My Eyes Are Open: How Children Transformed A Pharmacist’s Outlook

What started as a routine monthly medical visit to an orphanage turned into a life changing experience for Dr. Sarah Ahmed. The GlobalGiving Community Voices Fellow brings you inside the visit that transformed her outlook on social welfare.


The Impact of Compassion: My Transformative Journey to MyHome Al-Mustafa

A few years into my career as a Doctor of Pharmacy, I had the opportunity to visit an orphanage for the first time. Little did I know that this experience would leave an indelible mark on my life and lead me to rethink my purpose and impact in this world.

The setting was MyHome Al-Mustafa, an orphanage managed by the Al-Mustafa Welfare Society. As a Chief Pharmacist at Al-Mustafa Hospital, I got the opportunity to tag along with a team of physicians on a routine monthly visit to the orphanage. What I encountered there was both heartwarming and heart-wrenching.

My First Encounter

It took me by surprise that instead of the expected apprehension from the children towards medical examinations, I was greeted with eager enthusiasm. The children craved attention, literally pushing each other just to get themselves examined by me. These little munchkins wanted me to hold their hands and check their nails, hair, and teeth again and again. It struck me then that these kids, deprived of the warmth of a family, actually yearned for the nurturing touch of a mother.

The Realization

This realization deeply affected me. It made me realize the tragedy of a child who is forced to live without parents. I also came to understand the universal need of every living being for compassion and tenderness, particularly the irreplaceable role of women in providing it. The following famous verses of the national poet of Pakistan, Sir Allama Iqbal, immediately resonated with me:

وجودِ زن سے ہے تصویر کائنات میں رنگ
(The image of the universe is from the existence of women)

اسی کے ساز سے ہے زندگی کا سوزِ دروں
(This is the source of life)

This means that the very existence of a woman is the cause of colors in the image of this universe; she is the melody of the music of this planet.

My Transformation

This experience ignited a twofold transformation within me. Firstly, it empowered me to fully embrace and embody the innate feminine qualities that I possess. Rather than feeling the need to conform to a male-dominated environment, I recognized that my femininity is a source of strength and power for me.

Secondly, it stirred in me a deep-seated desire to contribute meaningfully to society beyond my role as a pharmacist. It inspired a shift in my career path, leading me to advocate for social welfare and eventually become a full-time social worker while maintaining my role as a part-time pharmacist.

What I love about MyHome Al-Mustafa

In advocating for the welfare of orphans like those at MyHome Al-Mustafa, I’ve come to realize the urgent need to support these vulnerable children. Across Pakistan, millions of orphans are deprived of basic necessities and education due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances. My involvement with the Al-Mustafa Welfare Society’s initiative has given me insight into the profound impact of such support on these children’s lives. This project aims to provide shelter, education, nourishment, and a secure environment for orphans. By offering this support, we are not only securing the future of these children but also offering hope to countless families and communities. It is my goal that through these efforts, the children who benefit from this initiative will grow to become powerful professionals, breaking the cycle of vulnerability and becoming beacons of hope for future generations of vulnerable children.

My Eyes Are Open

The impact of my visit to MyHome Al-Mustafa was deeply transformative. It has opened my eyes to the essential need for compassion and support in the lives of these young ones and has inspired me to dedicate myself to making a tangible difference in their lives and the lives of others like them.

As a society, we must recognize the potential within these children and strive to provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Through collective effort and compassion, we can create a brighter future for all.

Sarah is the Project Development Manager and Consultant Pharmacy Services for Al-Mustafa Welfare Society. Support her work to nurture children living at the orphanage MyHome Al-Mustafa.


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Featured Photo: Save the future of Orphans by Zakat / Donation by Al-Mustafa Welfare Society

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