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Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl

by Platform for Labour Action (PLA)
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl

Akullo was born to the late Onyanga and Akello in Aromo sub county Lira district.
Currently she stays with her uncle Mr. Otim and his wife Alobo in Barogole under Lira municipality in Lira district

Her parents died while she was in primary two at Lira central primary school, `After my parents dying all our property was taken by our relatives and according to my uncle the bank also took some things like land, My father was rich but after his death we began to suffer and had almost nothing`.

`My mother died when I was 2 years old, according to my uncle, my father also died of the same disease HIV/AIDS, my father refused to take his medication and because of that he died early and we are now suffering.` sadly narrated Akullo.

The uncle has a family of 9 people comprising of 2 adults and 7 children and they all stay in a 2 roomed house with some of the children sleeping in the sitting room, “I sometimes sleep on the chairs, the first person to get to the room is the one who sleeps on the mattress that’s placed on the floor since we have no beds”, shared Akullu.

Akullu is on good terms with her uncle but her aunty lobo does not like her, The aunt calls her names ”that am so stupid and because of that she doesn’t want me at her place since her children also don’t have school fees”.

According to Dolly one day she failed to fetch water since she didn’t feel well, and because of this her aunty beat her up so badly that she injured her knees and up to date she can’t move properly due to the beating.
“After my aunty beat me up, she was taken to police by my uncle, but she was forgiven after sometime, she has also tried to change now”, explained Dolly.

After the injury, PLA took Dolly to Adina rehabilitation center in Lira, it provides rehabilitation services to mainly children in Lira district free of charge.
We hope to see a change in Dolly in the coming months as her rehabilitation process had begun with the organization.

Like other beneficiaries, Dolly’s best time is when she is at school since she gets the freedom to play and also have lunch with her friends.

“I really appreciate the support that I get from the organization, I pray God blesses the people who send us scholastic materials and fees”, expressed Dolly.

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“Educate 200 War and HIV/AIDS Orphaned Ugandan Girls” is a project that has given hope and a better future through education to more than 150 beneficiaries in northern Uganda, despite the hardships endured due to the absence of their biological parents who they lost either to HIV/AIDS or the 21 years long LRA rebel war.

Some of the beneficiaries due to the effort of the organization (platform for labour action), have managed to get full education scholarship for school fees and only need counseling and scholastic materials for the organization, most of these beneficiaries that require only scholastic materials are secondary going beneficiaries while one girl has managed to get free rehabilitation center from one of the NGO’s here in Lira,

School monitoring visits
11 school monitoring visits were this quarter made to PLA beneficiaries. 21 girls were visited at their respective schools that they enrolled in; the major reason for the visit was to monitor the girls’ school and class room progress. Most of the girls such as Atala , Aygiketty and Morine are steady improving in their performance in class as seen in their [progress reports and teachers comments at the schools.
The girls were visited in their different schools of Lira parents, Lira Police primary school, Lango Quran primary school, Sir Samuel Joe primary school, Adyel primary school, railways primary school, Lira modern primary school, Lira primary school, Railways primary school, Lira Police primary school and secondary schools such as Menta secondary school, Amach complex secondary school and King James secondary school.

During the visits, the beneficiaries were talked to on a one on one basis while sharing their experience about life at and out of school and the difference in their livelihood since PLA’s support and how they feel about the support that they continue to get.


All the beneficiaries monitored got counseling services from the organization, some of the beneficiaries were able to share personal issues while the majority had mainly challenges at school psychological support was therefore provided to those children who seem to decline in performance to help them realize the importance of education and thus improve on their performances.

The teachers were too involved in the discussion to work together with PLA staff to ensure the improvement of the beneficiaries in both school and class work. The beneficiaries in schools also discussed their performances and came to better conclusion that they will seek help from their teachers and hold group discussions to help improve on their performances.

This quarter due to the referral system, we were able to access food and shelter for 7 children from child restoration centers an organization here in Lira, we have also managed to start rehabilitation for one of the beneficiaries Akullo from Adina rehabilitation center.

Home monitoring visits
3 home visits were made to 5 beneficiaries that were inclusive of Morine, Atai, Ejang, Nebila and Apio.

Additional Visits to beneficiaries such as Immaculate and Fauza were as a result of calls made from their neighbors complaining of the mistreatment of the girls by their guardians, this called for a meeting with the guardian of the girls who pledged to start treating the girls as their own however, hey reported their inability to support the girls financially because themselves cannot afford the basic necessity due to lack of money.
Other beneficiaries such Atai and Morine we visit so as to encourage them to work had at school since they had joined secondary school late after all the students had reported due to challenges.

The girls have been able to improve their performance as evidenced by Morine who managed be in the 24th position out of 211 students in her form one class at King James secondary school, Also Ataiwas in the 48th position out of 119 students in her form two class at Amach Complex secondary school in Lira.

PLA will continue to support the girls in providing them with physiological support, scholastic materials and school lunch. Monitoring visits to both the schools and homes will be carried out to analyze the progress of the girls in their performance at home and at school; this will ascertain what kind support the girls need most.
More girls are going to be identified and introduced to the project to with the support from Global Giving donors and well wishers.

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Morine’s journey through primary school has not been an easy one and it had become even worse when her PLE results were back and there was no clear indication of continuing with school.
The 15-year old came close to an early marriage when the final help came from the director of King James secondary school who offered her full scholarship at his school.

Morine was born to the late Okello and the late Amony and she is now in care of her 40-year old paternal aunt g Anna.

Morine parents were both killed by the rebels in 2000, “after their death, my grandfather tried to cater for me but he became helpless until aunt Anna took me up, but she can also hardly help. It is the church that provides for us but it’s also fading away,” sadly mentioned Morine.

Morine has 2 siblings whom she doesn’t know where they are or who could be supporting them, she continues to be grateful to PLA for the support that they have renderer her in the past years of her school.

PLA started supporting Morine right from primary five to her completion of primary seven at Sir Samuel Joe primary school.

Morine held a number of responsibilities while at Sir Samuel Joe nursery and primary school and among this was her position as the head prefect at her school. Much as this position was competitive, she emerged the winner due to her discipline, performance in school and especially the leadership skills that she portrayed.

In her free time Morine loves to do a lot of things which are inclusive of time spent in church and playing handball.
“I love playing hand ball and singing, I also teach Sunday school children at our church in Ogena Christian church,” happily narrated Morine

As the results were lanched, Morine’s quest for funds for her secondary education started, she made several visits to PLA office, which in turn also made several follow ups with the owner of Guru Nana an industry that produces shea butter, who had promised to sponsor at least 3 of PLA primary seven beneficiaries.

There was no response to Morine’s request and time went by as other now Senior one students reported to school.

This depressed Morine so much that lead her to thinking of suicide, that she attempt twice, on hearing this, it provoked another search for a donor to support Morine in School.

During the counseling session, Morine shared that one of the reasons as to why she wanted to commit suicide was because she saw no future ahead of her with education and to make matters worse her guardian wanted to marry her off just so that she could have less mouth to feed and also gain something out of it.

This story was therefore shared with the director of King James secondary who felt touched and rendered full support to Morine. The support is inclusive of school uniform, full fees till university, scholastic materials, out of school clothes and pocket money.

PLA shall continue to psychological support Morine especially during the school holidays.

“It has been a tough time for me and I thank you for standing by me”, slowly shared Morine as she made the final departure to her new home and school.

Above is a picture showing PLA Administrative Volunteer after he had handed Morine some counter books and pens at King James Secondary School Lira

The administrative volunteer Odong was therefore able to take Morine to the school and she was left in the hands of the director of the school, who mentioned that Morine was now his daughter who he has vowed to take care of.

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Platform for Labour action with support from Global Giving is currently supporting 26 girls with school lunch, scholastic materials and physiological support in all aspects of their lives. The girls go to government owned primary schools; Lira primary school, Lira Modern primary school, Lira police primary school, Elia Olet primary school, Starch Factory primary school, Lango Quran primary school, King James primary school, Railways primary school, Adyel primary school, Canon Lawrence primary school, Lira Parents’ primary school and Sir Samuel Joe nursery and primary school.

“Educate 200 War and HIV/AIDS Orphaned Ugandan Girls” is a project that has given hope and a better future through education to more than 100 beneficiaries in northern Uganda, despite the hardships endured due to the absence of their biological parents who they lost either to HIV/AIDS or the 21 years Lords’ Resistance Army(LRA) rebel war.
Below is a detailed account of these project activities carried out in the months of July, August and September 2014.

Lunch fees payment

This quarter, lunch fees payment of 810, 800 were made to the different schools that PLA beneficiaries attend. The payment was made to enable the beneficiaries have lunch at the different schools they go to. Because of this the beneficiaries have concentrated more in their school and education that worrying about hunger and food, reports from the various schools show that the beneficiaries are attending classes on a regular basis.This will enable them realise their right to education.


The girls continue work hard at school as it provides the only hope for them. Nebilla managed to score in 1st grade at Lango Quran primary school while Fibby and Morine managed to score in 2nd grade at Sir Samuel Nursery and primary school, Sumaya too scored in 2nd grade at Adyel primary school in their mock examinations. With the mentioned grade, the girls have hopes to performing even better in their final examinations.
Other beneficiaries like Gloria, Ketty, and Epilla  are still trying their best in catching up, during the school term holidays the girls continued to have holiday studies, and this was so they can improve on their performance in order to achieve their dreams.

School monitoring visits

35 school monitoring visits were this quarter made to the different schools that were inclusive of Lira Modern primary school, Lango Quran Primary school, Adyel Primary school, Lira parents Primary School, Sir Samuel primary school, Canon Lawerence primary school and Lira primary school. The visits were made on a daily basis.

This quarter the beneficiaries are studying harder as they prepare for their end of year examinations for the pupils in primary 5 and 6 while the pupils in primary 7 are studying hard to perform better in their primary Leaving examinations.
The primary leaving examinations are a gate pass for the beneficiaries to go to secondary school level of education.

To excel in their examinations, the beneficiaries are consulting with their class and subject teachers as they also revise some of the old examinations papers of mock examinations.

The visits were to also find out the beneficiaries fears, encourage them and monitor their class notes and exercises that they have been carrying out.

During the visits one major changes that the program Assistant realized was that some beneficiaries moved to others schools for instance Cinderella moved to a new school Ogur. The reason for this change is schools could be that the guardians want to stop supporting these children. Follow up are being done to establish the actual facts.

Home visits

Made 4 home visits to beneficiaries, this was a follow up visit to the beneficiaries who had been going to the school for holiday studies, one of the questions that was whether beneficiaries had learnt any new things during their studies and they all reported great improvement in their learning. This was demonstrated by the good grades obtained from their lessons.


This quarter PLA program Assistant managed to talk to 5 guardians concerning the girls under their care; this was after talking to a number of girls who had had problems with the way their guardians were treating them while at home.
One of the guardians Opaka as a result of talking to the Programme Assistant PLA agreed to contribute  Uganda Shillings UGX 100,000 to the education of Epilla who is now in senior one at Lira Town College. With this support, she still need UGX 150,000 approximately 60 dollars to support her with school fees for the term. She is requesting the donors and Platform for Labour Action for support to enable her meet her school fees requirements.


7 beneficiaries will this year seat their Primary Leaving examinations in November.
For the beneficiaries that will complete primary Level, PLA will continue to seek your support for the children especially girls in secondary and university level, as well as also continue to search call for proposals in the same category.
All the primary seven beneficiaries will receive success cards; this will be motivation for them to do their best knowing that there are people that care about them and their education


As the primary seven beneficiaries prepare for their primary seven examinations, there is need to plan for how they will continue to receive support in secondary school, the girls have worked hard to improve their performance so as to join secondary school.

PLA will continue to support the girls in providing them with physiological support thus, they will have a holiday event in December to personally share with PLA Staff their personal issues and the support that they will need.

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This year 13-year old Nebila sat her primary Leaving examinationa at Lango Quran Primary school in Lira, she is a Mukiga (by tribe) born to the late Abdu and Sauda. She is currently under the care of her 43-year old paternal aunt called Rehema.
Since 1999, Nebila’s family has been living in Lira district though in 2007 and 2009, Nebila lost her parents to HIV/AIDS, “after my parents died, my aunt took over taking care of me and her other children,” mentioned Nebila.
Nebila’s rural home is in a place called Kazinga near Kololo primary school in Kanugu district
Nebilla has grown up in a Muslim community because of that, Nebila loves to pray and to learn Arabic, this holiday Nebila continued going to the mosque to learn more Arabic,” It has become easy for me to read and write in Arabic, I can communicate to my friends at the mosque”, she said with pride.
With her continuous dream to become a nurse, managed to score in second grade in her mock and pre PLE examinations at the school, she has been one of the best performing beneficiaries that PLA has had in Lira district.
About her dream school, Nebilla intends to join comboni secondary school in Kanugu district, she believes that being in this school will help her attain her dream, “the other reason is also because the school is not far from most of my relatives, they will also help me while Iam there”, she explained.
Donations for secondary education in this program is very limited, so to the secondary going beneficiaries it`s mainly physiological support that is provided and at times scholastic materials.
To Nebila, she is grateful for the donors and PLA’s support to her education and further mentioned that she is lucky to have been selected by PLA among the many vulnerable girls in Lira
Nebilla Kadija continues to wait for her Primary Leaving examination which will be out by end of January 2015.

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