Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl

by Platform for Labour Action (PLA)
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl
Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl

Platform for Labour Action through the Global Giving donors has opened doors of hope to a better future to over 45 girls: 5 old and 40 new, currently living in Lira district. The project provides support to war and HIV/AIDS orphaned girls in the form of school lunch, counselling and scholastic materials such as books, pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers and school uniforms.


A total of 11 school monitoring visits were made to V.H Public school, Lango Quran primary school, Elia Olet primary school, Lira police primary school, Savor secondary school, Akia primary school, Jack and Jill primary school, Ojwina primary school, Adyel primary school, and Railways primary school. 

These monitoring visits give PLA a chance to interact with the beneficiaries` teachers to assess academic and social progress, and monitor the beneficiaries’ lunch and use of their scholastic materials.


3 homes visits were made to Ateng Rebecca, Awor Faith and Atai Sandra during school holidays. They were undertaken by the PLA Lira field officer to monitor the beneficiaries` living conditions and counsel them.

The visit to Sandra was to see if her aunt was treating her better and not overloading her with household chores. Unfortunately, the situation hadn’t changed.

Other visits were to Awor Faith and Ateng Rebecca to ensure that they were effectively taking their medication and were on proper balance diet as required due to their status. Rebecca was connected to another organization called Cosbel by the field officer; Cosbel has started supporting Rebecca with food and other basic needs such as clothing.


A total of 45 girls were counselled: they shared their future dreams, discussed the need to move past the effects of conflict and loss of parents, and the need to work hard. The girls were glad for the meeting, as many needed the help of the organization.


During the quarter USD 125 Atai Sandra was facilitated with boarding fees and USD 20 worth of uniform. Lunch fees worth USD 695 was made for the whole year 2012 for beneficiaries Ateng Rebecca of Elia Olet primary school, primary seven pupils Akot Rebecca and Awor Faith of V.H Public school and Abeja Eunice senior three of Savior secondary school. 


50 girls were met during the monitoring visit to interface with the guardians and discuss the challenges they face as they support the orphans. All the girls were counselled and encouraged to have hope for a better future. The girls’ ages ranged from 11 to 16 and classes from P.5 to P.7. 



Asha is a13-year old orphan who is under the care of her uncle Ebong Rashid. “My father died before my mother had given birth to me and then my mother died in 2010 leaving me in the care of my sick uncle Ebong Rashid”, narrated Asha.

“At school the teachers know my condition so they let me seat examinations but I don’t get my reports at the end of each term,” said Asha. Asha has only one sibling, a 14 years old Emmanuel. “I would like to become a doctor so that I am able to diagnose patients rightly,” explained Asha.

Asha is in  primary six at Lira police primary school and her farvorite subject is Science. “I want PLA to support me in school and at home, because I’m sure that the condition that my uncle is in will not change and our relatives don’t want to help,” sadly said Asha.


Ouni Fiona is another 14-year old orphan girl. Father and mother died in 2007 and 2010 respectively. Since then, they have been living without an adult to cater for them. She has 5 siblings. The eldest dropped out of school while the rest are being supported by an organisation called children of Peace Lira. Fiona is now left with the responsibility of taking care of other children as her oldest brother left to look for a job in Western Uganda.

Fiona is a good student and was in 34th position out of 284 pupils in her class. Her best subjects are English and social studies. “I want to become a lawyer, so I can put all the guilty people in jail, like the people who mistreat children,” said Fiona.

Upcoming events

Holiday get together since school will be closing and we shall provide scholastic materials for the new beneficiaries. 

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The project is currently supporting 5 beneficiaries: Atai Sandra p.7 at lira primary school, Ateng Rebecca p.5 at Elia Olet primary school, Awor faith p.7 at V.H Public school, Akot Rebecca p.7 at V.H Public school and Abeja Eunice in senior three at Savior secondary school. The beneficiaries are being supported with school lunch worth USD 225, scholastic material worth USD 425 and counseling. During the month of February, the field officer also started to identify new beneficiaries; she made   visits to the community. In the selection process the field officer Lira has been supported by other people and organizations in Lira district like the Community Development officer, local leaders of the different areas in Lira district like Ojwina division and Adyel divisions. So far 35 girls have been identified. The selected children are the needy girls affected or infected with HIV/AIDS. All 35 new girls have received counseling and are ready to be placed in schools in the next quarter.


“When PLA started supporting me in primary 4, my life became better, I stopped missing class, since the school also stopped sending me away for not having books and unpaid fees. I appreciate what PLA has done for me and I pray that GOD richly blesses the people that support me in school,” mentioned Eunice

Eunice wants to become a nurse. “That’s why I am trying to perform better in biology; I want to be able to help the sick,” explained Eunice.


14 Years old faith is now in primary seven at V.H public school. In her last performance, Faith was in the 142nd position out of 217 pupils of her class. “Last year in third term, I  was frequently absent from school, I would continously fall sick and  I therefore missed a lot of lessons, that’s why my performance was poor”, narrated Faith.

In a chat with Faith’s mother Grace, she mentioned that she was very grateful for the support that PLA continues to provide to her daughter. She narrated, “I was left with 4 children by my late husband and they are all hard to take care of especially since they are all infected.”

THE RESULTS OF PLA beneficiaries who did final exams in 2011.


15 years old Aguti Dorine sat her Primary leaving Examinations at Aduku road primary school. Her performances have been good at school and it kept her hopes high of becoming a minister or an accountant one day. Dorine scored 18 aggregates: 4 in English, 4 in Science, 5 in SST and 5 in math. Dorine now studies at St Catherine secondary school in Lira. Dorine will continue to receive counseling from PLA in the holidays since she is already in school and being supported by her guardians.


17 years old Margret sat her O’level examinations in the year 2011 at Okwang secondary school.  Margret has now been admitted at Dr Obote College in Boroboro and will be studying a combination of Physics, Economics, Math and Computer science. With continuous support from PLA Margret hopes to attain her dream becoming an engineer.



 14 years old Holga is in primary six at Lira police primary school. She stays in Ojwina division with her aunty Nakibule Betty who she has gotten used to as her mother. Holga’s father was killed during the LRA war in Lira district and her mother died of HIV/AIDS. She stays in Alito camp. Holga would like to become a doctor in future.“I love science and I want to make a difference in people’s lives while I discover different medicines,” happily mentioned Holga.

In her mid-term examinations, Holga scored 92% in science and she was in the 18th position out of 245 pupils of her class. I would like Platform for Labour Action to help me attain my dreams,” mentioned Holga. At lunch time Holga watches her friends eating as she stays in her class. “At times I decide to put my head on the desk because of hunger and yet the teacher wants us to look at him while he is teaching,” sadly mentioned Holga. 

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During the period October to December 2011, children spent a big part of the period doing exams as well being in Holidays. 3 children were sitting for their end of primary exams. We sent them Success cards as well as delivered words of encouragement. Therefore we took this chance to reflect on achievements for the year. 

During the year (2011) we made 18 school visits and 7 home monitoring visits to the beneficiaries. We also provided group and individual counseling to all the beneficiaries worth USD 960. Lunch worth USD 1395 provided to the beneficiaries for the year.

 PLA organized and facilitated a holiday event that brought together all the beneficiaries, Lira district officials and guardians.  At this event, the officials encouraged the beneficiaries to perform better and thanked Platform for Labour Action for the support it is providing to the community of Lira; educating war and orphaned girl children.  We distributed scholastic materials worth USD 1,020 which included rulers, exercise books (counter books, 96 paged books), pencils, rubbers, mathematical sets, graph books and files to the beneficiaries to the 31 beneficiaries.

 Most of the home visits made were based on the way the beneficiaries were treated by their guardians at home. This is because most of the beneficiaries school and class performances are based on how they are treated at home by guardians.

 As a result of this we were able to make seven home visits to Acen Jennifer and Apio Susan, Atai Sandra, Akullu Daphne, Awor Faith, Achola Brenda and Akot Rebecca As a result of the counseling sessions to the beneficiaries, they have  improved in their class and schools performance for example Acio Lonna of Akia primary school, Akot Rebbecca of V.H public school, Aguti Dorine of Aduku road primary school etc  Another example is of Akello Margret of Okwang secondary school who was able to receive school scholarship of 30,000 Uganda shillings (USD 15) as a result of her best school performance this year.

 Lunch to the beneficiaries

 The children this year were able receive lunch in their schools, which guaranteed their concentration in class, hence better performance at the end of the school term and in class.

 “When I don’t eat anything especially at lunch, I fail to concentrate and I get what the teacher is saying and teaching because all that am thinking of is need for food,” mentioned Daphne Akullu during the school monitoring visit

Holiday Event

A holiday activity was held in the month of February 2011, where 34 participants attended and of these 20 were beneficiaries, 4 district officials; district speaker, Assistant inspector of Police Lira District, Child and protection officer, Probation and welfare officer, 8 guardians and two PLA Staff; the field officer and youth community coordinator.

 The main objective of the activity was to create a conducive environment where the beneficiaries could confide in the officers and PLA staff their fears and challenges, that way they would be supported and helped to overcome them. In the past years the beneficiaries were afraid to mention their challenges to just about any one due to fear of being abused and laugh at but now they freely express their fears with the intension of seeking a solution from one with experience.

Before I even feared telling anyone that I was suffering at home but now I can freely run to PLA office in case something is disturbing me,” narrated Brenda

Children who finished primary school

3 beneficiaries were able to finalize final examinations in their respective levels of primary and secondary. 2 girls that are Atai Sandra and Dorine Aguti were able to seat their primary leaving examinations and 1 girl Margret Akello of Okwang secondary school was able to seat her Uganda certificate of education.

The examinations will see them to another level, for the 2 girls to secondary school (Uganda certificate of education) and to Margret, it will see her to “A level” (Uganda advanced certificate of education)

They will still need the support of the project in especially terms of career guidance.

6 beneficiaries, through the effort of the project will get the full support from their guardians in terms of school fees which include both lunch and extra charges required for by the schools in the year 2012. This resulted from the home visits and the counseling provided by the field officer.

Planned activities for 2012

We shall monitor the beneficiaries whose guardians have promised to provide and support their education in the different schools. Since it is a new year we shall provide uniforms, offer counseling support, continue providing school lunch and distribute scholastic materials.

 Finally we shall identify more HIV positive and orphaned girls for support as well as update you, our donors, on the results of the candidates of Primary Leaving examination and Uganda certificate of education

 We appreciate and thank you for your contribution for the 2011 which have enabled us achieve the above.


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During the quarter (July, August and September) we made four (4) Home visits, seven (7) school visits and provided counselling support to 26 orphaned girls supported by the project.  We spoke to 26 girls on both their performance in school and personal life.  Overall there has been improvement in the academic performance of the girl at school. Some of the girls have joined child rights clubs in their schools and have started creating awareness amongst fellow children on mainly rights to education For example Akaki Gertrude has sensitized children at Elia Olet primary school through poems and Music dance and drama, only a few children knew about their rights and the responsibilities attached to them but since the last Holiday event, we have constantly told the other children about their rights, mentioned Akaki Gertrude. In the next Quarter the beneficiaries are going to sensitise and talk to the beneficiaries more about HIV/AIDS club since this club was also formed among the beneficiaries with currently 9 members in it. This club will the beneficiaries be more aware of HIV/AIDS and how to cope with and sensitise others. PLA will encourage the girls join other clubs such as debate clubs in their schools so that they are able to present themselves with confidence in public and before a big number of people.

Home Visits

 “During the holidays, I was going to school because i am a primary seven candidates we had to finalize the primary school syllabus”, said Dorine.

I was also able to attend a one week youth camp that was supported by our church, the theme for the camp was taken from the book of Jeremiah 8:4-8 which says, if someone falls doesn’t he/she rise up again.” Excitedly mentioned Dorine

School visits

During the holidays I played a lot with my friends, revised my books and also helped guardians in the gardens,” mentioned Faith. “Faith is HIV/AIDS positive and needs all the support that she can get especially at school, at home and from PLA,” mentioned her Mathematics teacher Acan Betty.


 “Platform for labour action has totally changed my life, until this year I never thought that I would ever seat senior four,” happily mentions Margret.


On top of the support that PLA has been giving Margret that is scholastic materials, school lunch and counselling her school, Okwang Secondary school has also continued to give her a bursary of 30,000 Uganda shillings(USD 12) for her class performance and involvement in school sports every school term.


During my vacation I intend to help my mother at the produce line to sell food stuff, so that my three siblings can have a better life,” mentioned Margret.


5 beneficiaries will be writing their final end of year examinations, 3 (three) will be writing their Uganda Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), Two (2) will be writing their Uganda certificate of education.

 They are all motivated to work hard and perform better. Some of them have bigger ambitions like Margret who said, “I want to become an engineer in future, am trying to perform to my best in my science subjects so that am able to attain my dream.

The upcoming events for the next period are: school and home visits, counselling support for children and families and continued support for lunch during school time. We shall send the candidates encouraging messages of good luck in their examination

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There are currently thirty one children benefitting from this project. Out of these, eight are in secondary school, one in vocational training and twenty two in primary schools mainly in Lira district. The months of April to June were characterized by school holidays and opening of the second school term.

“During the holidays, I did not do much; I just decided to relax my brains and enjoyed eating mangoes since it was the season”, said Jennifer.

Through the counseling support to the families, guardians have got more involved in their children’s education. For example, Atai Sandra’s guardian who over the years has observed progress in Sandra’s performance is now willing to find her extra learning support to help her with Science and Math to enable her excel in her Primary Leaving Examinations this year. She held the 59th position out of 96 pupils in the term between October to December 2010 and was 42nd out of 96 pupils in the term January to March 2011.

Through monitoring visits to the school, Loy’s teacher raised concern about her concentration. Loy revealed that she could not concentrate in class because she worked hard and for long, slept late and yet had to wake up early to walk to school on time. “Being the youngest at my grandmother’s home, I have been given the responsibility of carrying out the other house chores so I sleep so late and yet I have to wake up early, that is why I used to sleep in class,” narrated Loy during the school visit.

Following several visits to her school and home, and counseling sessions, her teacher, Mr. Daniel Erom narrated, “From your last visit, Loy has improved in her concentration in class. Currently, she participates in class.” In her own words Loy says, “I stay with my grandmother in Adwekwok village. She always tells me to read hard so that I may not become poor in future.”  She continues, “I thank Platform for Labour Action and the donors from all over the world for supporting me stay in school.” Your support will enable Loy continue through school.

As a follow up to the July – September report of 2010, then 16-year old, now 17 year-old Eunice Abeja was requesting PLA to continue supporting her to accomplish her dream of becoming a nurse. Through the contribution of the donors, Eunice who is now in secondary school, appreciates the intervention and notes, “Platform has helped me a lot especially now that am in secondary school, I really appreciate their efforts and I pray that God will richly bless the donors too for the support they always send me.” Your continued support will enable her achieve her dream.

During the period, scholastic materials worth two hundred two US dollars ($202) were provided to twenty five beneficiaries. These include; books, mathematical set, rubbers, ruler, graph books and pencils.

“This term since I have all that I need, I am going to concentrate more on studying than worrying of the teacher sending me out of class for not having a set and a graph book,” excitedly mentioned Eunice.

 PLA provided fees for twenty five children’s lunch while at school for the period April to June 2011, worth US$315.

The upcoming events for the next period are: School and Home Visits, Counseling Support for children and families and continued support for lunch during school time. 

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