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Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
APOPO is a Belgian NGO that has developed an innovative system deploying African giant pouched rats (nicknamed HeroRATs) to detect landmines or tuberculosis, using their extraordinary sense of smell. APOPO's scent detection technology has a massive potential to relieve human suffering and promote development when deployed in TB and landmine response, as well as in currently unexplored fields. APOPO has programs in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola and Cambodia.
Orangutan Rescue: On the frontline in Sumatra
Sumatran orangutans are Critically Endangered, with only around 14,600 left in the wild. The greatest threat to their survival is the loss of their rain forest home - forest destruction for farmlands in Sumatra is happening on a massive scale. As a result, orangutans often become stranded in patches of forest surrounded by plantations. They are at risk of starvation, hunting and poaching. We rescue orangutans and work with farmers to help them protect their crops without harming wildlife.
Community Music Program for Vietnamese Youth
This project supports underpriviledged Vietnamese youth with weekly music and string ensemble lessons. Each student receives a violin or cello and takes lessons after school, 2-3 days a week. On the weekends the students come together to play as a community ensemble. This project creates a place for kids to be mentored, to share their love of music, and create long lasting friendships.
Support 20 Female Entrepreneurs
Providing 20 female entrepreneurs from marginalized communities in Palestine with training in the business and personal skills required to launch and sustain a commercial enterprise will empower themselves and their families to break the cycle of poverty, further advancing the role of women in their communities.
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