Water Filters for 20 Day Care Centers in Bolivia

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The project will provide water filters and hygiene training for 20 day care centers in Cochabamba (Bolivia). Filters and portable hand-washing facilities will be installed in classrooms and educators will be trained on the proper usage of these filters and the implementation of improved hygiene practices. Propagation of these healthy habits into the households will be facilitated by involving the families of the children and the community at large.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

One of the top three killers of children under five years of age in Bolivia is diarrhea. It is caused by unsafe drinking water and poor hygiene conditions. Young children are the most vulnerable groups of contracting diarrhea since their immune systems are not yet fully developed and their bodies dehydrate quickly. Whereas water is generally accessible in many day care centers in Bolivia, due to the lack of treatment systems, it often is not safe for drinking.

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will provide water filters to 20 day care centers in several municipalities around Cochabamba. These filters are proven to reduce bacteria and other impurities. Each classroom will be granted filters so that the children and educators can drink safe water at all times. Additionally, educators will be trained on improved hygiene measures, which add additional health benefits. The project will directly improve the health status of children and educators of 20 day care centers.

Potential Long Term Impact

Lowering diarrhea incidence rates decreases the mortality rate and improves physical and mental development of children. A healthier environment makes day care centers more conducive to learning and reduces medical expenses to families. The opportunity to attend classes without any ailment benefits these children in the long run, socially and economically, outweighing the costs of implementing a water and hygiene project. Funding permitting, the project can be scaled-up further.

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This project will provide safe drinking water to 1200 children in the municipality of Anzaldo (Cochabamba, Bolivia). Teaching staff and school kids will be trained on the use and maintenance of water filters and other simple technologies to obtain safe drinking water. Adequate infrastructure will be provided and hygiene conditions will be improved. Parents and community leaders also will be informed and trained, thus impacting the community at large. project reportread updates from the field


Project Leader

Matthias Saladin

Executive Co-Director
Cochabamba, Cochabamba Bolivia

Where is this project located?

Map of Water Filters for 20 Day Care Centers in Bolivia