5 Reasons To Start A Monthly Giving Program

These days it seems like every nonprofit has a monthly giving program—here’s why you should, too!


    1. Achieve stability and independence.

    Nonprofits that enjoy ongoing support from a large community of individuals are not beholden to any one wealthy donor or foundation or government grant. When you have broad, ongoing support from individual donors, you get to set the direction of your programs; you get to change strategies on a dime if circumstances change (and they always do!); and you can be confident that what you do and how you’re changing the world strongly resonates with people.

    2. Free up precious staff time.

    If you’re like most nonprofits, your staff members wear many hats. Think of how much staff time goes into securing a single donation. Now think of how much time will be saved if those donors gave automatically on a monthly basis. Then all you have to do is say thank you and tell them here’s how the world is better now that we’re ongoing partners.

    3. Invite recurring donors to become a deeper part of your work.

    Since monthly giving solves the problem of having to continually ask donors to renew their gifts, it presents you with an opportunity to mobilize your monthly donors in new ways to further your cause (and their commitment to it). Does your organization need applause on social media, volunteers, survey responses, petition signatures, letters to the editor, or fundraising advocates? Now that you’re not preoccupied with asking this group for funds, they can start helping in new and meaningful ways.

    4. Keep the lights on.

    We all know there are highs and lows in the annual fundraising cycle. We also know those highs and lows don’t always sync up with nonprofit operation and programmatic spending needs. Monthly giving allows organizations to bring in a steady, dependable stream of income throughout the year. In some cases, monthly giving might literally help to keep the lights on.

    5. Can’t give $100?

    For all your donors who laugh when you ask for a three-digit gift but absolutely adore your work, consider asking them to become a monthly donor. It’s a way to give smaller donations in steady increments that, in the long run, really add up and are a huge help to nonprofits.

Just like a building, your nonprofit needs a strong foundation of donors. Overdependence on one major donor or one grant can be devastating. Monthly giving programs help diversify your income stream and support your earth-changing work in the long run.

Ready to build your monthly giving program? Read Part 2 of our monthly giving series, “How To Start A Monthly Giving Program.”

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Featured Photo: 100 Bikes for 100 Girls by Rock-Paper-Scissors Children's Fund

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