been able to fix in windows and doors. Now, doing Internal plastering etc.  We are keen that before the whole school start, we can make this classroom useable.

We thank friends who are in support with our vision and please consider visiting our recent Blogs  and

 Project “needs” and “received” s

  1. Internal plastering in progress.
  2. GLH website 
  3. Primary seven finished their exams well -Pray for success
  4.  School playground
  5. Being able to finish all the tasks as soon as they come in   
  6. This year’s visits to happen soon
  7. My friend’s Visit to India to go well.
  8.  Science Lab to get equipped with basics in -Biology, chemistry and Physics for practical applications.
  9. 10 Desktop computers for children learning lessons
  10. Feeding support
  11. GLH simple clinic 
  12. Past months have been very good with minor issues of sickness among the children which we walked out, a time to connect with our families and friends. May remaining months bring you hope, good health and fulfilment!


James Mukiibi Mobile: 0759941493 Email:

Ps; There is one serious issue of ‘'scam'' using our name talking to different people without organisation' s knowledge -Instead of email you read from (looks the same but they are not at all) -They have created Facebook page ''God's Love Orphanage '' just close to our GLH. I pray that you will be bright enough to go through such. 

Breeze bricks around the stair wall
Breeze bricks around the stair wall
classs discussion on
classs discussion on
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Learning at GLS
Learning at GLS

Dear Friends,


The month of December 2020 was wonderful. Thank you for your continued support

 December has been a busy month, Building of GLS, Christmas, now looking for a new year ,2021.    

What an excitement with goat gift from a generous friend, children enjoyed the meat and those  who don’t were given options of fish and chicken.   You gave a smile to children like John on the right photo. John is a 5 year boy who was  introduced to us by the police (no parent and currently dreaming to become a Teacher).  Elijah, has been busy to studying computer  and  now holds a certificate in computer application.   (I had a special time on my birthday.  I was blessed with a present which I hope  to use in installing water harvesting tank to help girls capture rain water and save them from daily journey for water fetching).

December was known as dry month, surprisingly, it’s raining hard here as you can witness girls pushing water away after rain.   There were  challenges of sickness among the children: the most serious one  suffered from stomach, later learnt of ulcers.   We worked together with Sister Jude from the UK to help her to full recovery

School Building Progress.   Verandah Rails installed b) Plaster around verandah rail support columns and Header beams    Next jobs include fit electrical conduits, stairwell, fit door and window frames, render all internal walls.                                               

 Our primary seven students went for their holidays on 18-12-20 and we expect them back on 18-01-21 for third term then final exams. We registered 15 students for p.7 for final exams and we have accordingly assessed them this term with mocks exams. One was in grade one, 7 grade2, 3 grade 3 and 4 in grade 4.  They have spent a long time at home, it has been a real struggle to bring them back to normal standard. Targets are to move all our children to two super grades of one and two in final exams.

Project “needs” and “received”s

  1. 10 children sponsorship received from Australia; Child sponsorship program to find favor
  2. Good Christmas Day ; to enter into a New Year, 2021 well.
  3. Uncle James stomach issues off and Aunty Eve seem to be improving
  4. Completion of our school block and Water harvesting Project for the girls
  5. Dianne spoke with our Children on WhatsApp Video-It was lovely hearing her words of encouragement
  6. We have had two issues of attempted theft.  Please pray for continued protection
  7. We all need to keep our vision fresh

Christmas was just superb with a lovely service; dancing, praying and singing.   We lspecially prayed for peace among our friends and those who lost their beloved ones. Big meal and a special service.  What a day!!

 Happy New Year, 2021

James Mukiibi


Mobile: 0759941493 Email:

GLS building progress
GLS building progress
Children's  Goat gift
Children's Goat gift
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Girls learning guitar playing skills
Girls learning guitar playing skills

Dear Friends,

The month of September 2020 was wonderful.  Thank you for your prayers for GLH and me.      

My mother visited her Doctor at Nsambya Hospital for treatment (She has been battling heart disease for 4 years) -There was high improvement following the doctor’s comments.  GLH continues to see God’s blessings, a friend blessed us with a Guitar and Ukulele to help us to continue praising Our Jesus, subsequently, the friend blessed me with walking shoes worth Aus$100 around 220,000 Ugandan Shilling -This was too much for me since I only needed Aus$23. I extended the blessing to 3 GLV girls; buying them shoes on the balance. Praise the Lord for the few that got a share of this blessing.                                             

We have been able to accomplish our August/September planned activities such as memorising Bible verses, cleaning GLH toilets and sweeping as a sacrifice to our Lord, reading targets and morning physical exercises with the GLH students who felt able to do running exercise.

Farm work is going well (We have planted, maize, sweet potatoes, beans, greens etc), now harvesting cabbages.   

The president generously promised 2Billion Ugsh to private schools for recovery but sadly this money hasn’t been received, just like the promised maize/beans.  Many private schools are on sale with most of their teachers looking for other work eg on building sites, selling water etc. what a sad story!


There are a number of activities going on in preparation for school opening and they include

a)       Internal painting for classrooms, done.

b)      Closing some exits

c)       Installed buckets of water and soap for children washing  

d)      We need a special beds and room, done.


a)       Temperature gun, sanitizers, two beds, 15 classrooms desks, single seat chairs for primary seven class, fixing glass in classroom windows, school text books   

Project praise and prayer points 

  1.  GLH Website to get finished - discussions ongoing
  2. God’s protections and long life to our generous supporters
  3. Children at the farm are doing well as well
  4. The school re-opening for candidate classes to go well on 15/10/2020
  5. Mark and Gloria to find peace due to the loss of their beloved ones, John14:27-God provides peace…1corinthians15:22 For Just as all People die because of their Union with Adam, in the same way all will be raised to life because of their Union with Christ.  
  1. Brother Kent’s efforts in contacting churches
  2. Tracy had smooth Birthday   
  3. Health and safety for the children. That they will thrive despite the problems.
  4. Safety and continued food supply (regular support) there is an excitement each day whenever new supplies arrive

Psalms105:19 Until what I have said comes to pass the word of the Lord is still testing my character and perseverance.

Blessings, James Mukiibi   Mobile: 0759941493 Email: 

Covid19 measures of protection at GLS
Covid19 measures of protection at GLS
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